Full Moon in Scorpio – May 10, 2017

Full Moon in Scorpio – May 10, 2017

You knew it before I even wrote it: Full Moon’s are opportunities to utilize wise timing to let things go, or allow a cycle to come to completion. The buzz words for this Scorpio Full Moon are: intensity, sensuality/passion, regeneration, healing, shadow, and alchemy. Scorpio rules the night, sex/elimination organs, the water element, the death/rebirth cycle, deep emotional wells, secrets, power, and mystery. If we are in alignment, we can experience the healing, transformative effects from this Scorpio Full Moon. However, if we are out of alignment, we may experience or witness some of the negative expressions of Scorpio such as jealousy, emotional drama, control, and stubbornness. You can’t go wrong with a chakra clearing meditation to help clear away the debris, center, and stabilize your energy going into this Full Moon.

Since Scorpio is ruled by both Pluto and Mars, we also look to those planets and their aspects for extra information around this Full Moon. Towards that end, Mars energizes any area of the Skies (or your chart) where he is cruising. Mars will square Neptune and trine Jupiter today. On the Neptune aspect, this combination can conjure feelings of escapism into drugs, alcohol, music, food, or even a big road trip to get away from it all. Be aware of this and take care of your body/mind/spirit in ways you feel nourished but are not overindulgent.

Is there any area you need to hash out with your inner psychic? Are you at war with yourself? Mars square Neptune might have you questioning your dreams, instincts, and intuition. Is there a truth you’re ignoring in order to be comfortable? I encourage you to take advantage of this Scorpio Full Moon to face those truths and bring them into the light for healing. As Einstein once said: “Nothing happens until something moves.” What false belief system is blocking you from the truth of your own light? Maybe it’s time for something (or someone) to move.

Regarding the aspect to Jupiter, this brings good juju to the tone of today’s Skies. You might be presented with an ideal growth opportunity, a bit of good news, or the right dose of courage to take the next step. This is a favorable aspect if you need to address legal actions, higher education, or travel plans.

The Sun and Moon both have positive aspects to Pluto today, providing additional energy to that which you want to transform. This is the energy of the Magician card in the tarot: How will you turn lead into gold? If you’ve been waiting on the retrograde energies to shift before making a decision, you could flag today as a time to go ahead and move forward with a decision you’ve been contemplating.

  • As above, so below: transform thoughts into reality, you’re psychic baby!
  • Lookout: Something previously hidden comes to the surface.
  • You get green lights for decision-making and moving forward in areas you’ve been feeling stuck.

Fun things to do during the Scorpio Full Moon:

  • Read a mystery novel
  • Light candles around your bath tub and soak in a Full Moon bath – add some flower petals for extra magick
  • Binge watch “How to Get Away with Murder” on Netflix
  • Schedule a v-steam, colonic, or otherwise take care of your sex organs and elimination organs
  • Have a picnic around a natural body of water
  • Work with moonstone, labradorite, clear quartz, malachite, ruby, turquoise, or black-banded agate
  • Work with dark red, black, and gray colors
  • Send blessings to those in power
  • Avoid bars, unsafe sex, and power struggles
  • Ask for the truth to be revealed

AstroMagic: Full Moon Bath

Under the light of the Full Moon, blend your favorite ingredients for an herbal salt bath. You may wish to use a crystal wand to do your blending. Here is an idea of ingredients/proportions, but please make it your own:

1-2 cups Epsom or Pink Sea Salts
several drops of your favorite essential oil (such as Lavender)
1-2 tablespoons of your favorite *dried herbs (such as Rosemary)

While you are stirring/blending, say a prayer for that which you wish to manifest, let go of, or heal. Scorpio loves to do all of those things. Allow your bath salt blend to soak under the Full Moon. When you are ready to use it, draw your bath to a temperature you will enjoy. Using your crystal wand, a wooden spoon, or your hand, stir the water in a clockwise direction and bring forth the prayer or intention you held when making the bath salt blend. Ask the water Goddesses to join you in your prayer and then pour the bath salt blend in. Sit in your bath as long as you like.

*Herbs associated with Scorpio include clove, saffron, sage, basil, borage, chervil, and nutmeg.

Affirmations/Mantras for the Scorpio Full Moon:

  • I’m at peace with eliminating toxicity in my life.
  • I’m in touch with my shadow side in order to heal and grow.
  • It’s safe to experience intense emotions.
  • I’m willing to transform my thoughts and actions around (relationships, money, etc.).


Tiffany Harelik