Full Moon in Scorpio 2018

Full Moon in Scorpio 2018

Astrology is a cosmic tapestry that we are weaving while the planets are spinning. It’s an ever-changing love story of time, fate, and free will. The current storyline involves the Scorpio Full Moon, arriving in the Heavens at 7:58pm. The short version: it’s time to let go of your death-wish and download a new operating system.

This is the Moon of endings. Full Moon’s allow divine right timing for cycles to complete. The completion energy is amplified when the Full Moon is in the sign of Scorpio. Ruled by both Pluto and Mars, Scorpio offers lessons in regeneration, alchemy, passion, jealousy, control patterns, power, secrets, mysteries, and deep emotional wells. Both rulers are conjunct in the Heavens in Capricorn, the sign of the builder. What do you need to break-down and destroy so that you can have a breakthrough and build? It’s time to kick over the sand castle and put down a solid foundation.

Pluto has recently begun a retrograde period that conjures up deep emotional healing from the past. Let go of your death wish. It’s time to lose the victim mentality. Luna is squaring the nodes this time and opposing Uranus, supporting radical healing having to do with your life’s purpose. Memories, subconscious patterns, and belief systems become outdated as of now. You’re ready to download a new operating system for your life. Be prepared to be the bigger person this weekend. Answer your highest calling.

The good news… There is optimum growth and a little bit of luck available for those who are willing to shift their perspective to see the bigger picture; Luna is moving towards a conjunction with Jupiter. Neptune is also in a water sign (Pisces) and she is trining both the Moon and Jupiter (both in Scorpio), which can bring greater compassion and a tone of spiritual service to the effects of this Moon. If you’re not bogged down in personal dramas, you can rise to the highest occasion of your life by helping others.

Think of the story of the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. She saw the darkest night right before her brightest day. Consider too, how everyone (including you) has to go through their own healing process, in their own timing. If you were to crack a hatching chick while she was trying to come out of her shell, you might damage her, or take away a strength-building opportunity in the name of “helping” her. There may be chaos around you, but my advice is to stay on your own mat this weekend, and work on yourself. What are the new blueprints you want to live your life by?


Other fun things to do during the Scorpio Full Moon:

  • Read a mystery novel
  • Light candles around your bathtub and soak in a Full Moon bath – add some flower petals for extra magick
  • Binge watch “How to Get Away with Murder” on Netflix
  • Schedule a v-steam, colonic, or otherwise take care of your sex organs and elimination organs
  • Have a picnic around a natural body of water
  • Work with moonstone, labradorite, clear quartz, malachite, ruby, turquoise, or black-banded agate
  • Work with dark red, black, and gray colors
  • Send blessings to those in power
  • Avoid bars, unsafe sex, and power struggles
  • Ask for the truth to be revealed
  • Catch up on politics
  • Learn about death doulas
  • Work with a medium
  • Build your psychic awareness

AstroMagic: Full Moon Bath

Under the light of the Full Moon, blend your favorite ingredients for an herbal salt bath. You may wish to use a crystal wand to do your blending. Here is an idea of ingredients/proportions, but please make it your own:

  • 1-2 cups Epsom or Pink Sea Salts
  • several drops of your favorite essential oil (such as Lavender)
  • 1-2 tablespoons of your favorite *dried herbs (such as Rosemary)

While you are stirring/blending, say a prayer for that which you wish to manifest, let go of, or heal. Scorpio loves to do all of those things. Allow your bath salt blend to soak under the Full Moon. When you are ready to use it, draw your bath to a temperature you will enjoy. Using your crystal wand, a wooden spoon, or your hand, stir the water in a clockwise direction and bring forth the prayer or intention you held when making the bath salt blend. Ask the water Goddesses to join you in your prayer and then pour the bath salt blend in. Sit in your bath as long as you like.

*Herbs associated with Scorpio include clove, saffron, sage, basil, borage, chervil, and nutmeg.

Affirmations/Mantras for the Scorpio Full Moon:

  • I’m at peace with eliminating toxicity in my life.
  • I’m in touch with my shadow side in order to heal and grow.
  • It’s safe to experience intense emotions without having to react.
  • I’m willing to transform my thoughts and actions around (relationships, money, etc.).


“Today’s Full Moon in Scorpio is the cosmic “Roto-rooter” excavating latent feelings and urges from deep within. These can be very positive, bringing us to a place where we can be more emotionally authentic and vulnerable. But it can also bring up the strong resistance that also comes up when these deeper places are touched. Scorpio is known for being determined, willful, supportive, and passionate; the sign of a courageous healer. Scorpio is also famous for its jealous, controlling, secretive, aggressive, and self-destructive nature. Scorpio rules the sex/elimination organs. There may be sluggish metabolism or constipation. Water retention can be an issue. Pay attention to your intuition and instincts, which are very strong under a Scorpio Moon.” (Molly Gauthier)

Love: “The Full Moon in Scorpio, the fixed water sign, is highly emotional. It can bring out a passionate, perceptive, insightful and healing side, or destructive, defensive, and secretive tendencies that mask a longing for connection. Connection is inhibited by shame or self-worth that is tied to the approval of others. New attractions and connections appear and disappear. Established relationships may go through a rough patch; however, working through it brings big rewards.” (Molly Gauthier)

“O! Swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon,
That monthly changes in her circled orb.
Lest that thy love prove likewise variable.”
-William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

What needs your attention, affection, and loving care?
“The heart turns the head,” (Amy Herring – Astrology of the Moon). 

Last, but not least: Scorpio rules the night. How will you spend this Full Moon evening? Drop us a note in the comments to tell us how you’re doing. We are here to help.

Until next time,

Tiffany Harelik