Full Moon in Capricorn – July 8, 2017

Full Moon in Capricorn – July 8, 2017

Full Moon in Capricorn: It’s time to love what you do.

Hi¬†Wise Skies friends! The Full Moon is a time of release from things that have been building up over the last few weeks – this time – in the areas of ambition, goals, and structure. For me, I have a full time job publishing books. So I’m excited about using this Full Moon to implement some strategic planning in the areas of book production both so that I can help authors have a clear picture of what they can expect in terms of a publishing timeline, but also for personal reasons to help me implement sales goals that will help me reach some personal goals. Regardless of if you are working IN your chosen career, or TOWARDS you chosen career, you can harness the Capricorn Full Moon energy:

  • Call in your financial angels to help you put your money in order.
  • Start putting your plan to get out of that job you hate into action (slow and steady wins the race).
  • Do what it takes to move past unhealthy fears that have been holding you back.

The chart of Saturday’s Full Moon includes a few more interesting aspects. Luna will kiss transformative Pluto, adding a little extra transformation mojo to the evening. You intuitively know what needs to change, and you have the drive to do it. Mercury is in a sextile with Venus, opening doors for conversations about love and money. Are you doing what you love? Loving what you do? How can you utilize the Capricorn Full Moon energy to further align your career with your passion for helping provide security? Uranus will trine the North Node and acting on a wild hair might bring you one step closer to your true North. If you’re questioning a career change and it seems crazy, consider what methodical ways you could go about this new path. Earth (methodical strategy) is a great antidote for too much Air (crazy thinking).

How can we add a little more AstroMagic to Saturday night’s Full Moon?

  • Invite your team from work over for a strategic-planning dinner.
  • Host a progressive dinner with people you want to work with.
  • Bury your crystals in the Earth to recharge them under the Full Moon.
  • Add a little healing mud to your bath (read: take a mud bath).
  • Read something that inspires you in business, goals, and ambitions – I recommend The Four Hour Work Week.
  • Add herbs that resonate well with Capricorn energy to your house-cleaning, teas, baths, or recipes: Rosemary, Tarragon, Caraway, Chamomile, or Marjoram.
  • Do a chakra balancing meditation using crystals that resonate well with Capricorn: Emerald or Black Onyx.

Tiffany Harelik