Full Moon in Aries 2017

Full Moon in Aries 2017

A spirited Full Moon in Aries along with Venus conjunct Mars in the Skies can bring love magic to relationships today.

Venusian Vibes: 
PASSION is a big theme on this Full Moon. Why? Venus kissing Mars in the Skies can bring extra love magic to relationships today. Not in a spicy love relationship? Not a big deal – exercise your passion in other areas.

  • What gets you going?
  • Are you ready to bust a move?
  • Journal about your true passions – and then make a plan to do them.

Venus conjunct Mars is the strongest influence available, but not only is she flirting with Mars, she’s got a bone to pick with Saturn. These are additional issues to ponder today.

  • Does the business side of your relationship need some attention?
  • Do you need to reevaluate how you are spending money?
  • Does your partner insist on something more long-term and you aren’t quite ready to commit?

Lunatic Lens:
The Moon is also opposite Mercury and square Pluto. Yikes!

  • Pause before you speak to avoid saying things you don’t mean.
  • If you’re being a control freak about something – see how quickly you can let it go.
  • Don’t pick a fight – not today Satan.

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Tiffany Harelik