February Skies 2020

February Skies 2020

Happy Leap Year! February is a 6-Universal Month in a 4-Universal Year + we have the first Mercury Retrograde of 2020 in Pisces.

Photo by Tim Mossholder

This month in numerology is all about the heart, unconditional love, and compassion. Besides the 2, the 6-Universal month is the most feminine of all the number frequencies. Commit to paying attention to your emotions. Allow whatever comes up (whether positive or challenging) to flow in a healthy way. Tap into your psychic and intuitive gifts in February. Trust your gut instincts.  self-care is critical in this energy. Take care of yourself first (your needs and health) before committing to others. 

If you can strike a healthy balance between your self-care (6-month)  and your to-do list (4-year) you will find flow and harmony versus chaos and resentment. Other behaviors to be mindful of in this 6*4 code are gossiping, judgmental attitudes, self-critical thoughts, and emotional outbursts.

Tip:  When emotions bubble up to the surface, name them, don’t shame them!

Numerology Themes of the 6: Self-Care

2 (February) + 4 (2020) = 6
– Compassion, healing and emotional awareness, safety
– Heightened intuition
– Be mindful of meddling or a need to “fix, rescue save or change” people and situations

Numerology Power Days
February 2nd – Bring a dream into reality.
February 4th –  Be compassionate not controlling.
February 22nd – Forgiveness wins.

Astrology Power Days
February 3rd- Mercury enters Pisces
February 7th – Venus enters Aries
February 9th – Full Moon in Leo
February 16th – Mars enters Capricorn
February 17th – Mercury Retrograde
February 19th – Sun enters Pisces
February 23rd – New Moon in Pisces

Out with the old! This is an optimal weekend for visualizing, cleaning, and organizing in order to make room for new opportunities in love and money. Saturday is ruled by Saturn – What do you want to accomplish today? This is a great day to organize your week, pantry, closet, etc. as well as clean house. What could benefit from greater cleanliness and order? Pro tip: Writing your monthly intentions on the first day of the month is a great way to welcome in new energy. Pssst…Our 2020 Workbook is a cool paperback journal that gives you a deep dive into the astrology and numerology every month – check it out here! 

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Sunday, February 2nd Master Numerology Day 2222

Twenty-two is known as the Master Builder and triggers an opportunity to bring a dream into reality. This double 22 code also conjures the magic of the 8 (2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 8).  Turn the 8 on its side, and what do you get? ♾ Infinity. 8 signifies abundance and infinite possibilities. Tap in to pure, positive potential today. What is your highest aim? What do you really want?


First Quarter Moon is in 12-Taurus today increasing your Earth magick. This yang phase signifies decision making, determination, and commitment to action. Focus on creature comforts and stability. Cook your favorite meal, practice grounding techniques, and work on building something that is made to last. Crystal Magick: Red Jasper (stability + trust), and Rose Quartz (comfort).

Venus sextile Pluto: Welcome new opportunities to transform your business. Take action regarding investments, banking, and estate planning. This is also prime energy for a cellular makeover. Can you find true beauty through a change of perspective? This energy resurfaces in December.

This Week: February 3 – 9

“Change, before you have to.” -Jack Welch. Stay flexible and open-minded. Call in your guides and angels to go before you this week to iron out your schedule. Practice the art of asking and allowing: Let things work in your favor.

  • Moon enters Gemini: Focus on communication.
  • Mercury enters Pisces: Enter the realm of daydreaming to manifest your ideas.
  • Venus sextile Saturn: Stability and viability. Hard work pays off. This transit will reoccur December 15th – plant seeds now, and watch them come to fruition later this year.
  • Tuesday, February 4th: Numerology Power Code Day 6*4:
    How can you practice compassion with yourself and others today? Watch out for judgmental or self-critical attitudes and thoughts.
    6 = Compassion   + 4 = Relinquishing control
  • Mercury sextile Uranus: Innovation, clear thinking, a meeting of the minds produces solutions.
  • Moon enters Cancer: Focus on home, or wherever you have a sense of belonging.
  • Venus enters Aries: Venus is challenged in here. You may experience more tension in relationships and more difficulty maintaining harmony through March 5th. Take advantage of this energy by entering contests, being assertive without being rude, and taking classes to improve physical health/athleticism.
  • Moon enters Leo: Focus on playfulness. 

Weekend Vibes:

A fiery Full Moon in Leo lights up the Sunday Skies. Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac and is represented by the lion. It is a Fire sign, ruled by the Sun. In health, Leo governs the heart, spinal cord, crown chakra, and heart chakra. Ask yourself what makes you shine? 

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen


Sunday, February 9th:
Full Moon in 20-Leo

Full Moon Numerology: 11: Inspiration 6: Compassionate care  20: Fairness

Intention: I tap into my pure potential and trust that everything is unfolding in divine right timing. I willingly acknowledge and let go of ego-based fears with grace and ease.

Positive (High) Vibes of the Leo Full Moon:
(Set intentions for closure or completion in these areas)

  • Completing any leadership activities
  • Finding courage
  • Removing blocks to passion, play, and generosity
  • Recognizing people with appreciation
  • Giving yourself permission to not be loyal to unhealthy people or situations
  • Removing blocks to any vitality
  • Removing blocks to trusting your instincts

Challenging (Low) Vibes of the Leo Full Moon:
(What you might intend to remove)

  • Neediness
  • Attention-Seeking tendencies
  • Self-centered behaviors
  • Inability to experience and truly express gratitude
  • Unrealistic expectations

This Week: February 10 – 16

Sometimes we know ourselves better by looking through the lens and mirrors of our closest friends and loved ones. This is a good week to schedule some healing work, spend time with your homies, and listen for messages with an ear of the heart. Be the change you wish to see.

  • Moon enters Virgo: Focus on being of service.
  • Venus conjunct Chiron: No mud no lotus. There is subtle healing potential in the energy this week.
  • Moon enters Libra: Focus on companionship.
  • Mercury is in Shadow phase and will retrograde in Pisces next week. Get any auto maintenance and computer repair out of the way, replace air and water filters, gift yourself or others a new journal, cue up an old TV series to watch next week. 
  • Moon enters Scorpio on Valentines: Focus on your deepest needs. 

Weekend Vibes:

Take it easy. It may feel like you have one foot on the gas and the other on the brakes. The energy slows down this weekend before Mercury goes retrograde on Monday. Simultaneously, Mars entering Capricorn can put a little gas in the tank of ambitions. Make a new playlist, create room for error and delays in your schedule next week, and proceed with plans slowly. Find new ambitions and motives as Mars enters Capricorn.

This Week: February 17 – 23

Get your first draft completed. If you’re writing a book or creating a project, this is a great week to lay the bones out with the first of three Jupiter/Neptune sextiles this year. Be aware Mars is making moves this week – be aware of short fuses, and think before you speak. Accept challenges or struggles as an opportunity to heal the past and reclaim the present. Stay open to pleasant surprises (or create them!)

  • Mercury Retrograde in 12-Pisces on February 17th. Review and revise your dreams, trace subconscious patterns, meditate. If you’re feeling lost, that you’re losing yourself, or experiencing more confusion lately it’s due to this cycle – don’t give up before the miracle happens. Normal Merc-retro issues apply: delays, wonky electronic issues, miscommunications. Mercury goes direct in Aquarius on March 10th.
  • Moon enters Capricorn: Focus on long-term strategies and ambitions.
  • Sun enters Pisces: Happy Birthday Pisces! Tap into universal wisdom, and compassionate, peace-loving Piscean vibes through March 20th.
  • Jupiter sextile Neptune: Flow, ease, favorable deals, and big magic are available when you reach for them. Entertainment, metaphysical groups, philosophy, and publishing are also key themes. This is the first of three passes, when themes, concepts, ideas, and patterns are introduced. You’ll have a chance to review and revise in July, and find completion in October. Three passes: February 20th, July 27th, and October 12th. (This is felt most strongly 2-3 weeks in advance of each occurrence… Pssst – if you want to read/write metaphysical books, be sure to check out our sister company: www.SpellboundPublishers.com).
  • Moon enters Aquarius: Focus on freedom.
  • Mars trine Uranus: A boost of energy, drive, and determination are available for you to pivot in a fun new direction.
  • Mars square Chiron: Healing issues around the wounded masculine. Say a hoponopono prayer for the divine masculine, the wounded, and the aggressors.

Weekend Vibes:

Optimize tasks and personal growth – personal breakthroughs are granted for those seeking a solution and stepping into action. Stay focused on your dreams and self-improvement – wait for a better time before you get into action or execute big spends. 

Saturday, February 22nd: Numerology Power Code Day 6*4

Is there someone who needs your forgiveness? Perhaps the place to start is with yourself? Watch out for staunch and stubborn mind and heart-sets. 6 = Healing through forgiveness. 4 = Healthy boundaries.

Image by @indg0

Sunday, February 23rd:
New Moon in 4-Pisces

Intention: I create space for mindful and heartfelt interactions organically, without conditions or strings attached.

Numerology: 7: Insight  11: Conscious awareness   4: Grounding

Positive (High) Vibes of the Pisces New Moon:

(Make wishes in these areas)

  • Compassion
  • Charity
  • Intuition
  • Artistic abilities
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Mystical reading lists
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices
  • Strategic giving and volunteerism (budgeting time and money)

Challenging (Low) Vibes of the Pisces New Moon:
(What you might wish to remove)
Taking on too much
Toxic environments
Unhealthy boundaries (or lack thereof)
Depression or sadness
Delusional thinking

This Week: February 24 – March 1

The Skies are lined up with momentum, potential, and energy even with Mercury still in retrograde. What can you re-energize this week? Heads up: a Venus/Pluto square on Friday can trigger big emotions in our hearts and around our pocketbooks. Surprise expenses and reactions are a possibility. Accept what comes into your awareness as healing medicine.  A solution is likely just around the corner. 

  • Sun sextile Mars: Energy, drive, stamina to move forward. Maintain some of your energy in your personal reserves: slow and steady wins the race.
  • Moon enters Aries: Focus on right action. Stay hydrated, do something to feel alive, and think before you speak.
  • Sun conjunct Mercury: Success, quick wit, and making memories. Good news, bright ideas, and communication flow make it a positive time to refine your image, update your website, or re-launch an old ad that previously performed well. Allow room for technical difficulty with Mercury being retrograde. 
  • Mercury sextiles Mars:  If old anger or pain bubbles up for review and healing, remember this: life is happening for you, not to you. Accept the challenge. Have a new reaction and seek a new perspective. Role reversals are also likely this week – stay open-minded to solutions from unlikely sources.
  • Moon enters Taurus: Focus on creature comforts and stability.
  • Venus square Pluto: Breakups, breakdowns, and breakthroughs are all possible in love and money – aim to be the best, most honest version of yourself. What is the most loving thing you can do for yourself long term? 

Weekend Vibes:

It’s a leap year! This means we get 366 days to celebrate, plan, scheme, and enjoy in 2020. What will you do with your extra day? The added duality energy of the Moon in Gemini encourages us: when in doubt, do it all. Fun fact: Leap years occur every four years, when we add a day to the calendar to adjust and synchronize with the solar year. Leapling, Leapsters, and Leapers are nicknames for people born on February 29th. There are an estimated five million Leaplings in the world. 


February Journal Prompts:

  • Am I compassionate with myself? Others?
  • Do I trust my intuition? Am I confident in communicating my instincts or psychic insights to others?
  • Am I willing to communicate my feelings to myself & others with rigorous honesty?
  • Can I practice feeling and expressing my emotions to myself as they arise (positive and frustrating emotions) rather than pushing them aside, detach or over-analyze them?


Tiffany Harelik