February Skies 2018

February Skies 2018

Welcome to February! There are **a lot** of Moon Void of Course (VOC) periods this month, so I want to take a second to describe what this is Astronomically: it starts after the Moon has made its last major aspect to the Sun or other planets and is still within the sign. The Moon is considered void of course there, while it has no aspects to planets until it enters the next sign. This happens every two days or so, and this can last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. It’s when we are disconnected from energy, and floating a little bit. It’s nothing to get too worked up over, but there are several, long ones here in February so I wanted to mention it. When the Moon is VOC It’s typically *not* a good time to make appointments or decisions. People are a little fuzzier and out of tune. It’s *not* an ideal time to meet people for the first time or start new projects. On the positive side, however, it’s a great time to edit or revise existing projects. Spiritual practices like meditation, prayer and, yoga can take on deep, new, and profound meaning.

Thursday 2/1: The morning might be mentally foggy with a VOC period that lasts until 1:12pm but things sharpen up by the afternoon when Luna shifts into practical Virgo. Good activities for a Virgo Moon are cleaning, tending to details, helping others, getting organized, grooming the pets, and gardening. It’s also likely that you’re feeling Saturday’s Mars/Pluto semisquare coming on. There is a tone of restlessness, physical exertion, and relentlessness with this transit. We have some extra gas in the tank to push through some type of challenge or change.

Since there are no major astrological markers in the heavens Friday 2/2, it’s likely you’ll be feeling another pulse of energy from that Mars/Pluto semisquare that is coming exact early Saturday morning. Stay hydrated, and pace yourself. Avoid tendencies to overkill any situation, task, or conversation. Be careful, take it easy, and proceed with caution.

On Saturday 2/3 the Mars/Pluto transit releases at 6:45am. While the Moon is VOC literally all day today (8:39am – 3:47pm) making for a blurry and forgetful day, we have a few other aspects to consider making Saturday somewhat of a mixed bag. First, Mercury sextiles Mars at 9:57am. This typically is a good time to shoot out a newsletter, or get mentally stimulated/energized. This may not happen according to plan during a VOC Moon. Just be aware of it. In the evening, the Sun kisses the South Node which could result in a chance encounter from someone you’ve known before. Consider it a good time to get in touch with your ancestry, or hereditary DNA. Just past midnight, Venus will square Jupiter. So you might see overindulgence, overspending, or people overselling themselves. Be aware of sales pitches that promise the Moon but can’t deliver. 

There are no major astrological markers in the Heavens Sunday  2/4; enjoy the astrological downtime and schedule work or play as you wish.

Monday 2/5 is one of those days I mentioned where the Moon is VOC all day from about 1-10pm CST until she enters sensual Scorpio. So get anything important done in the morning and be prepared for afternoon hours to be a bit of a wash.

Tuesday 2/6 – The Goddess of Love (Venus) works with the Wild Child (Uranus) in the Skies today. Venus is about love, beauty, aesthetics, money, self-worth, values, and all around pink cloud, feel-good vibes. Uranus is the shocker, the rebel, the change-maker. When these two get together in a sextile, you might see opportunities and open doors from surprising venues, your lover might be your good luck charm today, interesting strokes of luck, things like this. Sextiles work in your favor when you knowingly take conscious action. So it’s a good day to be proactive and change it up – paint the walls a new color, give someone a surprise visit, have flowers sent just because. Actively engage with Venusian and Uranian energies.

Wednesday 2/7There are no major astrological markers in the Heavens today, so you’re free to schedule work or play as you like.

Skies are clear again Thursday 2/8 for work or play. There’s a short VOC period from 5:56am – 7:53am before Luna enters playful Sag. It’s a good time to be adventurous, wander around without a specific goal and see what you find. Sagittarius is a fire sign, so it’s possible you could have a little extra energy to burn off today: go for a hike, explore nature, and by all means look at the world through optimistic eyes.

There is one small astrological event that happens early Friday 2/9 morning when Mercury conjuncts the South Node. When the South Node is involved, think of whats in your DNA, what you know how to do innately, your natural/ancestral talents, and people from past lives. Mercury is the Messenger of the Gods, the planet that brings all forms of communications and critical thinking into play. Because this aspect happens so early, you may notice a message in your early morning dreams. If you’re an early bird, consider grabbing a coffee with an old friend, mentor, or family member could provide you with a useful and knowing conversation.

Saturday 2/10 – There are some Venusian and Solar energies building today behind another hazy Moon VOC period (1-8pm CST): get the important things done before lunch. Venus enters Pisces this evening at almost the same moment when the Sun will be squaring Jupiter. Watch out for overinflation, letting your imagination carry you away and general exaggeration. An extra layer of agitation could show up in the airwaves as we prepare for a minor Mars/Uranus sesquisquare coming up on Monday.

You might feel the intensity on Sunday 2/11 too. Keep your eyes peeled for rebellious kids, or someone in your sphere that feels like they need to go against the grain. 

Monday 2/12 – The Mars/Uranus thing releases at 2:33am and there no other major astrological markers. Plan work and play as you like.

Tuesday 2/13 – The day may get off to a slow start as Luna has an early morning VOC period before entering Aquarius at 9:11am CST. Have breakfast out, with a group, at a new place. You may feel the tension of a Mercury/Jupiter square today that will release by 5p. This is when the details don’t match the big picture and you have a bit of a project to rework. But don’t sweat the small stuff: the Sun and Uranus offer you an opportunity or open door when they meet in a sextile this evening. 

Wednesday 2/14 – There are no major astrological markers today, but you can tap into the energy of the partial solar eclipse that is happening on Thursday.

Thursday 2/15 There is a lot of ecclectic and electric energy in the air with a New Moon in Aquarius that is a partial solar eclipse today, and Mercury also sextiles Uranus. All of the ‘crazy’ planets are lining up to help you with bright ideas, and starting something new and wild. The Moon begins another lengthy VOC period (3:05pm – 8:41pm) then enters generous Pisces. Venus sextiles Saturn at 5:19pm, gifting you something in the area of your work or valuables. Take it easy Thursday night. 

Friday 2/16 – Don’t overdo it with drinking and partying tonight as there’s an ugly Mars/Neptune square in the wee hours Saturday morning. This is one of those red flag transits that can result in accidents, fights, overdoses, and poisonings. Stay hydrated, and stay safe. Keep the pets inside.

Saturday 2/17 – Happy birthday month to all you Pisces out there! The weekend forecast is cool because both Mercury and the Sun will enter Pisces. If you’re an early bird, you might get a dose of enlightenment through conversation as the Sun will get in alignment with messenger Mercury. No company? Do a little meditation with your coffee and see what insights you can get.

Mercury enters Pisces at 10:27pm and as if on cue, Luna goes void of course about an hour later lasting all night. It’s easy to get lost in music, art, and charitable events. Mercury will be in Pisces until March 6th – and some astrologers out there might not agree with me, but I think this is an uncomfortable placement for Merc. Mercury is “direct”, Pisces is “indirect”. This can be a period where things get lost in translation, or on the other end where things can be intuitively understood and no language is needed. Keep this in mind when discussing business or important details.

Sunday 2/18 Sunday bloody Sundayyyy. The Moon enters firey Aries at 6:04am – you might not be able to sleep in. Stop looking at your phone; go ahead and get the day started early. Then the Sun joins Mercury in dreamy, lazy, intuitive, Pisces at 11:17am. You’ll also be feeling a Mars/North Node trine all day. This brings energy to your future, your path, your destiny – what you’re (quote) supposed to be doing (end quote). Maybe plan a late brunch out somewhere fun. You might experience some cool synchronicity, or run into good connections for you and next steps on your path.

Monday 2/19 – Skies are clear for work or play Monday. Nothing major to worry about or schedule around.

Tuesday 2/20 – Be patient if the morning gets away from you, you can get caught up in the afternoon. A Moon VOC period this morning runs from  5:11am – 1:11pm then the Moon enters sensual, methodical, stubborn Taurus. When the Moon is in an Earth sign you may find you are more able to stick with a routine. 

Wednesday 2/21 – There are some charitable, kind and compassionate vibes in the airwaves today as Venus conjuncts Neptune. It’s a good time to bring out the warm fuzzies for others and also do whats most loving for yourself. Also on Wednesday, Mercury sextiles Saturn which is a good transit for getting the details ironed out, and helping match your to-do lists with the long-term plan. It’s a good time to get work done.

Thursday 2/22 – The Moon is VOC today from 12:43pm – 6:07pm then enters social butterfly Gemini. Schedule important tasks before noon and you’ll be fine. An evening with the Moon in Gemini is a good time to get out and be seen, bounce from one place to the next, and sample a variety of things. A Gemini Moon is also a good time to work on writing, scheduling newsletters, and anything in communications.

Friday 2/23 – There are no major astrological markers today.

Saturday 2/24 – The Moon is VOC (4:05pm – 9:05pm) then enters Cancer. A homecooked meal, and time with the family might be nice this evening.

Sunday 2/25 The early morning energy on Sunday is a bit of a mixed bag, with a grouchy or possibly passionate Venus/Mars square. Messenger Mercury will be working in conjunction with intuitive Neptune Sunday morning as well. Meditate, visualize your goals, and put your thoughts on what you want ‘more’ of. 

Monday 2/26 – Nothing major to speak of on Monday. We have a Moon VOC (5:58pm – 10:41pm) then the Moon enters Leo. When the Moon is in Leo, you like to be petted, adored, or admired. Where can you give yourself or others some recognition and attention? This plays well with the Venus/Pluto sextile happening early Tuesday morning as well.

Tuesday 2/27 – A Venus/Pluto sextile releases early before you get the day going. But you may feel the oncoming Mercury/Mars square… think before you speak or act. It’s not the right time to be making big proclamations.

Wednesday 2/28 – Mercury makes his way into Wednesday twice – first he squares Mars at 556pm and then goes on to sextile Pluto at 1042pm. This could look like a temper tantrum followed by an apology. And with a Moon VOC in evening hours from 5p-midnight, things can be a little hazy – so people might say things they don’t mean. Morning hours are best for scheduling things today.

Heads up for March: March starts out with a FULL MOON in Virgo on the first. 

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Tiffany Harelik

Tiffany Harelik