February 2024

February 2024

Written by Tiffany Harelik

February Numerology

1-month in an 8-year

Motivation. Focus. Clarity. Inner Vision. Drive and determination. New beginnings. Do you want to go big?

February 1st – 11th

Beginning out the month…

February 2nd, Mercury sextile Neptune

Intuition enhanced. Creativity flows in a new direction. Spiritual insights. This is an auspicious time to use your imagination, watch for synchronicities, listen to inspiring music, and get in touch with the magical, artistic side of life. In business, this is a positive time for revamping plans. Are there any creative projects you’d like to work on? What keeps floating into your awareness? This energy can arrive a day early and will come into play February 2nd and June 3rd.

Carrying on into the week, Mercury enters Aquarius on the 5th:

Information exchange! Stay curious with Mercury in Aquarius February 5-23. Free thinking, futuristic solutions, AI, unconventional ideas, and networking are themes. Detachment from certain groups or thoughts may be beneficial.

Venus square Chiron

Rewiring the heart. This transit illuminates a part of us that is vulnerable, repairing, and growing in the lens of our relationships. Reparenting, self-love, and empathy are keynotes. The energy can be felt a day in advance, three times this year: February 6, July 6, and November 28.

Sun sextile Chiron

Self-awareness. Healing mojo. Look for opportunities to help others who have gone through your same pain for mutual healing and integration. This creative transit can be felt a day in advance. Let your lovelight (self-expression) shine, and enjoy a renewed sense of purpose once it lifts. This occurs February 5th and June 13th.

Mercury conjunct Pluto in Aquarius

Feeling the chemistry? Stay curious and seek to understand solutions within your community. There’s an intensity and directness to communications. Hidden information is coming to the surface. Do you want to investigate? Background checks, discussing life’s mysteries, and bringing awareness to the unknown side of life can be useful right now. Ask around—and—beware of obsessive thinking and manipulation. This tricky energy can be felt a day in advance and only occurs once this year. Mercury rules the mind. Pluto illuminates the undercurrents of – society (Aquarius). Themes around a change of power within religious groups, specific neighborhoods, and networks are prevalent.

Then, on the 6th: Venus Square the Nodes

Friction. A new course of action in relationships is inspired. Notice the special people and sacred contracts in your life. What messages, patterns, and lessons are you noticing? This energy illuminates important relationship dynamics February 6th, June 26th, and November 16th – it can be felt a day early.

Sun trine South Node / sextile North Node

Soul connections are being made. What special people are present with you? If you’re embracing new opportunities it’s a good time to recruit help – many hands make light work. This energy can be felt a day in advance and occurs twice: February 6 and June 12.

And, on the 7th: Venus trine Uranus

Try something new! Pleasant surprises, creative inspiration, and going with the flow. The energy inspires unconventional relationships, unexpected heroes, and exciting connections. The energy may reach you a day in advance and occurs three times: February 7th, August 27th, and December 2nd.

On the 8th, Mars Sextile Neptune

Inspiration and intuitive action. Spiritual practices that combine a workout with a work-“in” (yoga, hiking, etc.). Fighting for what you believe in – take action steps toward your dreams. Note: this optimistic illumination can be felt a week in advance and occurs twice: February 8th and July 20th.

Sun square Uranus

Rebel Rebel. The road less traveled. Unpredictability, sudden changes, outbursts, miswired electrical connections. There can be tension between one’s identity and social norms/beliefs. Make the most of uncertain times by knowing yourself, and being true to yourself. Seek a personal breakthrough. This excitable and disruptive energy can be felt one day in advance and occurs twice: February 8th, and August 19th.

And finally, on the 10th: Mercury square Jupiter

Knowing when enough is enough, excessive thinking, exaggeration, information overload, and making mountains out of molehills. Time to realign. Make a list of priorities and dreams, then make a second detailed list of daily activities. What adjustments need to be made to create realistic action steps towards your priorities and values? This energy can be felt a day in advance and occurs twice: February 10th and September 21st. Watch the Skies for some wild cards and mixed signals this week.

February 12th – 19th

The second part of February begins on the 13th:
Mars Enters Aquarius
Mars focuses the energy on collaborating among networks, out of the box thinking, and independence while in Aquarius February 13th – March 22nd. We all rise together. Are you considering taking a leadership role in your community or special group? Mars helps us take charge in a focused way – Aquarius helps us know our tribe and the contributions we can make together. This is also an optimal time to embrace new technologies, find things to do that keep your imagination stimulated, explore movies that share information about inventions and inventors.
Venus sextile Neptune
Creative Streak! Spiritual Connections. Art, music, philanthropy, meditation, new yoga outfit. Find your creative muse/outlet under the compassionate rays of Venus and Neptune. Plan a romantic getaway while the best in others is being illuminated. Note: Venus transits can be felt a day in advance. This one occurs three times: February 13th, May 23rd, and December 4th.
With love in the air, the 14th opens with Mars conjunct Pluto in Aquarius
Phoenix rising. What starts in your community now will be transformative. Radical healing through heat or purging. Mars creates energy and drive instantly. Pluto offers depth in bringing the unconscious, conscious. Aquarius directs us to pay attention around themes in society, culture, networks, friends, and futuristic solutions. If poorly aspected in your chart, you may notice power struggles, inflammatory responses, or deep-seated aggression surfacing for healing. Mars transits can arrive up to a week early – what have you been noticing this week?
And onto the 15th, Mercury sextile Chiron
Choose healing thoughts and doors will open. As you think, so shall you be. Heart-centered talk therapy, or healing conversations. Recovery from addiction to wounds. Raise your energy to a vibrational match of clarity and understanding for spontaneous recovery. This restoration of the mind can be felt a day in advance. This one occurs twice: February 15th and June 14th.
Mercury trine South Node / sextile North Node
Teamwork makes the dream work. Many hands make light work. Stay focused on your vision, stay true to your path without distraction, pay attention to the helpers, and expect something wonderful is about to happen. Those who are present in your life right now are here resolving past and future karmas for the betterment of the tribe of humanity. “Treat everyone you meet like (they are) God in drag.” Ram Dass. This can be felt a day in advance and occurs February 15th and June 9th.
The heart returns on the 16th as Venus enters Aquarius
Raise the vibe, tribe. Curious desires of the heart, connecting with unconventional people and ideas, and belonging to a club. Find hidden gems, plant rare seeds, and adopt a strange pet out of profound love while Venus is in Aquarius February 16th – March 11th, and again December 7th for the rest of the year. Venus brings awareness to what we love and value. Aquarius brings awareness to the odd, unusual, collective consciousness, networks, clubs, and the future.
February 17th, Mercury square Uranus
Red alert. Fixation and obsession. Disruption of peace and plans. Grumpy skies. Crossed wires. Safety first. Double check the house before leaving. This is not an optimal time to travel, make important decisions, or buy electronics. Be prepared to calm your nerves if triggered. Do you want to replace caffeine/stimulants with water today? What tools do you have to maneuver through fiascos? “The ancestor to every action is a thought.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. Choose your conversations carefully. There’s more to the story than meets the eye. This can be felt a few days early and occurs four times: February 17th, July 21st, August 18th, and September 7th.
Venus conjunct Pluto in Aquarius
Intense Connections. Truth and honesty are needed in love and money. Do you want to take a fine tooth comb through your banking, relationships, and networks to identify common themes. Are there any areas that could be cleaned up (by you)? This can be felt a day in advance and occurs February 17th and December 7th. Venus brings awareness to our relationships and worthiness. Where do you get your worth? What do you perceive as valuable? Pluto brings awareness to change and transformation.
Happy Birthday Pisces! Pisces enters into full focus on the 19th:
Sun enters Pisces
Imagine all possibilities and daydream/create a vision of your life— find your inner muse with the Sun in Pisces. The present moment energy is what fuels our life direction. Notice how you’re feeling—is it possible to feel your way into right thinking and right action this month? John Lennon said: “Give peace a chance.” Do you want to? Happy Birthday Pisces! We can all tap into universal divine wisdom, and compassionate, peace-centric Piscean vibes February 19th through March 20th.
Chiron conjunct North Node / opposite South Node
Are you sensitive to the cycles of the universe and seasons of life? Are you looking for signs and symbols about purpose? Chiron represents the wounded healer archetype, who comes to bring a medicine bag and special teacher when it touches orbits with the North Node. There is healing information in the past – we will grow to not regret the past, nor wish to shut the door on it – our past is a great teacher. Awareness is a great teacher, when we pause and listen.

February 20th – 29th

We begin our third part of February on the 22nd, with Venus conjunct Mars in Aquarius
The skies are illuminating intimacy, passion, and clues about what drives us. Is the juice worth the squeeze? What do you want to fall in love with? This match only occurs once this year – do you want to take advantage of the steam with a fun date night? It can be felt a few days in advance and occurs in the ‘kinky’ sign of Aquarius.
Venus conjunct Mars in Aquarius
The skies are illuminating intimacy, passion, and clues about what drives us. Is the juice worth the squeeze? What do you want to fall in love with? This match only occurs once this year – do you want to take advantage of the steam with a fun date night? It can be felt a few days in advance and occurs in the ‘kinky’ sign of Aquarius.
And on the 23rd, Mercury enters Pisces
Mercury is in the sign of Pisces, the two fish February 23rd – March 10th. Philanthropy, culture, and going beyond ordinary consciousness are themes of this period. We are given keys that allow us to be vulnerable, to open our inner prisons, and time to search for all that is knowable. This is an optimal window for creative projects, art, choreography, music, cinema, yoga, meditation, and blending with the cosmic muses for guidance.
Bonus: Pisces governs the Seas. Do you want to spend some time by the water connecting with aquatic life, or volunteering to clean up a beach/lake?
Pro tip: Ask for clarity through your emotions.
Suggested reading: The Hidden Messages of Water by Masaru Emoto.
Then on the 25th, Venus square Jupiter
Venus represents the goddess of love and luxury. In square Jupiter, we may feel stretched out of our comfort zone or get surprised with some unplanned expenses. Do you have champagne taste on a beer budget? Are you trying to save up for something greater but haven’t been honest or realistic about your expenses? Squares help challenge our personal and spiritual growth. What do you want to be free from? What do you want to be free for? This transit represents the card of Temperance: what would the middle road look like? The energy can be felt a few days ahead of time and occurs February 25th and August 19th.
And on the 27th, Mars square Jupiter
Are you feeling the need to go above and beyond the call of duty? Some things are worth fighting for – but beware: it can be easy to make mountains out of molehills under this defensive energy. Your spirit is strong, use it wisely for your best karma. What do you need to shake off so that it doesn’t stick with you? Do you want to find a healthy physical outlet to funnel emotions through? Is it time to rewrite your agreement with reality, and reconsider what you perceive as possible? “When you find the urge to dominate others … Replace the search for external power with authentic power.” Wayne Dyer
February 28th is a powerful day:
Mercury CAZIMI in Pisces
“When Mercury is cazimi (conjunct the Sun), it is an auspicious time for communicating and writing from the Soul. Meditation activates the part of your brain that communes with your higher self. Do you feel your spidey senses? This one is in Pisces – the sign of the dreamer and the intuitive. Information wizardry: listen for downloads, bright ideas, and good news in the early morning or REM hours.
This transit can be felt a day in advance and occurs February 28th, April 12th, June 14th, August 19th, and September 30th, and December 6th. Cazimi’s bring a magical moment – do you want to read more about them here? https://wiseskiescollective.com/cazimi-a-magical-moment/”
Mercury conjunct Saturn in Pisces
Clear thinking. Organization. Concentration, focus, and serious communication. Clarity around your dreams. Receiving psychic hits while relaxed. Taking time to unplug in order to have space to understand and discern with clarity is important. This is a beneficial time to research and use the gifts of a clear mind/body. Mild boredom is likely if you’re not currently engaged with interesting ideas, projects, and conversations. Be mindful of necessary delays in travel or shipping and just go with the flow – ‘people watch’ and learn if your trip is put on hold. This can be felt a few days in advance.
Saturn CAZIMI in Pisces
When Saturn is cazimi (conjunct the Sun), it is an auspicious time for self-development activities. Hard work and spiritual discipline is rewarded. What are you devoted to in all your actions and words? Saturn represents time and karma. The time is ripe for the karma boomerang to return. Where can you thank your past self? Where can you start working today, for your future self? Beneficial relationships with your inner-authority are expanding. A secondary consideration: Where have you felt limited based on old fears? Is this ‘day one’, or ‘one day’? Is it time to rise and shine!? Cazimi’s bring a magical moment – do you want to read more about them here? https://wiseskiescollective.com/cazimi-a-magical-moment/
Closing out the month with a Leap Year! 
Mercury sextile Jupiter
“Opportunity knocks. Get clear on your vision and imagine-big! The Skies support you in this: what you think about grows. Where do you want to find expansion, good luck, and good mojo? Just think about it, add an emotion into your vision. Wait and watch for what is wanting to happen through you. It’s also a beneficial time to interview, write resumes, self-promote, work with the media, travel, conduct book signings, gain favor in legal issues, investigate publishing, and explore spirituality. This transit can be felt a day in advance and occurs February 29th, and July 8th.
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Venus trine South Node / sextile North Node
Relationship focus. The prominent people showing up in life right now have a leading role in your spiritual contracts and soul growth. Who wants the best for you? Who are you cheering forward? This is a karmic time for loving relationship connections. Also: we become like the people we hang out with the most. What kind of company are you keeping? Finances: Do you want to make any adjustments to shared goals and/or your personal budget? If living with partners, family, or roommates – it’s time for a check in: Are we still going in the same direction? This transit can be felt a few days in advance, and occurs three times: February 29th, June 4th, and December 10th.
Happy leap year?!

Tiffany is an evidential psychic medium, astrologer, and best selling author. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and has been trained by some of the world’s best mediums including Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, Janet Nohavec, Lynn Probert, Mavis Patilla, Colin Bates, and Stella Upton. When she’s not writing the astrology forecast, you can find her in the apiary, yoga studio, or midwifing new books at Spellbound Publishers.