February 2022 astrology forecast

February 2022 astrology forecast

Take a Chance in February: Endless Possibilities

February kicks off a huge window of opportunity. With Jupiter sextiling Uranus this month, and the New Moon in Aquarius on the first, fates twist and the Skies tempt you to roll the dice. An 8-Universal month agrees: it’s time to go big, or go home. Note: February 20th begins the Pluto return for the U.S.A. and marks a major turning point for the nation. You were born wise – get clear on your answers inside yourself energetically, then look for opportunities and go forward. 

February Intention:
I find enchantment in creative self-development. I embrace change, progress, and abundance while establishing a foundation of unshakable value. I’m loving getting clearer and clearer.

Numerology: 8-Universal Month in a 6-Universal Year: Cycles of power. 
Abundance, drive and risk-taking. Feeling “all in” whatever you’re doing. You may have big decisions to make around finances, work and investments. Infinite wisdom. Take a chance on yourself. Roll the dice. Where does the infinity symbol show up for you this month? Sneak peek: November will be an 8-6 month too – what patterns are you setting into motion for completion in November? The numerology aligns with the U.S’s Pluto return cycle which starts this month.

Astrology Weather Forecast

January 31 / February 1: New Moon at 12°Aquarius: 
Where do you want to increase your network? What wishes do you have for the future? Intention: I surround myself with inspirational people and recognize the extraordinary in the ordinary. Make wishes around: the collective consciousness, friends, future, power to the people, and understanding.  Surprise! Uranus—Aquarius’ ruler— is squaring this moon: where are you getting out of your comfort zone?


February 4: Mercury Direct in Capricorn, Mars sextiles Jupiter, Sun conjuncts Saturn
Consider long term plans and practical magic. There is a way to balance your visions, desires, and actions. It takes courage and strength to reach for the stars. Your efforts in self-development and self-discipline are rewarded. The time is ripe for the karma boomerang to return. Start working today, for your future self. Alternate consideration: Where have you limited yourself based on old fears?
February 8: Mars trine Uranus
A boost of energy, drive, and determination are available for you to pivot in a fun new direction. Let the sparks of creativity fly! This exciting vibe may arrive 3-5 days in advance – go with the flow.
February 11: Mercury conjunct Pluto
Deep thoughts. Mental chemistry. Stay curious and seek to understand. Let your human resources department do some digging. Background checks, discussing life’s mysteries, and bringing awareness to the unknown side of life can be useful right now. Hidden information is coming to the surface.
February 14: Mercury re-enters Aquarius through March 10
Fire up your inner rebel, get passionate about a cause, and raise the vibe in your network.
February 16: Venus Conjunct Mars, Full Moon at 27-Leo
Hot mix! Good omens appear when East meets West. Projects, calls, and launches are blessed with the right amount of action and receptivity. Learn to blend the go-getter part of you, with the part that knows when to pause. Focus on yin/yang alignment, fun, and connection. 
Do you want to take a bow, celebrate your good work, or acknowledge a reason to be proud of yourself? The Leo Full Moon helps us recognize achievements and honor courage. Set an intention around removing blocks to passion, play, or generosity. Example: I am reaching my highest potential everyday in playful ways. 
February 18: Jupiter sextile Uranus, Sun enters Pisces through March 20
Exciting! This is one of the biggest favorable transits of the year. Anticipation of all the good things unfolding organically from interesting resources. This is the wheel of fortune card in the Skies.  Happy Birthday Pisces! We see you! We can all tap into universal wisdom, and compassionate, peace-loving Piscean vibes.
February 20th: USA Pluto return 1:3: Note: The Dust Bowl of the 1930’s marked the half-return of Pluto [link to our 2022 overview to read more].
February 23: Mars Sextile Neptune: 
Where do you notice that you want to ‘go for it’!—? This is a golden moment to get creative, find inspiration, and move forward. Reach for your dreams with tangible steps. Note: this can be felt 3-5 days in advance, and happens twice this year: Feb 23 and August 11.
February 24: Mercury Sextile Chiron and Venus Sextile Neptune
Talk therapy. The doors open for a deep dive into your favorite topic, as well as healing conversations. Align the head with heart.
Creative Streak! Art, music, philanthropy. Do you want to connect with a creative muse/outlet? This is an ideal time to launch a new book, start a music tour, or raise money for a cause. 
February 25: Mercury Square Uranus 
Red alert. Disruption of peace and plans. This pain in the ass is not a good time to travel, make decisions, or buy electronics. Be prepared to calm your nerves if triggered. Would it help to replace caffeine with water today? What tools do you have to maneuver through fiascos? This energy can be felt a day early, and occurs twice this year: Feb 25 and July 28.

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March heads up:

March 2: New Moon at 12°Pisces: What mystery do you want to access?
March 3: Mars and Venus conjunct Pluto: Love connections 
March 5: Sun conjunct Jupiter: Luck favors the bold

by Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT

Texan to the bone, Tiffany is a fourth-generation Austinite who shares her practice from Travis and Callahan counties. Her family lineage is steeped in Russian and Blackfoot ancestry. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and specializes in guiding clients through deep diving intuitive sessions. When she’s not writing the astrology column, you can find Tiff bee keeping, gardening, and midwifing new books at Spellbound Publishers. Explore her creative projects at www.TiffanyHarelik.com

Tiffany Harelik