Fate Vs Free Will

Fate Vs Free Will

Astrology, Akashic Records, Tarot, and Human Design help us celebrate our diversity and individuality. We are unique beings, with unique guidance systems. We are not designed to follow blindly—but rather to follow our own unique, individual strategy and inner guidance process for making decisions in this life. We take responsibility for our life and our choices, and then get to a realization that something greater is behind the curtain of our mind. Who is that thinker? Where do our non-local thoughts come from? Where do fate and free will come into play? Can they co-exist?

The intersection of fate and free will in astrology 

We look to the North Node and Saturn for a sense of fate—the things we are karmically connected to that are destined to show up in our paths. Jupiter helps expand our awareness, and Venus provides a sense of support and beauty along the way. In fact all of the planets can be teachers on our fated path. Studying the birth chart is a way to look at your human potential—what would it look like for you to accelerate your evolution, or take your life to the best possible place of alignment with your unique energy? 

Moving beyond the birth chart, we begin to study transits—the astrological weather and how it influences us. We scan the Skies for answers when things feel chaotic and overwhelming. We look for optimal moments to gain the cosmic advantage. We work with the Skies to make decisions and map plans—is this free will, fate, both?

“It is your fate to face certain questions and possibilities – you can’t escape your fate. The laws of synchronicities guarantee you’ll meet a certain person. And your free will is how you will respond to that fateful meeting. Will you slip into old karmic patterns? Or face patterns that you’re wanting to break out of in this lifetime?” Steven Forrest  

Do we only “think” we have a choice? Are we not realizing our subconscious self has already sent a signal to the brain before we became aware of it? It feels like a choice to our mind, but our subconscious body sent a signal to the mind that we became aware of after the impulse. The body knew before the mind. That’s why it’s described as ‘no choice.’ But but but – it FEELS like a choice, we say. What a fascinating topic, right?!

“Everything that you think and say and do is initiated in the deep gray areas of your brain, one half second in the firing of millions and millions of synapses, before your neocortex is even aware of it. Before you know that you’re going to put your hand up in the air and say: ‘I have to go to the bathroom’, your brain has been working on all of that.” Ra Uru Hu

It brings up the question: do we have free will? Or is it just an illusion? 

No Choice 

In Human Design, it can be both shocking and relieving to learn there is “no choice” —only the illusion of choice—once you start following your strategy and authority. HD is an experiment—so we get to play around with what works and doesn’t work when we employ our strategy and authority (and when we don’t). We get to see for ourselves how things go when we enter relationships correctly (according to our design). It takes practice and finesse to know the body’s response system. It takes a desire to be aware of when we are in our true-self versus our not-self.  

When we make decisions from our ‘not-self’—that’s the illusion of the mind thinking it’s in control. When we make choices from our design—that’s operating through awareness and accountability to the true self.

So where do the Akashic records come in? 


It is written.

Light is both a particle and a wave. The Akashic Records serve as a metaphysical library that archives all the information you will ever need about your soul’s history. We like to think of them as an external hard drive that lives in another dimension, waiting for you to plug in. We can all access our records, but that doesn’t mean our connection will be clear. If you’re curious about your personal fate, purpose, and destiny—we recommend you ‘plug in’ with an experienced practitioner to get a clear message about what has been written for your life. 

What to do?

This life is something we are experiencing, not controlling. Relax, take it easy, enjoy ‘passenger consciousness’ and follow your unique guidance system. The fate and free will venn diagram doesn’t really matter as much as we think it does. We’re here for a good time, not a long time. Let’s enjoy the ride.

“The only thing we can do is be aware of the happening (of life). Afterall, that’s what passenger consciousness is all about. It’s about being aware of what is happening. All we can do is watch.” -Ra Uru Hu 

This quote is loveable and dangerous. Having ‘no choice’ but to watch a fated life unfold can create a sense of helplessness and anger. Watching isn’t about doing nothing. It’s not about having no responsibility. That’s where the nuance of free will enters. If you’re unhappy in any area of life, the goal isn’t necessarily ‘get happy’ —but rather, to become aware of the thoughts that are creating that feeling, and to get to the core issue, and to take responsibility for the thought. 

You were born wise. 

Our opinions don’t matter here. 
It’s ok to not know.
It’s ok to not care.
It’s ok to know what is true—for yourself.
It’s ok to experiment with what feels correct—to you. 
You were not made to blindly follow—you were made to walk the world with eyes wide open. Do you want to find the answer—for yourself?
Do you want to stay curious?
Do you want to work with astrology for your cosmic advantage?

How can we guide you to be your best-self?

Treat yourself to a session with one of us, join our membership, plug in to our digital astrology calendar. All hearts and levels are welcome—come as you are to the collective. We offer free content on our blog, newsletter, youtube, and instagram—do you want to take a peek?

Tiffany Harelik