Experiencing a Magic Dark – A Guide for When the Universe is Silent

Experiencing a Magic Dark – A Guide for When the Universe is Silent

By April Leman


We have all heard the phrase “It’s darkest just before dawn,” but that doesn’t necessarily make navigating magic darks any less difficult. 


So how do you hang on to your personal truth, your deservingness, your true north when the universe goes silent? 

Have you ever felt…

That you have done ALL the work, and you still feel stuck?
You have followed your strategy and authority, but haven’t experienced results?
You have ‘cleaned house,’ literally and metaphorically, and yet don’t have anything to show for your effort and commitment?


All of these dynamics could be symptoms of a magic dark.


Symptoms of a Magic Dark

  • Feeling stuck, itchy and impatient


  • Trying to control or micromanage timing


  • Feeling tempted to fall back into old habits and patterns you thought previously were conquered

Why does the Universe go silent?

Magic darks happen as a final test – will you hold steady and remain committed even when all the opportunities disappear, even when choosing yourself feels hard, even when you are living on an island with a population of one?


This process is about staying true to the course, despite external circumstances.

Examples of a Magic Dark:

  • You have FINALLY broken up with that situationship, deleted them from your phone, and now you have no dating prospects and feel utterly alone. 


  • You quit your toxic job and feel SO good about that, but you now have no job prospects or offers on the horizon. 


  • You decided to set boundaries and choose yourself, prioritizing your health, but the fall out has been huge… the friends and family that claimed to love you are now MIA and you feel like you’re standing on shaky ground.


  • You have put in ALL the work and still don’t have that {insert thing here} that you’ve been holding out for.

What to do during a Magic Dark

  1. Stay the course and do not backslide: This is an 8 of coins moment. Focus on the work at hand, chop wood and carry water. Keep going, and trust that the universe does indeed have your back. 
  2. Trust divine timing: You are responsible for getting very clear on what you want, clearing space for that to happen, and then getting out of the way. You cannot control the timing of when your manifestation will come through, but you can control your own behavior and perspective. 
  3. Look for ways you can further surrender and release control. Just like the timeline, we cannot control all the details of our manifestation.  
    • Example: Calling in a relationship? You can’t control details like where you will meet, what they will look like or what they will do for a living. You can call in someone that “makes you laugh,” “prioritizes you above all else,” “is emotionally available,” and “is financially secure” – this list can be limitless, but you have to surrender control in order for the universe to bring you out of the magic dark and into the reality of your manifestation. 
    • Example: Calling in your dream job? You can’t control which exact company gives you the job offer, but you can call in “a place of work that prioritizes the mental health of their employees,” “a great team of colleagues,” “a place that compensates me for my value and worth.”

How The Akashic Records can help:

By opening your Akashic records, you can get more detailed answers on what you still need to do/clean up in order to get through the magic dark. The records can also highlight areas of focus so that you can navigate this season while staying in your worth and integrity.

Astrology helps you make sense of the timing

Heads Up: When you repeat cycles during or after a Magic Dark

  • Don’t beat yourself up – have grace for yourself. You can’t fail, you always get to take the test again. 


  • Be Observant: Notice how the cycle was different this time? Did you get back on track more quickly? Did you notice growth in yourself? What lessons can you learn this time around?


  • Get Ready: If you are being tested by a magic dark, this means your manifestation is right around the corner!! Hang tight and get ready for takeoff! 
Tiffany Harelik  is an evidential psychic medium, astrologer, and best selling author. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and has been trained by some of the world’s best mediums including Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, Janet Nohavec, Lynn Probert, Mavis Patilla, Colin Bates, and Stella Upton. 
When she’s not writing the astrology forecast, you can find her in the apiary, yoga studio, or midwifing new books at Spellbound Publishers.

Tiffany Harelik