Eclipse Season 2018!

Eclipse Season 2018!

Our mission is to help you tap into the magic of good timing. And when better to do THAT than during eclipse season!? Get your Moonstone, Jade, and Tiger Eyes out!  There are two partial solar eclipses (New Moons) and one total lunar eclipse (Full Moon) to hone in on this Summer that stir up big life events.

Busy person’s recap:

  • July 12: Go for it. Dream Big. Reverse the curse.
  • July 27: Stop the insanity. Name your buttons (triggers) and reflect on how they may be holding you, or someone else, hostage. (Happy Guru Purnima!)
  • August 11: Cultivate with confidence and refine your heart energy.
  • Listen to the podcast.
Thursday, July 12: Go for it. The first partial Solar Eclipse (New Moon) of the season is an extra potent time to make a change in your love life or finances. With New Moons, we get to plant something new. With eclipses, we have an opportunity to see the results unfold exponentially.
  • Love and Money. Perhaps you get news of a new marriage, the birth of a new baby, an announcement of a new business partnership. Whatever big news you receive can trigger you into action for the change you want to make in your own life.  Dream big. A positive grand trine between Jupiter, Neptune and the Moon suggest the outcome of your wishes could be better than you could have ever conjured on your own, but you have to ask for it and take action. If you’re feeling called to pay attention to what you need to heal in order to be fully present for the relationship you’re seeking to develop, it’s because Luna is semi-square Venus and opposite Pluto.
  • Health. The New Moon is at 20 degrees of Cancer, which rules the breasts, stomach, diaphragm, and lymph system. Take care of your fluid levels, support digestion and mind-gut balance with proper probiotics, and as always, take your hemp oil daily to keep you out of fight or flight and maintain homeostasis.
  • Crystal Magic. Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, why not work with a magic moonstone during this cycle. Clear your moonstone by blowing a fresh breath into the stone and saying the word “clear”.  Identify which intentions you want to play with this lunar cycle, and pray them into your moonstone. Place your moonstone on your desk, altar, bath, or favorite spot in your garden and ask it to work with you to synchronize you with the energy you’re seeking.
  • *New Moon Numerology: 1, 3 & 20
    1 Day: New Beginnings
    3 Universal Energy: Creativity
    20 Degrees (of Cancer): Sincerity

The energies of the 1, 3 and 20 mimic the above astrological council. Think of the 1 energy as propelling you forward in the newness of the dark Moon/eclipse energy and supporting you in beginning something new. The 3 (in both the New Moon degree and in the Grand Trine) will offer us supported space to organically and creatively heal old or lingering wounds in our relationships. This could be a big opportunity to seed an intention for some karmic healing through the integrity or lack thereof in our relationships (personal, professional, familial, health, wealth). While Cancer naturally evokes our emotional body, so does the numerology of the 20th degree; specifically in how we relate to others (relationships) through our sincerity, vulnerability and the honest expression of our heart’s desires.

  • Reflections:
    In what relationships do I experience integrity?

    In what relationships do I experience a lack of integrity?
    Where can I soften and receive instead of control?
  • Intentions:
    I feel nourished and loved on a daily basis.

    I experience healthy relationships.
    I believe in healing. I trust the process.
    I’m in touch with the Divine Feminine and my innate creativity.
    I know where my boundaries are and am clear with others. 
    My digestion is smooth and I resist the urge to “stomach” things.
    The cosmos, my angelic teams, and Spirit guides are working behind the scenes with me on my biggest dream of: ________.
  • Bonus: In Vedic Astrology, this partial solar eclipse happens in Gemini in the Nakshatra of Punarvasu, ruled by Divine Mother energy. Where can you soften to receive that type of love?

Friday, July 27: Stop the insanity. With the Lunar Total Eclipse (Full Moon) 
at 4 degrees of Aquarius, you’ve reached a major turning point, an end, or are seeing some truth that you can’t ignore anymore. The hourglass has tipped over in some area of your life.
  • Love & Money. This can be a highly emotional Moon, bringing finality in some form whether we are ready for it or not. What has GOT to stop? Caution: Don’t get overwhelmed or too much in your head. Also, watch out for taking on the energies of the collective. With Mercury recently turning retrograde in Leo you might be asking yourself what you need to edit in the space of the heart. Consider where you can slow down, pause when agitated, and respond rather than react. Remember, Full Moons and Eclipses are about shedding light on and removing what no longer serves us, or completing a cycle. The good news is there’s a light at the end of the tunnel: support in the airwaves comes from a Venus/Pluto trine in the background. This transit offers deep, transformational love and healing if you reach for the help that is available.
  • Health. Pay attention to inflammation in the body. Hydration and proper sleep are key! Could you possibly commit to a low-sodium diet? Because of Mars and Mercury retrograde, properly detoxing the body during this energy will be of significant benefit. Remember, your wealth is in your health! Ever tried a salt float tank, sauna or steam room? This would be a wonderful time to treat your body to some spa time.
  • Crystal Magic. Reach into your crystal bag for the healing power of jade to help raise the vibe of the collective. Clear your jade by blowing a fresh breath into the stone and saying the word “clear”.  Identify which intentions you want to play with this lunar cycle, and pray them into your jade. Place your jade on your desk, altar, bath, or favorite spot in your garden and ask it to work with you to synchronize you with the energy you’re seeking.
  • *Full Moon Numerology: 7, 9 & 4
    7 Day: Seeking
    9 Universal Energy: Completion
    4 Degrees (of Aquarius): Boundaries

These complex combination energies may manifest in an underlying urge to get everything in its right place. The energy of the 7 supports your quest for personal, emotional and spiritual growth, while also energizing and sustaining you in this process. Think of the 9 as a gift in encouraging your to release with integrity. Whatever is pushing your buttons is exactly what you want to hone in on (not obsess over). Name your buttons and reflect on how they may be holding you, or someone else, hostage. The 4 will guide you in organizing your thoughts and feelings as well as redefining healthy boundaries.

  • Reflections:
    What emotions are evoked in areas of my life where I am experiencing conflict or disharmony?

    Am I willing to acknowledge and process those emotions?
    What are some things I could stop doing, that affect the group as a whole? For example, could I stop using plastic straws, to create a greener planet for all of us? Could I eat meat just once a week (or less) to help the life force of the planet? Could I fast one day a week to clear my mind, and help raise the vibration of the collective?
  • Intentions
    I no longer let other people’s behavior affect how I feel.

    I no longer worry about things beyond my control. 
    I’m willing to look at the truth.
    I am clearly recognizing and articulating healthy boundaries in all experiences.
    I release complexity and invite simple, effective solutions.
    I’m reaching for and in touch with my genius mind.
    I’m aware of how my actions affect the group as a whole.
    I release urgency and take advantage of the power of the present moment.
  • Bonus: This Moon falls on Guru Purnima, a sacred festival that celebrates spiritual and academic teachers in the Indian and Nepalese holy cultures. You can participate in your own home by offering thanks to your teachers and practicing their teachings in your daily life. In Vedic Astrology, this total lunar eclipse falls in Capricorn. The Nakshatra is Shravana, which translates to “hearing”. How can you listen with the ear of the heart?
Saturday, August 11: Total eclipse of the heart. Partial Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in 18 degrees of Leo. When major life events surface this week, during a significant Jupiter/Neptune trine, we are asked to cultivate and refine our heart energy. The astro-numerology mixology serves up a great cocktail specifically encouraging us to create with confidence, courage, and integrity in all we do. Now is the time to rise to the occasion of our lives and create with confidence.
  • Love & Money. Eclipses bring major life-changing news to the surface that can trigger you…. sometimes into action, sometimes into fear, and sometimes into acceptance. Can you practice “responsiveness” rather than “reactiveness” in both your personal relationships and your profession? Refining our love energy goes a level deeper with Uranus now retrograde. Consider what “towers” you need to kick down (but don’t make any big moves yet). This is the time to examine (not to take action) what may be limiting you from closing a big deal or keeping you from trusting your heart in love.
  • Health. Ruthless dedication to a total healing transformation from a Pluto/Chiron quintile forming supports the large Uranian waves of transformation alongside the eclipse energy. Can you truly love and respect your body and the natural support if offers you? We are being called to love more, do more, and be more in August. How can you accomplish this through your health? Leo rules the heart. Take this energy to focus on heart health both physically and emotionally. Hint: the physical and emotional go hand in hand. Can you eat a heart-healthy diet? Can you honor each emotion that arises?
  • Crystal magic. Tiger’s Eye and Carnelian work well with the fierce Lion energy of Leo, as do Onyx and Garnet. Clear your crystals and gems by blowing a fresh breath into the stones and saying the word “clear”.  Identify which intentions you want to play with this lunar cycle, and pray them into your crystals. Place them on your desk, altar, bath, or favorite spot in your garden and ask them to work with you to synchronize you with the energy you’re seeking.
  • *New Moon Numerology: 1, 3, & 18
    1 Day: Confidence
    3 Universal Energy: Invention
    18 Degrees of Leo: Integrity vs. Ego

The 1 supports in initiating more love, fun, health, play, etc. While the 3 feels encouraging, extroverted (like the Leo), and most importantly, innovative. There is huge opportunity to seed intentions and beliefs that support a richer, fuller, happier life. Take advantage of this astro-numerology code and manifest through an aligned heart and head. With the 18, choose integrity versus falling prey (as we all do at times) to ego-driven desires. Move from a space of “lack consciousness” to a space of “abundance consciousness.”

  • Reflections:
    Do I believe that I am worthy of living a fulfilling life, every day?

    Who am I appreciative of in my life? (Tell them)
    Where can you be more loving?
    How can you have/be more fun?
    How can you self-promote in a healthy way?
    Who do you want to play with?
    Tap into Leo medicine and find the answers.
  • Intentions:
    I have loyal friends that I like to play with.

    I’m stepping into my role as a heart-centered leader.
    My heart is being healed.
    I am abundant in all experiences.
    I am grateful for _______. 
    I enjoy using my creativity manifest abundant solutions.
  • Bonus: In Vedic astrology, the partial solar eclipse is in nurturing Cancer today. Where can your deep love cross cultures and break barriers today?

*New to numerology? Here’s how we calculate the Lunar Numerology Magic:

Thursday, July 12: Partial Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in 20 degrees of Cancer
1 Day: New Beginnings (July 12 (7+1+2) = 1)
3 Universal Energy: Creativity (July 12, 2018 (7+1+2+2+0+1+8) = 21 = 3)
20 Degrees of Cancer: Sincerity

Friday, July 27: Total Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) in 4 degrees of Aquarius
7 Day: Seeking (July 27 (7+2+7) = 16 = 7)
9 Universal Energy: Completion (July 27, 2018 (7+2+7+2+0+1+8) = 27 = 9)
4 Degrees of Aquarius: Boundaries

Saturday, August 11: Partial Solar Eclipse (New Moon) in 18 degrees of Leo
1 Day: Confidence (August 11 (8+1+1) = 10, 1+0 = 1)
3 Universal Energy: Invention (August 11, 2018 (8+1+1+2+0+1+8) = 21, 2+1 = 3)
18 Degrees of Leo: Integrity vs. Ego