December 2021 Astrology Forecast

December 2021 Astrology Forecast

December: Being Here Now

Buckle up and hang on to your crystals! 2021 goes out with a bang as the third and final Saturn/Uranus square completes and the United States gears up for our Pluto return years (article on that coming soon). The December astrology paints a monthly map of adversity, synthesis, and perseverance. Didn’t want to hear that? Stick with me for an overview of the energy, and a clear strategy to work with the Skies.

Crystal Suggestions: Lapis for creative solutions, Green Aventurine for unexpected opportunities, Black Tourmaline for energy clearing and security.

When life feels out of control, we want an explanation. We want answers from the Universe: How long will I feel this way? When will things turn around? This too shall pass, but when? No one wants to experience the astrological predictions of more chaos, more unknown, more breaking of systems, more “I can’t breathe” moments. So we try to understand the future, in the context of the past, to predict our experiences. And we look for bright spots in the December forecast.

When we want to know the unknown, it can create urgency, frustration, sometimes fear. Can you relate? Our goal is peace, but our actions have missed a critical component: trusting we are in a synthesis process. Do I trust myself? A higher power? Are my efforts to predict the future robbing me of the magic of now?

When we want to predict the future destination without riding in the car of life, it completely robs us of the magic of the now. It’s the journey that informs the destination. The journey is unknowable because of free will. So to ground ourselves during uncertain times, we learn how to trust our unique decision making processes to carry us through life, and we maintain our spiritual practices.

What is your decision making process? You have a unique way to make decisions according to your bodygraph and astrological birth chart that will always guide you correctly. Here’s a quick run-down of the eight decision-making types.

Overcoming Negative Thinking 

  1. Awareness. First, we have to be aware that negative thoughts are just mind chatter and try to excuse them: “Thank you mind, that’s not helpful right now. I see you, I hear you.” 
  2. Synthesis. After we see “ah, that’s the mind!” there’s an integration period. Go into the white hot center of the thought to feel it fully, then allow the release. If you half-ass this, the thoughts will linger. Here’s a PTSD release technique.
  3. Fresh Thoughts. Fresh thoughts happen in the now. Now is when we can see ‘Yes, I’m ok. Yes, this feels correct.’ Or ‘I’m feeling bitter and frustrated, I wonder where I betrayed myself,’ and find a solution to get back on track. 

What to do? We let time take time. We watch the story unfold while also being part of it. We are informing the future with our hopes, fears, and series of present moments. So we guard our thoughts. The ability to take care of the mind is key. This too, was the goal of the ancient yogis:

Chitta vritti nirodha means that yoga is the process of removing of the fluctuations of the mind. A still mind leads to clarity and truth. Anchor yourself around observing the breath. 

Don’t rush it in December.
Let time take time. 
Be here now.

NUMEROLOGY: 8-Universal Month in a 5-Universal Year: Rolling the Dice 

Highs and lows – the energy will continue to be in flux while we have big decisions to make. The 8 says: Infinity, Abundance, Be “all in”, Go big or go home! The 5 says: Take me on an adventure! It also says: Get me out of here.

December 1: Neptune Direct in Pisces: Slower energy. Some of us may feel dizzy or have potent dreams processing. Things are not as they seem. Let some time pass. More will be revealed.

December 4th: New Moon Solar Eclipse in 12-Sagittarius: Eclipse Intention: I naturally find freedom, peace and joy in each day. I express my gratitude and contentment with life easily and graciously.


  • Gypsy-energy, roaming, road tripping, and traveling
  • Teaching/taking a new class, education, students, and mentors
  • Writing/publishing a book
  • Finding a new outlook on life
  • Learning a foreign language, foreign affairs and multicultural endeavors 
  • Peace of mind and meditation, Ceremonies 
  • Heirs and guardians, Abundance and fortune 
  • Legal hearings, the law
  • Be aware of: Procrastination, delusional thinking or overly optimistic attitudes, vver-doing things or exaggerating, taking shortcuts, making assumptions


December 4-8: Mars squares Jupiter, Mercury squares Neptune: Confusion, delusion, lies, overdoses, improper medications, freak accidents, and toxins. Growing pains. Speeding tickets. Proceed with caution. It’s possible to turn lead into gold and problems into opportunities without burning up your pocketbook. Reflect back to January for clues on what you’re energized to expand, learn, or grow. Does it have to be done the hard way? Is it possible you’ve been lying to yourself, or trying to make something work that just isn’t? 

December 10th: First Quarter Moon [19-Pisces]: Take one small step towards your dreams. This yang phase signifies decision making, determination, and commitment to action wherever 19-Pisces is in your chart.

December 13: Mars enters Sagittarius, Mercury enters Capricorn

Mars enters Sagittarius: Mars puts gas in the Sagittarius tank of freedom, travel, foreign cultures, and the justice system for the remainder of the year. Escapism, slower paces, and indecision are more likely – but that doesn’t mean we stop living. Invitation: take nothing personally, give people their freedom, and focus on things that liberate you.

Mercury enters Capricorn: Consider long term plans, finances, and commitments. There is a way to balance your practical goals with the desires of your heart. Diversify investments. 

December 16th-17th: Sun semisquare Saturn under a Gemini Moon, Sun semisextile Pluto and Venus: Change of plans. You’re being rerouted, via a blessing in disguise. Pay attention to your health, go with the flow instead of resisting. You’re feeling more positive, loving, solution-oriented, and resourceful. Things are shifting in your favor. Be careful what you wish for – you just might get it!

December 18th: Full Moon in 27-Gemini; Mercury squares retrograde Chiron under the Full Moon: Go easy on yourself and others. We never know what battles people are fighting alone. Mental illness, head wounds, and false beliefs are lingering. Let’s be patient, tolerant, and kind. This phase signifies the completion of a cycle, endings, and closure wherever 27-Gemini is in your chart.

Full Moon Intention:“I let go of unnecessary business, over-extension and emotionally exhausting relationships to create space for greater vitality, curiosity, and sustainability.” 


  • Too many tabs open. What project do you need to put down in order to move forward with other areas that are important to you? Is it time to let go of unnecessary business, over-extension and emotionally exhausting relationships to create space for greater vitality, curiosity, and sustainability?
  • Too many tabs open. What project do you need to put down in order to move forward with other areas that are important to you? 
  • Set intentions around any blocks to writing, editing, speaking, reading, communication, and mental wellbeing


December 19th:Venus Retrograde, Chiron Direct

Venus ℞ in Capricorn: Venus is a personal planet that hits close to home. Known as the Goddess of Love, Venus rules matters of the heart (Libra), but she also reigns over finances (Taurus). During Venus retrograde, issues around love and money are being redirected. But how? Has your relationship become more of a job? Are you increasing your responsibilities/pay? Are you revising what you’re committing to and investing in? Snag our Venus Retrograde Survival Guide for a house by house guide on how this window of time affects you personally. Venus is retrograde from December 19, 2021 [26-Capricorn] to January 29, 2022 [11-Capricorn]. 

Chiron Direct in Aries: No matter where you go, there you are. In tarot, the 8 of swords represents a prison of our own making. Can you relate? How can we move into greater understanding of our pain and suffering? Read the full scoop about Chiron in Aries here:

December 21st: Sun enters Capricorn: Happy Birthday Capricorn! Tap into your ambitious, practical, and pragmatic Capricorn vibes through January 19.

December 24th: Saturn square Uranus Retrograde: The Biggest Transit of 2021 completes during Eclipse Season: The final Saturn/Uranus Square requires we adapt to unexpected, life altering changes as a society and individually. Remember: what you resist persists. Control is an illusion. Try to stay curious and flexible as times change. [Side note: The Saturn/Uranus square of 1975-77 coincided with the swine flu epidemic and the Saturn/Uranus opposition of 2008-10 coincided with the H1N1 pandemic, and the Saturn/Uranus squares of 2021 coincided with covid].

December 25th: Christ Consciousness: Find the mistletoe. Retrograde Venus kisses Pluto while Mars trines Chiron creating deep, loving, karmic connections with the self, the divine, and the other.

December 26th: Last Quarter Moon [5-Libra]: Friendly Cosmic Reminder: You don’t have to be the karma police. This yin phase signifies receptivity and a willingness to trust, surrender, and let things take their course wherever 5-Libra is in your chart.

December 28th: Jupiter ℞ enters Aquarius
Will we see a breakthrough in covid info/cases? Will Big Pharma have something to say (or answer for)? Aquarius rules airborne diseases, innovative solutions, and communities. Jupiter rules expansion, big money, and education. 

The rest of December is about willingness.

  • December 26: Mercury sextile Neptune: Creativity and synchronicity. 
  • December 27: Venus ℞ semisquare Mars: Competitive energy.
  • December 28: Mars semisquare Pluto and inconjunct Uranus retrograde : Passion fuels the fire. It’s time to cut away from the norms. 
  • December 29: Mercury conjunct Venus retrograde: Resolve issues. Sun square Chiron: Remember this: life is happening for you, not to you. Mars sextile Saturn: Putting in long, hard hours results in satisfaction. 
  • December 30: Mercury conjunct Pluto: Stay curious and seek to understand.. Background checks, discussing life’s mysteries, and bringing awareness to the unknown side of life can be useful right now. 
  • December 31: Mercury semisquare Mars: You don’t have to know everything, nor tolerate people trying to push their agendas. Take a time out from any arguments – put down your weapons. It’s a new year.

A Clear Strategy to work with the Skies

Money: Stay Diverse: Uranus is still in Taurus – we don’t know what the markets are doing. In fact the only thing we know is that systems regarding food and money are unstable. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Be prepared for food and weather crises, and be ready to help neighbors. 

Work with the best days: 10th-11th: Venus conjuncts Pluto under a First Quarter Moon in Pisces, Mercury sextile Jupiter. Focus on right action. Deep love, real connections, and karmic connections. Opportunity knocks. It’s a good time to interview, write resumes, self-promote, work with the media, conduct book signings, gain favor in legal issues, investigate publishing, and explore spirituality. What you think about grows. Where do you want to find expansion, good luck, and good mojo? Just think about it. 

Avoid heavy stuff on the more intense days: Get important things done before the Full Moon/Venus Retrograde/Saturn/Uranus Squares commence mid-month. Watch out for pot holes and speed traps Dec 4-8.  Give yourself plenty of breathing room, knowing if things are changing, you’re on the right track.

by Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT

Texan to the bone, Tiffany is a fourth-generation Austinite who shares her practice from Travis and Callahan counties. Her family lineage is steeped in Russian and Blackfoot ancestry. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and specializes in guiding clients through astrology, tarot, mediumship, and intuitive sessions. When she’s not in sessions, you can find Tiff bee keeping, gardening, and midwifing new books at Spellbound Publishers. Explore her creative projects at 

Tiffany Harelik