December 2020 Forecast

December 2020 Forecast


For sure this will be a December to remember. This is one of the most astrologically potent months of the year because of the shift from the Earth Kingdom to the Air Kingdom for a new 200-year cycle on Solstice. 

December Numerology

Connecting the Cosmic Dots: December is a 7-Universal Month in a 4-Universal Year. The energy is ripe for soul-searching and spiritual connection. It is a wonderful time for reflection, introspection, and truth-seeking.  It’s possible you are feeling antisocial or detaching a bit in order to continue a personal quest. The puzzle pieces come together in December when you create daily routines that fill your cup. 

Astrology Overview

  • December 1st – Mercury enters Sagittarius
  • December 14th – New Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius
  • December 15th – Venus enters Sagittarius, Chiron Direct in Aries
  • December 17th – Saturn enters Aquarius 
  • December 19th – Jupiter enters Aquarius
  • December 20th – Mercury enters Capricorn
  • December 21st – The Great Mutation of Jupiter + Saturn! Solstice! The Sun enters Capricorn! 
  • December 30th – Full Moon in Gemini

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This Week: November 30 – December 6

There is an ebb and flow of intensity and joy as we ease through Monday’s eclipse and into December. Mercury enters Sagittarius on Tuesday bringing exciting new ideas, adventure, and a little indecision – these go-with-the-flow vibes are available to us through December 20th. Just go slow this week: Luna is void of course all day on Tuesday and a Mercury/Mars sesquisquare can create unfair advantages and potential drama. Take measures to avoid negative legal action such as securing appropriate insurances.

Love: Friday, December 4th is a Numerology power code day that is ideal for partners to deeply understand each other (and you have a loving-Leo Moon to enhance your discussions!) Crystal Magick: Yellow Citrine (empowerment) and Fuchsite (heart-centered joy + inspiration).

Money: Opportunity knocks as Mercury sextiles Saturn. Launch a new business, hold a ribbon-cutting, write a business plan, map out your future, or send a newsletter announcing a new product. Engage with workflow by starting the day with an intention that incorporates your higher purpose.

Health:  Working with herbs that correspond to the Gemini Full Moon eclipse can be a fun way to work with this week’s unique magick. Always check with your natural healthcare practitioner before using potent herbs.

  • Gemini Guardian Herbs: Peppermint, Skullcap, Sage, and Gingko.
  • Gemini Remedy Herbs: Oats, Skullcap, Valerian, Catnip, California Poppy, and Burdock.
  • Flower + Gem Essences: Milkweed, Cerato, Jacaranda, Aquamarine, and Citrine.

Body Systems Gemini governs include Arms, Shoulders, Hands, Fingers, Lungs, Nerves, The Nervous System, Breathing. It also governs tubes, tunnels, and connectors of the body including fallopian tubes, urinary tubes, bronchial tubes, blood capillaries, sensory receptors, etc.

Monday, November 30th
Full Moon Eclipse in 8-Gemini

Do you have too many tabs open? What project do you need to put down in order to move forward with other areas that are important to you? What way of communication isn’t working any more? This phase that signifies the completion of a cycle, endings, and closure is more prominent now as we get closer to the Grand Mutation on Solstice. It can be helpful to identify what you’re afraid of this week, so you can work towards (or be open to) new solutions.

Eclipse Intention: The right and left hemispheres of my brain synchronize, facilitating mental clarity, discernment, and honesty.

Positive (High) Vibes of the Gemini Full Moon:
(Set intentions for closure or completion in these areas)
Multi-tasking, focus, and attention to detail
Writing, editing, speaking, and reading
Clear communication and healthy discussions
Mental stimulation, intelligence, intellect, and quick wit
Mindfulness and being present
Micro goals, social opportunities
Work with hands: handyman, typing, knitting, playing instruments, etc. 

Challenging (Low) Vibes of the Gemini Full Moon:
(What you might intend to remove)
Overcommitment, Overthinking, Detachment, Indecision, Impulsivity, Anxieties

Weekend Vibes
The Seeker-vibe is prominent with both Mercury and the Sun in Sagittarius and the 7-month in numerology. What do you want to learn more about? Stay curious, optimistic, and open-minded while Mercury trines Chiron and Venus trines Neptune this weekend. Seek to understand. Have healing conversations, read self-discovery books/newsletters, and say prayers/intentions/affirmations for a healthy outlook. 

Be careful about / guard against overly intoxicating foods, drinks, and energetically draining people that steal your time. Crystal Magick: Amazonite (soothing of the mind, body & soul) and Amethyst (clarity + spiritual grounding).


This Week: December 7 – 13

Caution lights come on as the Sun squares Neptune. Mistakes in diagnosis, cloudy judgment, errors, and innocent mistakes can become detrimental. Imaginations can take over, and things can get blown out of proportion.  Double check all of your work. Good news comes towards the end of the week as the Sun trines Mars. Say yes – you can tackle anything that comes your way.

Word to the Wise: Be open to creating small changes in order to get clarity. What’s right in front of you? That’s your work this week. Play the hand you get.

Love: Chaos comes before clarity in relationships this week as Venus sesquisquares Chiron. Moods are affecting dynamics – take it easy and avoid critical decisions. Use Tuesday’s Last Quarter Moon to remove yourself from destructive relationships. Wednesday’s Libra Moon is a good time to focus on companionship. Crystal Magick: Fluorite (clarity + peace) and Blue Apatite (authenticity + balance.

Money:  Pace yourself with a conservative approach, but take action regarding investments, banking, and estate planning as Venus sextiles Pluto this week. Is a change of perspective needed?

Health: Tuesday’s Last Quarter Moon in 16-Virgo (December 8th) is an ideal lunar phase to overcome negativity, overly critical tendencies, and any negative behavior patterns affecting your health. Spend time connecting to your highest self through visualization and meditation under Friday’s transformative Scorpio Moon. Crystal Magick: Serpentine (regeneration + psychic stimulation) and Black Tourmaline (energy clearing + security).

Weekend Vibes
The weekend looks energetically rocky. Drink water, get plenty of rest, don’t overcommit yourself. Sometimes less is more. Be aware of confusion, delusions of grandeur, toxins (Mercury squares Neptune). Pack your patience and plan on delays, eccentricities, and odd personality-conflicts. Someone else’s problems can become your dilemma (Sun sesquisquare Uranus). The antidote is to focus on feeling free under Sunday’s Sagittarius Moon.Crystal Magick: Peacock Ore (joyous self expression + inspiration) and Lapis (travel, adventure + freedom).


This Week: December 14 – 20

The Skies are quite busy this week! Buckle up as four planets change signs and we gear up for one of the most incredible astrological signature events of our lives on the 21st. Crystal Magick: Aquamarine (purity, truth + freedom) and Hematite (stress relief + stamina).

The bad news: everything is impermanent. The good news: everything is impermanent. This is not an ideal time for acting on your impulses. Sarcasm, rebellion, and radical change are in the air. Wait for a better time to execute plans that cause a major upheaval (Mercury sesquisqures Uranus).

Venus enters Sagittarius on December 15th and stays in Sagittarius for the rest of the year invoking the universal vibe of spreading good cheer. Chiron Direct on the same day encourages us to reflect on what has truly been healed and solved this year – taking special notice to any insights gained during the retrograde period (7/11- 12/15). Chiron remains direct in Aries the remainder of the year.

Saturn has been in home-sign Capricorn for roughly three years. It’s a bittersweet exit as the “Lord of Karma” moves into Aquarius, the sign of freedom on December 17th.  It’s necessary to break free from the past and explore new territory. This combination reminds us to take responsibility for ourselves and our freedoms. It can be a year when humanity and the collective consciousness has a breakthrough.

Jupiter meets Saturn in Aquarius on the 19th towards the much anticipated Great Mutation on December 21st. Thus begins the first dance in a new 200-year cycle. 

Mercury enters Capricorn on the 20th and remains there for the rest of the year. A part of you shifts to consider long-term plans. There is a way to balance the desires of your heart, with tangible, practical action items. 

Love: Positive vibes. Smooth sailing with luck, love, money, and moods. Reconciliation is possible, and it’s easy to fall in love with Venus sextiling Jupiter and trining Chiron.

Money: Much can be accomplished through physical or mental effort. Stability and viability. Hard work pays off. Purchases and mergers made during this time prove favorable. Open a new bank account to give it a great birthdate. Make a start to any financial amends. Check some boxes off your list as Mercury trine Mars and Venus sextiles Saturn this week. 

Focus on long-term strategies and ambitions. What are you wanting to grow? What stabilizes your future? Spend some time alone to get clear with yourself as well as clear your energy under Tuesday’s Capricorn Moon..  

Health: Working with herbs that correspond to Monday’s: New Moon Eclipse in 23-Sagittarius can be a fun way to work with this week’s unique magick. Always check with your natural healthcare practitioner before using potent herbs.

  • Sagittarius Guardian Herbs: Sage, Dandelion, Willow, Yellow Dock, Arnica, Meadowsweet, and Calendula.
  • Sagittarius Remedy Herbs:  Peach Leaf, Lemon Balm, Lavender, Burdock, and Agrimony.
  • Flower + Gem Essences: Cerato, Vine (Vitis vinifera), Vervain, Scleranthus, Sweet Pea, Amber, Red Jasper, Kyanite, and Garnet.

Body Systems Sagittarius Governs: Hips and thighs. Buttocks. Sciatic nerve. Lower spine and liver. Autonomic nervous system. Cerebrum, especially the left hemisphere. Powers of reasoning. Systems of growth and preservation. Locomotion. Stimuli response (relationship between the endocrine + nervous system).

Monday, December 14th
New Moon Eclipse in 23-Sagittarius

Plan a road trip, take a new class, do something fun! This phase signifies new beginnings and is a great time to set intentions.

Intention: I naturally express my gratitude and contentment with no strings attached to outcomes. 

Positive (High) Vibes of the Sagittarius New Moon:
(Make wishes in these areas)
Travel and adventure
Higher education, students, and mentors
Involvement with artistic and multicultural endeavors
Truth-seeking, devotion, and faith
Friends, enthusiasm, growth
Peace of mind and Meditation
Ceremonies, heirs and guardians, abundance and fortune
Legal hearings/careers, publishing books

Challenging (Low) Vibes of the Sagittarius New Moon:
(What you might wish to remove)
Procrastination, delusional thinking or overly optimistic attitudes
Over-doing things or exaggerating, taking shortcuts, making assumptions

Weekend Vibes
Jupiter has been in Capricorn all year, a placement that is described as uncomfortable by many astrologers. As Jupiter moves into Aquarius on Saturday the 19th, we have a shift in the collective consciousness. What hive mind do you want to participate in over the coming year? 

The planet of abundance in the sign of Aquarius challenges us to be more inventive, more socially aware, and more renegade. Your uniqueness is your lucky charm – what makes you –you? (Jupiter is in Aquarius from Dec. 19th, 2020 – July 2021). Crystal Magick: Blue Lace Agate (healing + calm) and Chevron Amethyst (peace of mind + dream/meditation enhancement).

Also! Good news, bright ideas, and communication flow make it a positive time to send newsletters, refine your image, and launch an ad this weekend. When the Sun joins Mercury in the Skies you can expect success, quick wit, and making memories.


This Week: December 21 – 27

Think about where you can make wise investments with your time, heart, and money. Life has given you experience and training for what is about to unfold before you. Refuse to be impatient or intolerant right now. Your mantra: All is well in our Kingdom. 

Danger, explosive outbursts, and anger surface this week as well. Be careful under the third and final Mars/Pluto square of 2020.  

The Sun enters Capricorn on Monday under a First Quarter Moon in Aries: Happy Solstice! Happy Birthday Capricorn! And dare I say Happy Great Conjunction?! The Great Conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn happens every 20 years. This reunion of the Masters has taken place in an Earth sign for the last 200 years… but on December 21st, they shift into a new cycle of meeting in Air signs, igniting a new 200-year cycle. 

Historically, we have seen the rise and fall of notable empires during this transit (elections, spiritual movements, etc). This period is a time of moving forward, creating a clearly defined plan for your life, and reaping the benefits of hard work. 

Love: Venus sesquisquares Mars: Tension, combative natures, and flirting with danger on Tuesday. Let time pass before making important decisions, calls, or moves.

Money: Mercury trine Uranus on the 25th: Brilliant ideas and large downloads of information are coming in. Grab opportunities, make phone calls, sign up for a new class. Your next venture is right around the corner!

Health: Mercury squares Chiron on the 24th: Go easy on yourself and others. Pain is just below the surface for many you encounter. Mental illness, head wounds, false beliefs come up for healing. Consider praying for the person who offends you.

Solstice Invitation: December 21st
Reflect on the past year while deeply considering plans for the future. This is my favorite time of year to create vision boards. I love to look at photos from the year past with gratitude and Mexican hot cocoa, and look forward to seeing what the numerology and astrology of the coming year holds. Then it’s time to light a candle, draw a dream wheel, write an annual intention, color a mandala, do a 12-card tarot spread, or creatively weave words into wishes in our journals. (Check out our 2021 tarot wheels!)

In my family, we host “Eve Eve” – a family holiday gathering two nights before Christmas. We also look forward to the beginning of the coming year with traditions such as eating black-eyed peas and setting New Year’s resolutions on New Year’s Eve. There is great ceremony going on in our kitchens, soaking peas and making cornbread. Why? Tradition. Our grandmothers taught us that eating black-eyed peas as the first food of the new year brings good luck. What is your family tradition?  What Solstice and New Year traditions do you want to spark?

I honor the changing season. I trust the natural rhythms of my body, mind, and spirit to uphold and renew me. I am closely bonded to Nature and my family this Solstice season and always.

Weekend Vibes
Connect with friends, read a new book, or have fun staying busy under Saturday’s Gemini Moon. Crystal Magick: Labradorite (consciousness expansion + energetic balance) and Sodalite (mental stimulation + clear communication).


This Week: December 28 – 31

Plot twist! Beware of toxins, lover’s quarrels, singing on the wrong note, sugar overload, and buyer’s remorse as Venus squares Neptune while we close out 2020.

Wednesday, December 30th
Full Moon in 8-Cancer

The end of an era, a year, a month, a day, a moment, and a feeling in terms of your home and securities. What is over in your world (as you know it) and how can you offer gratitude for what was? This phase signifies the completion of a cycle, endings, and closure.

Intention: I recognize fears, insecurities, and intimidation as limitations that hold me back, and am willing to dismiss any false beliefs that impede my light. I feel empowered to open up and shine. 

Positive (High) Vibes of the Cancer Full Moon:
(Set intentions for closure or completion in these areas)
Home and family, cooking, nurturing, and mothering
Caring and caregiving
Kindness, compassion, emotional intelligence, keen intuition and gut instincts
Empathy and sensitivity to others, healing early childhood conditioning
Creating space for self-compassion

Challenging (Low) Vibes of the Cancer Full Moon:
(What you might intend to remove)
Being controlling, perfectionism, being over-protective
Insecurity, obsessiveness, fear of rejection
Lack of clear ambitions, being moody or crabby 


End of Year Crystal Magick

Moonstone (intuition + connection)
Rhodonite (compassion + emotional balance)
Yellow Citrine (empowerment)
Fuchsite (heart-centered joy + inspiration)


December Journal Prompts: 

  • Where do I feel a sense of purpose, fulfillment, and meaning in my daily life?
  • What do I truly want? What do I desire?
  • Am I taking action toward my goals and desires? Am I willing to share those ideas with others?
  • Do I trust other people and unseen helpers to aid me in my journey?
  • What do I feel my purpose is at this time and in my lifetime? (remember purpose and meaning evolve as you grow, shift, and change).


2020 Closing Intention: 

It is my intention that I naturally and mindfully integrate the energies of 2020 from my personal and universal experience, opening the door to a freeing, adventurous, and dynamic 2021. I trust that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. And so it is. Namaste 2020.


Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT

Tiff offers astrology, mediumship, yoga, and tarot sessions. She uses the Golden Tarot deck combined with yogic philosophy and her lineage of Russian mysticism to address your concerns through practical advice. She holds a Masters degree in Health Psychology and founded Spellbound Publishers, a metaphysical book company. She owns and operates Wise Skies. Follow her work at


Tiffany Harelik