by Sasha Boyle

Perhaps in the end, as in the beginning, the simplest and the most primal symbol is the key to unlock magic. 

A Cazimi is an astrological term and a means to explain a type of planetary dignity. The word cazimi comes from the Arabic term for “in the heart of the Sun”, a special moment of epiphany when a planet is tightly conjunct the Sun, technically within 1° (degree) to helenistic astrologers or under 17’ (arc minutes) to arabic/medieval astrologers. 

In more ancient astrological practices, the condition of a planet sets a tone that dictates the landscape of the story any given astrological chart will tell. A rare and special time to spark a pure truth download, a moment of solar wisdom happens when a planet is Cazimi the Sun. This auspicious, transient moment offers access to wisdom and insight.  A planet embraced by the sun is connecting heart to heart and it is always a gift. 

The Sun

The central source of illumination and vitality in the solar system is also imprinted on the natal chart of your life experience as the Sun. Your ego, the sun as self, offers a sense of identity, respect and pride. On paper, the Sun can also symbolically be seen as a powerful authority figure in an astrology chart. And like interacting with any powerful force, there is a sense of reverence and supplication required in the exchange because without the Sun’s intense energy and heat, there would be no life on Earth.

Sun as Judge

If called to a court of law, you are expected to act as the subordinate to the judge, the powerful authority figure of the court, and make many gestures of modesty and humility to emphasize your place. The expectation is that you have on your sunday best and ‘act in a manner befitting the court’, meaning most definitely not in a way that is familiar in your normal pedestrian life – one of pleasantries or comfort. However, when you get an audience with the Judge, there is a transmission that could provide you clarity, advantages, and even prosperity.


In the dance of the solar system, the planets too have their moment in court. When a planet gets close to the Sun, it goes through a purification process-a rebirth and cyclical opportunity that is close to the reinventing of oneself, a planetary pilgrimage of sorts.

We see this mirrored in cultures from all over the globe spanning all of time as a pilgrimage is used as a devotional practice. It consists of a prolonged journey, often requiring a purification that brings at its height, an inherently transient experience, and removes the traveler their own identity, if only for a moment, to connect with a wisdom that is greater.

As a planet embarks on its own pilgrimage, and approaches the Sun, we see it gradually disappearing from sight, lost in the bright glare. In traditional astrology, a planet’s power is thought to be weakened by this overtaking power as the planet’s own identity is being burned by the most powerful source of the sun.

A pilgrimage to the sun requires a planet to become closer and closer to the sun center. In this process, there are three layers to journey through before accessing the nectar of truth; they are known as three types of Sun ‘conjunctions’.

15/18° – 8°  Under the Sun’s Beams
 8° – 1°  Combust ‘burned up’
16’ –17’ minutes OR same degree Cazimi ‘in the heart’

Three Types of Sun "Conjunctions"

Under the Sun’s Beams

When a planet is 18°-8° from the sun, it is faint from view and is said to be descending to or ascending from the underworld. A debilitated position that ranks a -4 in William Lilly’s Fortitudes and Debilities of Planets Table, in the Book Christian Astrology. 

When seeing a planet under the beams for an astrology forecast, it symbolizes a time when the planet is not in full power. 


From  8° – 1° distance from the sun, a planet is in the heat of austerity in this radius where expectations are burned along with identity. Also a debilitating position according to Lilly, although a smidge higher at -5. 

All is not lost in this intense inferno though. Astrologer Kelly Surtees speaks of people with planets combust in the nativity as being imbued with an added power of ‘sniffing with your wisdom nose’. It is as if these individuals were born with an invisibility cloak that can be activated and can be effective as long as it is not exposed. The house that is ruled by a combust planet should be observed as a space to look for added support.


A little oasis resides in the heart of the sun as a planet arrives within 17’ or in the same whole degree, known as cazimi. This is unquestionably a place of privilege and influence and that offers elevated opportunities, divine ecstasy. Lilly notes this as a +5.


Tied to a planet’s retrograde cycle and mythos of the descent into the underworld, keywords used to describe a planet cazimi the sun include: skill, talent, opportunity, and embrace. A special time when the very specific gifts of the planet are at their purest, most authentic core.

Mars, Jupiter and Saturn conjunct the Sun less frequently than Mercury, the Moon, and Venus.

The outer/modern planets are not included in the ancient texts regarding cazimi because they were not yet known and are always invisible to the naked eye. Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are therefore not included in cazimi translations of light.

MERCURY CAZIMI: Prepare for downloads by keeping your journal on hand! The sun offers moments of insight and mental clarity.  This is a great time to launch projects, proclaim intentions, and make magic. 

VENUS CAZIMI:  Special problems or potential passions of the heart are understood. The ecstasy that beams from the sun can help you embody, more deeply, your true self and share freely Venusian themes.

MARS CAZIMI:  Time to start off a new adventure, especially around the topics and life area associated with your Leo house.

MOON CAZIMI: A moment of balance, ‘Hatha’.  When our luminaries enact their monthly embrace, it is a time of auspiciousness to plant seeds of intention and clear crystals! 

JUPITER CAZIMI: Buoyant in the ability to transform luck, alchemically. This is a great time to point your bow towards the wisdom you seek.

SATURN CAZIMI:  Not for the faint of heart, a Saturn cazimi is a powerful time to reboot and purge personal problems.

Like the glyph of the Sun itself, a circle with a dot in the center, we see the power and its source. A primal image which can be associated with birth, nursing, reproduction and death, this symbol reminds us of the power in the suns center.


In the Heart of YOU

Astrologer Sasha Boyle facilitates creativity focusing retreats using the power and momentum of Mercury retrogrades in her annual Creativity eShrams. She is a contributing Author to The Creativity Workbook for Coaches and Creatives and Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists, and Clients. You can join Sasha’s mailing list and read her work at here.

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