Full Moon in Cancer 2018

Full Moon in Cancer 2018

The New Year kicks off with a Full Moon in her home sign of Cancer…

…bringing us psychic hits, protective emotions, and wanting to nurture or be nurtured throughout the day. But there’s more going in the Sky. Check it out:

Water Grand Trine
A Grand trine occurs when three planets share the same element. With Neptune in her home sign of Pisces, and Mars in his home sign of Scorpio plus the Moon in her home sign Cancer, this is a  powerful configuration resulting in a grand trine in water. Each cosmic body is joining this trine at full force in perfect harmony. Here are some ways to utilize this energy:

  • Dissolving boundaries and becoming vulnerable – for better or worse
  • Self-healing can be activated
  • Emotions can be stabilized
  • Intuition is on point

Four Planets Opposing the Moon 
The Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto are all in steady-Eddy Capricorn, opposite Luna. This brings in the weight of focus, logic, and pragmatism, the polar opposite elements of the more fluid Moon in protective, sensitive, Cancer. What could this mean for us:

  • You might struggle with feeling like it’s irresponsible to go with the flow.
  • Your gut is telling you to do something that your practical mind isn’t down with.
  • You might lose touch with your ‘why’ as you plow through life towards your goals.

The antidote is to incorporate both sides, and to be the mediator between your pragmatic self and your intuitive self. How can both sides align to create a powerful breakthrough? Check out the area of your chart where Cancer and Capricorn are for insights to what areas of life are offering you an AHA moment.

What to wish for with this Cancer Full Moon

  • things coming full circle in your home
  • overcoming insecurities & fear of rejection
  • complete healing with Mom-issues
  • courage with anything you need to wrap up
  • aligning your intuitive side with your practical side

Water Magick: Take a Magic Moon Bath

Because the grand trine is in water signs, it’s a good time to add the element of water in your Full Moon rituals. Here is an idea and instructions on how to take a Magic Moon bath. First, add epsom salts, essential oils, your favorite flower petals and herbs to a bath of freshly filled warm water. I like roses, basil, and rosemary but you can use anything you like. Gently pat the surface of the water with your left (receptive) hand, then begin to swirl the water counter-clockwise (if you’re wanting to receive information). Next, intuitively ask the water for permission to enter. Soak in a quiet meditation for 20 minutes to an hour. See if you can relax, melt away any rigid or tense areas, and tap into what Luna wants you to hear.

Wise Skies Kitchen: What to eat during a Cancer Full Moon

This is the Moon of home-cookin’, chefs, cooking, farmers, eaters, and digestion.  Luna’s properties are cool and fluid. Below are some seasonal foods to consider making for your loved ones this week in honor of the nurturing Mother Moon.

  • Juice with Cabbage, Kale and Lettuce
  • Cucumber and Tomato Salad
  • Mushroom Stroganoff on top of Mashed Cauliflower with Turnips
  • Clams, fish, lobster, shrimp, seafood
  • Milk, cheese, dairy, eggs
  • Twice-baked Squash and Pumpkin

Tiffany Harelik