Buried Treasure: Eclipses and Interceptions

Buried Treasure: Eclipses and Interceptions

By Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT

If you’ve had an astrology reading but something still feels missing…you might find answers to your mysteries in eclipses and interceptions.  Eclipses and interceptions have similar influences – they represent an aspect of our life that feels hidden. It’s an area that is hard to completely understand, difficult to ‘see coming,’ and yet makes total sense in hindsight.

Many times when I have explained an interception to a client, and the lightbulb goes off. No wonder that’s why they were always around great wealth but never able to accumulate it for themselves, for example.  The understanding of interceptions can be a missing link. Similarly, eclipses represent an area that is hidden from conscious awareness until they ‘happen’. Eclipse readings often don’t make sense as we are leading up to the eclipse. They are best understood looking backwards. 
So what are these special keys exactly? An eclipse is a brief but powerful moment in time. Eclipses represent a pivotal season of life. An interception is a placement in the birth chart that represents a lifelong sacred learning contract. Scroll down for interpretations by houses to find your buried treasure. 


Eclipse key words: Catharsis, Karmic rebalancing, Destabilizing, Shake up, New awareness, Enlightening, Upheaval, Destiny, Fate, Global events, Sudden insights

There are two types of eclipses: solar and lunar. “During a lunar eclipse, Earth’s shadow obscures the Moon. During a solar eclipse, the Moon blocks the Sun from view.” -NASA
*See below for a description of each type.
Eclipses show us what needs to be broken down to the core, in order to rebuild a new experience. They can shake the energy up in a way that feels shocking and sudden. 
What house does the eclipse fall in for you (in your natal chart)? What are the lessons of that house (and the opposite house)? Are there any planets within 5-degrees of the eclipse? 
They reveal something that needs to move from unconscious (shadow) to conscious (light). We are working with lunar and solar elements, afterall. 


Interception key words: Hidden potential, Internalized issues, Self-exploration, Developmental opportunities, Subconscious drivers, Unique challenges

An interception in the birth chart represents a lifelong sacred learning contract. How do you know if you have one? It depends on what house system you’re using.  The birth chart is divided into twelve houses based on zodiac signs which span thirty degrees. In the whole house system, each house contains thirty degrees and therefore only one sign is represented in each house.

However the Placidus system uses a different method for calculating houses and this is where interceptions can be found. When there is a house that has MORE than thirty degrees, one sign is engulfed, or folded in between two other signs. This sign that is engulfed, is what is known as an interception.

What house is intercepted for you (if any)? This house contains great information about one of your sacred contracts in this life – what you came to deeply learn and experience, in order to transform. Not everyone has interceptions. If you have one, you have two – because the whole axis is intercepted. Do you want to see what resonates, and what does not? 

Buried Treasure: Eclipses and Interceptions through the Houses

Did you know that opposite houses work as a team? The polarity of two houses on the same axis offers similar and contrasting lessons.

First and Seventh Houses: Me, You, and Us

Eclipses and interceptions here arouse a strong desire to know and love yourself, perhaps because you were not allowed to feel comfortable putting yourself first in the past, or perhaps because of your tendency to overgive.  This placement also shows us what may be blocking us from the perfected relationship we have to our divine nature.
Themes to embrace:
  • Awareness around overgiving/overtaking: what is mine / what is yours / what is ours?
  • Self-acceptance / Self-expression / Identity renewal 
  • Understanding my personal direction (or knowing my personal direction depends on being around the correct others).
  • Overcoming insecurities in relationships and codependent tendencies
  • Replacing a fear of losing myself within a relationship / with finding joy in myself 
  • Replacing a fear of never fully merging in relationship / with sacred reunification within mysel
  • Am I aware of what is helping me heal the rift between my own inner yin/yang principles?
  • What lessons in attraction rather than promotion are in my awareness?
  • What am I in service devotion to when I am moving through the world, when I am creating?
  • Fine tuning my personal frequency to attract and relate from a place of authenticity
  • Wherever I have been playing small – I’ll now see it and move forward
  • What lessons from emotionally charged relationships are popping up?

Second and Eighth House: Money, Honey

Eclipses and interceptions here arouse a strong desire to know your worth. Friendly reminder: net worth does not equal self-worth. This placement also shows us what may be blocking us from the perfected relationship we have to the sensual and material world. 
Themes to embrace:
  • Am I needing space to work through my financial journey without being rescued?
  • Unwillingness to pay anyone else’s debts anymore (with energy or money)
  • Moving towards a drama-free life by having healthy boundaries with my finances and crystal clear clarity when there are group finances 
  • Subconscious upheaval / Do I self-sabotage when not feeling loved for who I am?
  • Realizing my values, talents, and zones of genius 
  • Soul searching is my new love language
  • What catharsis around overcoming fear of abandonment/codependency am I experiencing?
  • Intensity around sex, death, and taxes
  • Leaving a controlling situation for something that feels more free
  • Giving up the golden handcuffs 
  • No longer willing to trade love for money 
  • Detox from financial and emotional entanglements 
  • Awareness of my true, unquestionable worth 

Third and Ninth House: When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

Eclipses and interceptions here arouse a strong desire to master the art of learning and intelligence. This placement also satiates a quest for trusting the Universe, and what may be blocking us from the perfected relationship within ourselves (first, always!) and with others
Themes to embrace:
  • My networks are changing: neighbors, extended family, schoolmates, siblings 
  • Awareness of a need to be around higher consciousness beings and smart people
  • Am I having confusion around religion, spirituality, what I’ve been told versus my experience?
  • What student/teacher dynamic is the catalyst for great changes?
  • I want to trust God, have a relationship with Spirit Guides and my Highest Self, and I’m willing to go through any experience that assists me with this relationship
  • Travel is part of how I understand a spiritual connection – it changes me.
  • Data and information exchanges with Free Thinkers are highly valuable 
  • Transportation – physically and metaphysically 
  • New frontiers: What am I learning now, that is changing my perspective profoundly?
  • Deconditioning: Asking questions to help you grow past what you know and how you were conditioned to be in society 
  • Yoga, foreign languages, meditation, learning a musical instrument 

Fourth and Tenth House: There’s no place like home

Eclipses and interceptions here arouse a strong desire to understand your role at home and in your career. This placement shows us where we find a sense of purpose in the world. It shows us the lens of our past (roots) and future (branches), and it also illuminates what may be blocking us in these areas.
Themes to embrace:
  • There is power in the surrender prayer: Thy Will be done
  • When control issues pop up, ask yourself: What am I afraid of?
  • Mother/Father relationships, beliefs, issues, and attachments
  • If my emotional nature, or psychic nature were denied, this is a cosmic reset. It’s time to stop looking outside, and be ok on the inside. 
  • My mantra: Open hands, open heart
  • What is my behavior like when I’m feeling powerless?
  • Something occurs that brings me back to your roots, family ties 
  • Where am I taking responsibility for something that isn’t mine?
  • Who am I bossing around that doesn’t need my help?
  • Ancestral healing, and awareness around ancestral gifts/legacies
  • What am I aware of with regards to my home?

Fifth and Eleventh House: Invisible Thread between Actor and Audience

Eclipses and interceptions here arouse a strong desire to understand your creative self-expression, and to know your audience. This placement shows us where we find a sense of uniqueness in the world. It illuminates what may be blocking us in these areas.
Themes to embrace:
  • If I have forgotten how to roar, or lost track of my passions, what can I see better now about the things I truly desire at the Soul-level, the things that set my heart on fire
  • If someone shot down my ideas, or I didn’t feel useful to the group in some way – how can I settle my feelings about not being chosen, and choosing myself?
  • Finding my audience, my network, and my support helps me feel seen and recognized. 
  • I’m learning how to be ok with sudden changes in my life. 
  • Overcoming my challenges with children/parenting. 
  • I’m seeing myself in a new light and making adjustments where needed. 
  • What creative gifts and talents am I learning about myself?
  • What do I need to learn within the context of extended family, social clubs, and groups?
  • What do I want to be free from, in order to allow myself to fully express myself as I am?
  • Are there any hobbies I want to turn into a career and be known for?
  • Inspiration comes in odd places.

Sixth or Twelfth House: Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Eclipses and interceptions here arouse a strong desire to understand your health rhythms and your Soul’s deepest work. This placement shows us where we find a sense of mind-body-spirit connection. It illuminates what may be blocking us in these areas.
Themes to embrace:
  • Is it time to give up habits that are unhealthy no longer sustain me, or – am I losing the pleasure around unhealthy habits?
  • What healthy rhythms support my highest soul expression?
  • I have new awareness around a lack of rules in my life, and a sense of doing right by myself even when no one is watching. 
  • I don’t have to carry guilt and shame anymore, for myself or any generation in my lineage. 
  • This is an initiation back into the sacred heart being that I am.
  • My dreams are possible. I’m willing to hear the wake up call to live fully awake.
  • Where am I aware of self-sabotage or feeling powerless? What adjustments could I make? 
  • Where are my sensitivities also my biggest gifts?
  • Is my life missing something?
  • What messages am I getting through my physical body, emotional body, and my dreams?
  • What unconscious themes are playing out that I’m now aware of?
Tiffany is an evidential psychic medium, astrologer, and best selling author. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and has been trained by some of the world’s best mediums including Lisa Williams, Tony Stockwell, Janet Nohavec, Lynn Probert, Mavis Patilla, Colin Bates, and Stella Upton. When she’s not writing the astrology forecast, you can find her in the apiary, yoga studio, or midwifing new books at Spellbound Publishers.

More on Eclipses

*There are four types of solar eclipses
Total: the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, completely blocking the face of the Sun
Partial: the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth but the Sun, Moon, and Earth are not perfectly lined up. Only a part of the Sun will appear to be covered, giving it a crescent shape.
Hybrid: Because Earth’s surface is curved, sometimes an eclipse can shift between annular and total as the Moon’s shadow moves across the globe.
Annular: the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, but when it is at or near its farthest point from Earth. The Moon appears as a dark disk on top of a larger, bright disk, creating what looks like a ring around the Moon [October 14, 2023].
*There are three types of lunar eclipses:
Total: The Moon moves into the inner part of Earth’s shadow, or the umbra. The Moon appears orangish or reddish during a lunar eclipse. 
Partial: An imperfect alignment of Sun, Earth and Moon results in the Moon passing through only part of Earth’s umbra. The shadow grows and then recedes without ever entirely covering the Moon.
Penumbral: The Moon travels through Earth’s penumbra, or the faint outer part of its shadow. The Moon dims so slightly that it can be difficult to notice.
Courtesy of NASA