Birth Order – A Missing Link

Birth Order – A Missing Link

by Karen Romine, Psychic Medium

What in the world is Birth Order, and more importantly, how can it help me?

Are you a parent or a sibling?

By understanding Birth Order you will learn how to better communicate within your family. You will get the tools to raise your child or grandchildren to lead happy and fulfilling lives. You will have a better understanding of how and why family members communicate the way they do under stress. More importantly, you will be able to resolve conflicts in a more peaceful way.

Are you a coach?

You will receive insight on your clients that can explain where their innate strengths and weaknesses lie. You will see what motivates them. You will be able to see how they communicate and what ideal careers look like for them.

Are you a teacher?

Would you like to help your students reach their full potential? Do you want to support your student’s needs and creativity? What if you were able to increase their learning ability by understanding how they best receive and communicate information based on their birth order.

Maybe you are a healer and looking for a unique way to bring balance to your clients.

Is their imbalance something that can be worked on with certain essential oils and crystals, or is this something that energetically needs to be moved in them from a parental relationship that they never understood.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you know why I feel Birth Order is so significant.

It can impact every aspect of our lives. I know from my own experience, and from working with individuals for years that Birth Order can bring you all of this information and so much more. 

Think about this, same parents, same community, same opportunities, yet…..

Have you ever wondered why two siblings raised in the same family and in the same way can have such different personalities? They even look different! 

Whether you like him or not, is Donald Trump in or out of balance when we look at his birth order? Do we see this in his communication skills? How does he best stay in balance – or get back into balance?

Does it mean something more significant when someone says “I always felt like something was missing in my life” or “I never felt like I fit in”?

How does childhood impact adulthood, and what are the signs to look for?

By comprehending Birth Order you will learn, and more importantly you will understand, why people are how they are, as children and adults.

Birth Order is the book that people say was never written, on how to raise children.

Let’s take a brief look at a mass murderer who followed his path (the first born), and how his brother (the second born) would…

…not only lead a successful shelter for runaways and the homeless, where he counseled and advocated for troubled and neglected teens, he also found it in himself to turn his brother in to the authorities on a hunch instead of looking the other way. Could we see why just by looking at their birth order? 

The first born is a boy and is known as a 1B

Common characteristics of a 1B who is out of balance are:



            Sensitive to Criticism

            Silently Rebellious

            Self – Sabotaging

They are known to be thinkers and express inwardly.

The second born is a boy and is known as a 2B.

Common characteristics of a 2B are:

            Success Oriented

            Easily Excited

            Emotionally Determined

            They are commonly called The Champion

            They work well with clear boundaries

They are known to be emotional and express outwardly.

Given just these few characteristics, can you begin to see how an out of balance 1B went down the path he did and the balanced 2B reacted how he did?
There are 12 positions in Birth Order and when you look at what their needs are as children from their parents and siblings, along with a deeper look at what balanced and unbalance means, it is often quite clear how we end up where we do as adults.

What if we all had the tools to re-balance our lives and help others balance theirs, based on our Birth Order? There is a way and by understanding Birth Order you will gain the tools to do this.

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Karen Romine

My expertise ranges from psychic and mediumship readings, medical intuitive work, iridology, oracle cards, Reiki, birth order readings, energy, sound and frequency therapy, meditations and much more.

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