August Lunations 2020

August Lunations 2020

August 3rd – Full Moon in Aquarius – Ancient Alchemy

August 19th – New Moon in Leo Igniting the Cosmic Heart

When the Full Moon falls in the Air sign of Aquarius, you can expect some sparks to fly. You might notice extra energy and advantageous personality quirks. This is the perfect Moon to tap into your inner Einstein, set a new intention to life the collective consciousness, or try something new. This is the Moon of the inventor and the free spirit. It’s time to bang the drum of self-renewal and look at the world with fresh eyes. 

Later this month when the New Moon falls in the Fire sign of Leo, you can expect passions to surface. You might notice extra energy around entertainment, including some spirited and assertive vibes. This is the perfect Moon to set an intention around playfulness and having more fun with life. This is the Moon of the heart-centered leader. It’s time to bang the drum of courage and look at the world through rose-colored glasses. Everyone deserves more unconditional Leo-like love, not less.  

I’ve included everything you need to create your own lunar rituals including excerpts from the Book of Ceremonies, by Amanda Rieger Green and Tiffany Harelik.

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August 3rd – Full Moon in Aquarius – Ancient Alchemy

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac and is represented by the Water Bearer. It is an Air sign, ruled by Saturn and Uranus.

Full Moon in 11-Aquarius: What groups, or collective ideas do you need to separate yourself from? This phase signifies the completion of a cycle, endings, and closure.

 Numerology: 11: Magic  6: Intuition  11: Spiritual Awakening *Pay attention today! The numerology code 11*6*11 is prime for precognitive insights and heightened intuition. Stay grounded.

Intention: I think with clarity, act with focus, and behave honorably, while experiencing satisfaction and pride in our collective progress.  


Positive (High) Vibes of the Aquarius Full Moon:

(Set intentions for closure or completion in these areas)

Finding connection through empowering groups and friends

Finding solutions for issues that concern the masses: human rights, health, environment, etc.

Getting curious about what isn’t working in order to find creative new solutions

Being radically honest in order to discover personal responsibility

Getting in touch with your inner weirdo

Finding completion with any area of life to gain liberation and freedom 


Challenging (Low) Vibes of the Aquarius Full Moon:

(What you might intend to remove)

Being overwhelmed

Aloof behavior


Being flakey

Judgmental attitudes 

Mercury opposite Saturn: Increased responsibilities. Where do you need to step up, even if you’re not being recognized?


Sample Wishes for the Full Moon in Aquarius
– I easily connect with like-minded people to put an end to the production and use of harmful chemicals in our soil (or a cause you feel strongly about).
– I am willing to let go of any aloof or flakey tendencies so that I can be powerfully present.
– I am ready to experience improvement and with my circulation. I’m drawn to the right herbs, doctors, and natural medical team to help me experience a total healing in my circulatory system


Working with Corresponding Elements
We suggest using one or more items of your choice from each element when designing your ceremony. Use as many or as few as you like. 

AQUARIUS Fire items: Candles + Smoke 

  • Electric blue, teal, or turquoise candles – conduit of clear energy 
  • Fresh and clean scented candles, herbal bundles, or incense:
    • Lavender – flow
    • Rosemary – trust
    • Olive – heart health

AQUARIUS Earth items: Crystals + Stones

  • Chrysoprase -attracting abundance
  • Botswana Agate – soothing
  • Blue Calcite – mental clarity

AQUARIUS Air items: Intentions + Mantras

  • Any personal wishes you want to make in the areas Aquarius governs + the High Vibe Aspects of Aquarius 
  • Aquarius Full Moon Intention
  • Aquarius Full Moon Healing Invocation

AQUARIUS Water items: Essential Oils + Flower Essences

  • Cypress – spiritual grounding
  • Rose – love
  • Lavender – calming

Ancient Alchemy

This ceremony helps you turn frustrations into pure, positive potential through alchemy and intention. Trust that you are shifting any lower or darker energies into something beautiful, abundant and intelligent while activating your wishes in the Universal prayer field. This ceremony is ideal for groups, businesses or setting the stage for healthy partnerships. 


Step One: Selecting Tools
Set up a Full Moon wishing area in a quiet space without distractions. Ideally you can do this outdoors, but a private space inside works too. Refer to the corresponding elements in the section above to select your tools. We suggest incorporating at least one tool per element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water), as well as a journal to write your intentions and responses to the journal prompts. You’ll also want a soothing tea like cava cava or lavender, plus some agave or natural sweetener.

Step Two: Fan the Flame of Genius
Gather your ceremony tools and play some inspiring meditation music to set the vibe.

Light a teal, turquoise, or light blue candle. The candle will remain lit for the entire ceremony. Leave a few inches of space around the candle, as we will be building a small circular grid around it. 

Drop a few drops of essential oils on your left index finger. Gently rub the essential oil on your left temple and then right temple. Add more oil on your left index finger, then rub the oil behind the left earlobe and then the right. Repeat this on the left clavicle area and the right. If there is anywhere else you intuitively want to dab the oil, go ahead. Be mindful of the eyes or any sensitive skin issues. 

Pro tip: the left side of your body is a “receiving” energy side; the right side of your body is a “giving” energy side. 

Say: I am alive and awake. I am tapping into my innate wisdom, genius mind, and the intelligence of the universe past, present, and future. And so it is. 

Use your breath as a rhythmic tool to quiet the mind. Deeply inhale and exhale three times to create a natural flow and harmonic cadence. Meditate for seven minutes (Aquarius Full Moon Numerology Empowerment Code = 7). Allow thoughts to come and go as you focus only on the breath. 

Step Three: Sweet Release
Take some time to journal any thoughts, ideas, colors or visions that arose during your meditation. Write down anything you are willing to let go of that is limiting you, including beliefs, behaviors, attitudes, or toxic environments. Write about anything that has completed or outlived its purpose in your life. 

Read the Aquarius intention, suggested intentions, and numerology empowerment code to ignite the essence of the Aquarius energy and inspire your spirit. If one resonates with you strongly, go ahead and read it multiple times to really soak in the energy of the words. 

With this new perspective, write your Full Moon intentions, wishes, and healing invocations at the time the Full Moon is exact (or within a few hours if possible).

On a separate piece of paper, list any limitations that you are now willing to transmute into pure potential and light. Once you have completed this, pour 1-2 teaspoons of honey or agave over your paper. Make sure you leave some leftover agave/sweetener in its container for later use. As you pour:

Say: I honor these thoughts, experiences, and outmoded energies and offer them to the Sun to transform fears into love. I seal them with the sweet, solar light of intelligence. Namaste. Repeat this three times.

Step Four: Seal the Deal
Take the (sticky) paper and roll it up into a small scroll. Gather an assortment of your favorite crystals and use them to create a circle around the lit candle. Place the remaining honey/agave, tea bag(s), and journal/additional intentions inside the circular crystal grid.

Using the flame from the lit candle, carefully burn this paper (use good judgment, being super safe doing this either out under the Full Moon light or inside over the sink). It’s a good idea to have a metal bowl to catch the ashes. 

Once the paper has burned, light a smudge stick from the flame of the candle. Smudge the area where you just burned the list by waving smoke from the smudge stick over and around the circular crystal grid.

Say: I bless these magical tools with activated cosmic intelligence and invoke the alchemical process through all four elements. I receive a clear, futuristic vision for my life, born from heart-centered, pure, positive light. And so it is. 

Leave your magical tools under the Aquarius Full Moon for the next 3 nights. (Or, you can leave these in a window sill inside as an alternative). 

Spend a little quiet time with your crystal grid. Meditate and listen for any wisdom. You may receive a brilliant idea, or you may not. Pay attention to any thoughts that come out of the blue over the next few days, as they are potentially answered prayers to your ceremony. Blow out the candle, but leave the crystals and candle in the same spot. 

Step Five: Reset
After three days, return to the circular crystal grid with some essential oils. Anoint yourself with the oils just as you did at the start of the ceremony, however, this time use your right index finger and start with the right temple, then left temple. Put the oil on the right then left of each: temple, earlobe, clavicle, and anywhere else you feel intuitively called. Be mindful of the eyes or any sensitive skin issues. 

Reminder: the left side of your body is a “receiving” energy side; the right side of your body is a “giving” energy side. Deeply inhale and exhale three times when you are done with the oils.

Step Six: Stirring up the Sweetness
Tea time! In order to use the tea and honey/agave, you will need to deconstruct the crystal grid. Gather the tea bags, honey, journal/intentions and crystals. When you brew the tea, stir it seven times if you wish to invite the Aquarian Numerology Code. 

Find a quiet spot to meditate while your enjoy your tea. Write any new thoughts or insights that are replacing the outdated energies you transformed under the Aquarius Full Moon. 

**The honey/agave and any additional tea bags you may have included are good for consumption any time after their ceremonial use. Know that they are activated with the energies of the Sun (Leo) and Full Moon (Aquarius) and carry the vibes of a bright, brilliant future—which will improve any peanut butter sandwich!

Step Seven: Gratitude
This portion of the ceremony combines the Air element (thankfulness starts in the mind) with the Water and Earth elements. Write a small gratitude list (seven items would be ideal). Burn the list in the bowl of ashes from your Full Moon wishes. Pour a glass of Water into the bowl of ashes, and use it to Water a favorite plant. 

Gratitude is a key ingredient in this alchemical process. It invigorates a refreshed attitude, which prepares the path for a newer, brighter version of you. 

Step Eight: Closing Sacred Space
It is important to seal the energy after any ceremony. Refer to our suggestions on closing sacred space, or say your personalized closing prayers.




August 19th – New Moon in Leo

Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac and is represented by the Lion. It is a Fire sign, ruled by the Sun. 

New Moon in 26-Leo: Make wishes around leadership, creativity, and passion. This phase signifies new beginnings and is a great time to set intentions.

Numerology: 9: Leadership   22: Building something to last  26: Abundance

Intention: I am consciously and lovingly aware of my thoughts, feelings, and physical body, while allowing heart-centered growth and healing. I am empowered through gratitude and humility.


Positive (High) Vibes of the Leo New Moon:

(Make wishes in these areas)



Passionate Play




Falling in love with life

Igniting and activating vitality in your DNA

Trusting your insights



Challenging (Low) Vibes of the Leo New Moon:

(What you might wish to remove)


Attention-Seeking tendencies

Self-centered behaviors

Inability to experience and truly express gratitude

Unrealistic expectations

Sample Wishes for the New Moon in Leo
– I enjoy putting my best foot forward, and standing in my personal power.
– I accept the responsibility of leadership with confidence and courage.
– I find myself having fun with life on a daily basis.


Igniting the Cosmic Heart

This ceremony summons courage and bravery through heartfelt intentions using crystal magic. This ceremony is ideal for empowering you to put your best foot forward, love unconditionally, and stand in your personal power. 


Step One: Selecting Tools
Set up a New Moon wishing area in a quiet space without distractions. Ideally you can do this outdoors, but a private space inside works too. Refer to the corresponding elements in the section above to select your tools. We suggest incorporating at least one tool per element (Fire, Earth, Air, Water), as well as a journal to write your intentions and responses to the journal prompts.

Step Two: Fire & Smoke
Light the sage, palo santo, or candle, and allow the smoke to clear your energy. Carefully cover and cleanse your entire body and energy field with the smoke or scent of the candle. You can clear the energy of the recommended crystals, oils, and your journal by waving them in the smoke or above the flame of the candle.

Say: I am cleansing and clearing my energy, allowing all lower vibrations to shift into the highest light. I am clear. 

Once finished, close your eyes. Inhale and exhale deeply three times to reset your energy field.

Step Three: Oil Bath
Choose the oil(s) with the energy or traits you wish to blend with your energy field. Dab a few drops of essential oil(s) on your palms. Rub your palms together creating heat, then raise your palms in front of your face, inhaling deeply. 

Inhale deeply, then say: I am courageous.
Exhale deeply, then say: I am truthful.  

Again, rub your palms together to generate energy and scent from the oil(s). Next, gently swirl your hands around the top of your head and down your body to the bottom of your feet—bathing in the scent and energy of the oil from head to toe. Repeat until you feel your energy body infused with the scent and energy of the oil. 

Note: Be mindful of the oils and do not get them near your eyes or on places that can irritate your skin.

Step Four: Activation
Find a comfortable seat (on a chair or the floor), outside if possible. Place the crystals you are working with in your palms. Close your eyes and imagine there is a beautiful ray of golden liquid light streaming down from the Sun coming directly in through the crown of the head (Crown Chakra) and immersing your entire body with love, light, and intelligence. Imagine that the wisdom of the cosmos is activating your DNA and infusing light into your cells.

Silently ask the crystals to interact with the Sun’s light rays and communicate any necessary information and intelligence you need to hear on this Leo New Moon. Take your time. Breathe in and out deeply. Notice any sensations in the crown of your head or the palms of your hands.

Note: we all receive messages differently. You may see colors, hear words, feel sensations, or notice the presence of your spirit guides. You may also sense nothing, and that is ok. Trust whatever you experience as part of the process.

Step Five: Higher Self
Now, connect with your higher self and silently ask: “Please set aside my ego’s desires, so that I can hear what is most important for my soul’s evolution in this moment.” Next, ask your divine support team to offer any additional information or insights to guide you in understanding what you need to know and do for your soul’s evolution this month. Once you feel you have received your guidance, offer thanks.

Step Six: Set Intentions
Pull inspiration and insights from your meditation, the New Moon numerology, our sample wishes, and the properties of Leo to write up to ten intentions in your journal. Reminder: the Leo energy supports you in activating courage, leadership, shining your unique light in the world, as well as generosity with your time and talents. Take a small piece of paper and write down keywords from one main wish: the thing that you most feel called to work with at this time.

Step Seven: Sealing The Energy of Your Intentions
Relight your sage, palo santo, or candle. Wave your piece of paper through the smoke, stating: “It is my intention that this wish is pure and of the highest light. I trust my higher self to embody the words on this page in divine right timing. And so it is.”

Step Eight: Crystal Magic
Set the crystals on top of your journal in the darkness of the New Moon for the number of nights associated with Leo Numerology (1). This allows them to recharge their energy and to support your intentions. If you cannot leave the crystals and journal outside, you can put them in a window sill. 

In the morning, retrieve the crystals with gratitude. Keep the crystals in your pocket, next to your bed, in your car, or somewhere close over the next few weeks. Continue communication with the crystals, acknowledging them and thanking them for their support and intelligence.

Option: Discipline and routine are key to effectively and fully engaging with the universal energies. Commit to opening your journal every morning for the next (1) week. With crystals in hand, read your New Moon intentions out loud. You can also keep the recommended essential oils close by and breathe in their scent and energy. This not only engages your muscle memory, it sends a signal to the universe that you are intentionally aligning your energies with your intentions with great commitment. You can even relight your candle or incense during this time. Make it your own morning ceremony and see what unfolds.

Step Nine: Closing Sacred Space
It is important to seal the energy after any ceremony. Refer to our suggestion on closing sacred space, or say your personalized closing prayers.



Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT is an author, medium, and astrologer. She has a Master’s degree in Health Psychology and a background in yogic philosophy. She pulls from her Russian lineage as a tarot teacher and story-teller. Tiffany has been publishing mind-body-spirit books, cookbooks, and advice columns since 2000. She owns Wise Skies Advice and Spellbound Publishers. Tiffany has studied under internationally recognized mediums including Janet Nohavec, Tony Stockwell, and Elodie Joelle. She is certified through the IEL Institute, Resonance Repatterning Institute, and Yoga Alliance. She loves gardening, crocheting, cooking vegetarian food, and has a lifelong goal of studying at the Arthur Findlay College. Her private practice is based in Austin, Texas. Find her projects at and schedule a session with her here: