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Astrology has been one of my passions since I began studying with a master astrologer in 2000. I took my love of understanding the starry night sky into writing the astrology + numerology forecast with my business partner Amanda Rieger Green at our company, Wise Skies Advice. We offer practical advice + cutting edge products for navigating the ups and downs of the cosmic mysteries every month. Through Wise Skies, we formed Spellbound Publishers to be able to publish metaphysical and new age books. Want to write with us? Email

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Magical Subscription Box

All the practical magic you need, right at your door every month.

The Wise Skies “Box of Tricks” is a subscription package full of astrology, numerology, and metaphysical tools you need to generate abundance and clarity in your relationships, health, and finances. Take advantage of the magic of good timing with these hand-selected resources to deepen your personal practice: essential oils, crystals, decks, books, jewelry, and other...

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Astrology+Numerology Journal

This downloadable PDF journal offers you an overview of the most important astrology and numerology tones of each month, helping you identify your goals and sync your intentions throughout the year. Take advantage of the magic of good timing by getting all the Wise Skies pro-tips to help you navigate the ups and downs of 2019.

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Astrological Digital Calendar

What if you could push a button and know the optimal time to put something on your schedule? The Wise Skies digital calendar is your secret weapon for accessing the current astrology, in the time zone and comfort of your device/phone. Compatible with iOS Calendar, Outlook, or Google Calendar. View on any device, and in any time zone.