Astro-Hacking the U.S. 2020 election

Astro-Hacking the U.S. 2020 election

Picture yourself listening to a piece of ancient music. You hear the deeply comforting gong keeping a bass vibration throughout, yet our interest is piqued by a cymbal crash on November 3rd.    

Tiffany reviews unbiased astrological insights into the United States election in this special episode. 

As observers of space, this is an incredibly exciting time in history. Keep in mind the astrology of the U.S. election is only a snapshot. We are putting the magnifying glass on a particular moment that is under a much, much larger, 200-year cycle. 

The American Dream comes to symbolize both the diagnosis and the cure in the astrology of this election.

Astrological Insights to the Chart of the United States

  1. Mars square Neptune is the tightest aspect In the chart of the U.S. (July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) and plays a powerful role in the country’s narrative. 
  2. Mars in 7th house Gemini, conjures polarized ideas, pendulum swings, and a powerful division when it comes to relationships, ideologies, and – politics. Neptune in 9th house Virgo emphasizes our hope for a better future and the American Dream.
  3. Volatile themes arise with these two titans face off with no regard to referees: glorifying athletes in team sports (us vs them mentality), paranoia that a hidden force is listening (big brother, aliens), gaslighting, narcissism, the war on drugs, the war (Mars) for your mind (Neptune) are just a few ways this square plays out.
  4. How can this energy be optimized? The American Dream comes to symbolize both the diagnosis and the antidote in the astrology of this election. There is power (Mars) behind imagining (Neptune) a new future for the citizens.


Transits to the U.S. Chart

  1. The United States is at the threshold of a Pluto return (February 2019 to January 2025). This 244-year old cycle shows us the darkest shadows and we begin a purging process. The evils of society must be purged – but due to the Mars/Neptune square, the U.S citizens are in disagreement about what stays and what leaves the American Dream.

  2. Saturn will conjunct the U.S. Pluto return. A similar cosmic set up occurred in 1982 that brought a major U.S. recession, drug tampering, changing of political power, and catastrophic weather when Saturn joined Pluto in the Skies. We expect an even more dramatic fallout since the combination is hitting the U.S. chart directly. Saturn wants to stick to the long term plan only letting go of the parts that no longer work, while Pluto wants to destroy everything to start over. It’s a sticky combination that paves the way for a huge clearing of energy. 
  3. Pluto opposes U.S. Mercury (2017-2024) indicating breakdowns and massive changes with American’s communication infrastructure. Propaganda and false evidence appearing real (FEAR) stir the collective pot. Cyberattacks, zoom bombers, and mental illness will be faced during this cycle.

Progressed Chart of the United States

  1. Progressed Venus is in her strength in Taurus. And in the 6th house, there’s a heart for the working class to help stabilze their income. Although many small businesses have closed, many individuals and companies received the support of stimulus checks. Was this a preview of a time when people stop working jobs as we know them, and get a government distribution? 
  2. The U.S. is entering a Dark Moon Phase. This is a 4-year cycle of closure, completion, and winding things down as a country. The citizens are revisiting their core foundation as a country, but also as individuals and families.

Election Chart: November 3, 2020 Washington D.C

  1. Mercury Direct on Election Day delays the outcome. Because Mercury, the planet which governs communications, will have been retrograde during the weeks leading up to the election, we will see errors and setbacks with the postal system, voting machines, and people will be waiting in long lines. Sidebar: the last time Mercury went direct on election day was in 2000 when the Bush/Gore results were contested and later confirmed Bush’s win. 
  2. The Moon’s square to Neptune adds an element of confusion. There is more to the story and we don’t know what we don’t know.

Candidate Charts 

  1. Both candidates have Venus as their time lord this year, so paying attention to the Venus transits will be particularly telling. Trump is in a 3rd house (Libra) year by annual profection, and Biden is in a 6th house year (Taurus). Both Libra and Taurus are governed by Venus. 
  2. Trump’s fixed star Regulus on his ascendant makes him hard to beat, yet transiting Mars and Saturn damage his campaign from October 5-18. Additionally, the South Node will pass over his natal Moon which is strongly linked with significant negative health effects.
  3. While Biden’s progressed chart offers good omens in the form of an exalted Moon and part of fortune in his profected 6th house, there isn’t much else exciting. Harris’ chart, however, highlights an interesting twist of fate. Saturn in the Skies T-squared her natal Sun and Moon on the day she was nominated. This pattern returns to her chart in November of 2020. Will she be given a new responsibility (Saturn) to lead?

Your Contribution

Astrology is a timeless, living language. The story changes based on our free will choices. No matter how the election turns out – we can look ahead to the upcoming Saturn/Uranus square and the Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions to identify a major change of guards. Society is being flipped upside down in 2021, and many astrologers are predicting another major global upheaval by 2025. 

This December closes a painful three-year cycle of Saturn residing in Capricorn. It is normal to be tired, melancholic, and exhausted as we cross the finish line, over the threshold, and into new territory when Saturn slogs into hotel Aquarius. Much can be learned by looking back or speaking with a mentor for perspective: Capricorn represents our elders, and ancestral healing. Don’t let the weight of the world bring you down. Instead, use the astrological markers as self-help tools on your journey.

Your contribution to yourself, your family, and the greater whole matters, and as astrologer Hadley Fitgerald said in a recent workshop, “this time around, a vote is a prayer.” Just remember you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first. 


Ideas for Astrological Self-Help

  • Revamp your “House Rules” – what are your household’s core values? 
  • Self-Discovery: Svadhyaya – let the journey take you back to yourself
  • Get a mentor: look to the past and elders for help with the future 
  • Make new traditions out of the old ways
  • Rebuild your physical body with a new foundation (diet, exercise, mental health)


The Intersection of Psychology and Astrology 

We are invited to look at all of the shadows with eyes wide open this Fall. This election can be the very thing someone pushes up against in order to have a personal breakthrough. Whatever you find triggering, is a reminder for you to heal that wound in yourself first. If you hate the extremist attitudes in the characters our Pluto return has conjured, look at those places where you too, have been extreme with people. Consider how you’ve navigated extremes in the past. Some people will have the Plutonian tendency to cut certain people/places/phases out their life completely. Consider too, if you’ve been cut out, left out, or triangulated others.

If you have planets in 4-16 degrees of the fixed signs, the 2021 Saturn/Uranus square is stimulating deep and possibly uncomfortable change in you during this election. Your life will not be the same. 


In closing

I’m not going to predict a winner. I’m going to keep getting my house in order and continue to send love and light to both candidates and parties. 


Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT

Tiff offers astrology, mediumship, yoga, and tarot sessions. She uses the Golden Tarot deck combined with yogic philosophy and her lineage of Russian mysticism to address your concerns through practical advice. She holds a Masters degree in Health Psychology and founded Spellbound Publishers, a metaphysical book company. She owns and operates Wise Skies. Follow her work at

Tiffany Harelik