As you thank, so shall you be…

As you thank, so shall you be…

Jupiter kisses Neptune every twelve years or so—fairly common when it comes to the large, slow moving outer planets. But astrologers are getting excited about the one coming up in April since it’s happening in Pisces, the sign that governs both Jupiter and Neptune.  Magic! 

On the high vibes side—this “kiss” occurs at the very midpoint of a Sun/Saturn sextile (the best possible case)! But it’s too good to be true— the kiss also smacks down on the challenging fixed star Markab at 23-Pisces. I’m sensing some of us may be in for a bumpy magic carpet ride. Are you ready to rodeo this Spring?  



Signature high vibe themes:

  • otherworldly spiritual experiences 
  • states of expanded consciousness
  • drunk in love
  • having so much luck and cosmic support

What to watch out for:

  • gossip, slander, and taking things too far
  • mind-altering substance abuse
  • being overly optimistic, distortion, dementia
  • disappointments, accidents, justice not being served
  • violence, loss, and exile

How will you sense these big energies, and how will you work with them? 


The kiss releases on  April 12, 2022— we will see effects of it starting now.  Here’s your invitation to stop crossing your fingers and toes…  thank your lucky stars, and connect with your Tribes of Light! Here are some ideas to activate the big magic available:

1. Start by listening to Adrienne’s free Blessing Ball meditation.
2. Get into gratitude ASAP—journal and mantra like your life depends on it. 
3. Find 23-Pisces in your chart and get curious about that house.
4. Reflect on December 21, 2009—that’s the last time this Big Kiss took place.
5. Do a personal tarot spread asking for insight on what you need to know (we’d love you to post your cards in our free student group!).
6. Start working with your Tribes of Light.


Book Recommendation!

Tribes of Light

Did you know you have your very own personal Tribes of Light, guiding you in the best life path for you at all times? 

Tiffany Harelik