April Skies 2020: Astrology & Numerology Forecast 

April Skies 2020: Astrology & Numerology Forecast 

April Intention: I embrace progress in the form of change. I’m establishing a foundation of unshakable value.

Remember compassion this month: everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. 

Once every 13 years Jupiter joins Pluto in the Skies. Jupiter increases whatever it’s next to, while Pluto transforms. On one hand, this dynamic duo conjures Big Magic. But under the political tension of both planets in Capricorn, the pair can stimulate widespread panic. A series of three passes (April 4, June 30 and November 12), changes the tone of the rest of the year.

Astrology & Numerology at a Glance

April 3rd – Venus enters Gemini
April 4th – Numerology Power Day – Make a Wish!
April 5th – Jupiter conjunct Pluto
April 7th – Full Moon in Libra + Mars square Uranus:
April 11th – Mercury enters Aries
April 19th – Sun enters Taurus
April 21st/22nd – Lyrid meteor shower peaks
April 22nd – Numerology Power Day – Make a Wish!
April 23rd – New Moon in Taurus
April 25th – Pluto Retrograde
April 27th – Mercury enters Taurus

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April Numerology

April’s numerology brings an opportunity to find stability within chaos and change. What grounds you? What governs you? What ducks do you have in a row in case opportunity knocks? What is sustainable – what isn’t?

8-Universal Month: Change, Ups and Downs

4-Universal Year: Order, Stability 

The 8/4 frequency promotes harmony, integrity, risk, and magical third options. What could this look like? We could begin to balance our internal worlds with the external ones. Our actions begin to align with our thoughts and words. We are given an opportunity to operate from an internal justice system. 

As we get more and more in alignment, our fortresses shift and change. Things we thought were real, fade. Sometimes this disruption feels sad, while other times it can feel liberating. If you’re feeling heavy, see if you can be the observer instead of the feeler… what do you notice when you remove the emotion? This 8/4 energy of finding balance in chaotic times is very similar to the 4 of wands in Tarot. If you’re new to tarot, I invite you to download our handout (coming soon!), and tune in to Facebook for free tarot readings every Friday at noon CST. 

April Astrology

The Week Ahead: April 1st- 5th: April brings a new season of confidence, motivation, and determination. The heavy energy releases a little this week, and there’s a moment to change your perspective. Keep asking these questions: What do I (1) need to simplify, (2) in order to (3) create a solid foundation, so that I can grow? By the way, taxes week looks pretty crazy even with the extension. Get those filed earlier than later if possible. 

Wednesday, April 1st
First Quarter Moon in 12-Cancer: Clean out emotions, the pantry, and clutter around the home. It’s also a great day to change your Address Numerology! This yang phase signifies decision making, determination, and commitment to action, and with the Moon slipping into Leo it’s fun energy to up your prank-game for April Fools Day. Think playfulness (Leo) and practical jokes. Crystal Magick: Yellow Citrine (empowerment) and Fuchsite (heart-centered joy + inspiration).   See our Address Numerology book at www.WiseSkiesAdvice.com/shop.

Thursday, April 2nd
Stay cautious, curious, and change your pace. Venus will trine Saturn on Saturday, which brightens workflow, brings new opportunities, and introduces karmic connections with love and money. Notice what happens in the next few days, then mark your calendars to see if it pops up again: this transit occurs again October 24th.  

Friday, April 3rd
Venus enters Gemini: This creates an ideal environment to read, write, and fall in love with words. Get flirty, chatty, and write some love letters. Caution: Gemini is a sign of duality – it’s ok to fall in love with many things just don’t overextend yourself with too many commitments (April 3-August 7). Take your time getting your ducks in order. It’s ok if you’re feeling a little nervous or urgent – big shifts are underway and you’re picking up on it. 

Weekend Vibes:
While Saturday is a celestial power day, there’s always a little heaviness before any of the big transits become exact. In this case, Saturday will have mixed energy as we have a big release coming our way on Sunday. Be careful this weekend, there is a bit of danger entering the airwaves with a Mars/Uranus square drawing near.

Saturday, April 4th
Numerology Power Code Day 8*4:  Ground yourself into the present moment then make a wish and take action! Don’t just sit there – do something. Crystal Magick: Amazonite (soothing of the mind, body & soul) and Amethyst (clarity + spiritual grounding).

Sunday, April 5th
Jupiter conjunct Pluto: One of the heavy transits that has been in play in the Skies becomes exact today. Trends in the collective conscience lean towards death, afterlife, enlightenment, and reincarnation. At a personal level, some may be undergoing a mini-death or an end of a phase of life and beginning a whole new way of being. Remember: we are working with this Big Magic all year. Focus on our 2020 themes: our 2020 themes: What do I need to simplify, in order to create a solid foundation, so that I can grow? 


The Week Ahead: April 6th- 12th
Intensity, danger, and mystery. Mars sextiles Chiron on Wednesday, calling us to send metta to the divine masculine. Dissolve anger issues in healthy, physical outlets, taking extra caution and safety (accidents are more likely right now). It’s time to connect with your yang side: this week reads like a James Bond plot. Stay aware. Know your exit routes and strategies.

Monday, April 6th
Moon enters Libra: Focus on companionship. A new look/haircut/outfit are equally pleasing as a healing conversation or quality time with your partner in crime. Justice, equality, and fine art are also themes to work with. Crystal Magick: Fluorite (clarity + peace) and Blue Apatite (authenticity + balance). Heads up: This is not an ideal to make important plans. The Mars/Uranus square is drawing near – accidents are more likely. 

Tuesday, April 7th
Mars square Uranus: Combustion, flames, hot wires get crossed. This can be felt 3-5 days in advance, but thankfully the energy releases today. Keep calm and carry on to the best of your ability.

Mercury sextile Pluto and Jupiter: Opportunity knocks. Find flow and ease in shifting gears. Pay attention to aligning group policies, upgrading your insurance, and digging up underlying factors to find solutions. It’s a good time to interview, write resumes, self-promote, work with the media, conduct book signings, gain favor in legal issues, investigate publishing, and explore spirituality. What you think about grows. Good news is available when you reach for it. This energy comes back on November 27th-29th for review. 

Full Moon in 18-Libra:
Balance the scales. This phase signifies the completion of a cycle, endings, and closure. Read the April lunations forecast (link coming soon) for the full scoop on intentions, ceremonies, lore, and more. Your time zone will determine if the Moon is new/full for you a day later/earlier.

Intention: I easily let go of people-pleasing and indecisive behaviors, allowing a greater sense of balance, well-being and love to fill my internal justice system.  

Wednesday, April 8th
The Moon enters Scorpio: Focus on your deepest needs. Review your motives – what drives you? This is a good Moon for planting seeds, as well as going out for a special date, or playing with tarot cards. Spend time connecting to your highest self through visualization and meditation. Crystal Magick: Serpentine (regeneration + psychic stimulation) and Black Tourmaline (energy clearing + security).

Thursday, April 9th
Remember the high-highs and low-lows of the 8-4 numerology code this month? If you feel like you’ve been on a roller coaster, you have! Pay attention to what’s going on in your world, and you’ll know the state of your mind. In other words – if it’s crazy ‘out there’, it’s likely crazy ‘in there’ too. How can you create stability through all the changes? Remember: Everything is impermanent. The only constant is change.

Friday, April 10th
Mercury enters Aries: If you’re feeling quick-witted, empowered to speak your mind, or if you run into some hot headed behaviors, it’s likely due to Mercury’s ingress into Aries. This subtle yet sassy energy energizes us through April 10th- 27th.

Weekend Vibes:
Before the energy intensifies again, it’s time to let go of the yang, and tap into the yin. Venus sextiles Chiron this weekend and encourages healing within the divine feminine. Slow down. Listen. Receive. Remember to lighten up, make a joke, and have a little fun. Who can you let off the hook? Where do you need to mind your own business?

Saturday, April 11th
Mercury sextile Saturn: Opportunity knocks under these cosmic rays all week, and culminates today. Launch a new business, hold a ribbon-cutting, write a business plan, map out your future, or send a newsletter announcing a new product. Engage with workflow by starting the day with an intention that incorporates your higher purpose.  The next opportunity to work with themes that pop up at work this week comes at the end of November. 

Sunday, April 12th
Take rest. This is the time to recharge. The Sun/Pluto square is building and can cause irritability this week. Schedule any personal support, ensure you have enough down time built in your calendar, and make sure you have some favorite snacks in the pantry. 


The Week Ahead: April 13th – 19th
Brace yourself – this looks like a heavy week in the cosmos. Set yourself up for success by not biting off more than you can chew. Focus on your personal growth with these check-ins: 

  • Peace comes from within. 
  • Let there be peace, let it begin with me. 
  • What are my motives?
  • Remember: everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. 

Monday, April 13th
Moon enters Capricorn: Focus on long-term strategies and ambitions. What are you wanting to grow? What stabilizes your future? Spend some time alone to get clear with yourself as well as clear your energy. Crystal Magick: Kyanite (alignment + yin/yang balance) and Garnet (abundance + stabilizing growth).

Tuesday, April 14th
Sun square Pluto and Jupiter: Breakdowns and breakthroughs. Pack your patience and avoid the temptation to force issues and opinions – the field is irritable, restless, and discontent.  Don’t stop before the miracle happens. Accepts tests and personal challenges. Where can you grow? 

Last Quarter Moon in 25-Capricorn: Hey, Rome wasn’t built in a day. This yin phase signifies receptivity and requires a willingness to trust, surrender, and let things take their course.

Wednesday, April 15th
Mercury conjunct Chiron: Review old patterns and beliefs – what is driving you? What are your motives? See what you’re willing to send to the Universe for healing, transcendence, and renewal. Acceptance, Love, and Self-care are key.

Venus semisquare Pluto: Karmic relationships. This can feel heavy, deep, and fated. Be mindful about relationships that control, manipulate, and abuse power. Reminder: we all deserve more unconditional love, not less. Seek to deepen your capacity to love. Pace yourself: this transit is woven into 2020 four times: April 15, June 10, July 9, and October 9. 

Thursday, April 16th
Emotions are on high with the 8-energy and cosmic tension. Pack your patience if you work in schools, counseling centers, bars, or medical facilities. Those who are Spiritually fit – you are called to help others. Those who are struggling – this too shall pass, reach out for support. This is not an ideal week to poke the bears.

Friday, April 17th
Venus semisquare Jupiter: Make up or breakup? Mixed signals, over-shares, and awkward situations are possible. Is someone blowing something out of proportion? Or oppositely – not paying enough attention to the important issues? Pace yourself: this transit is woven into 2020 four times: April 17, June 7, July 7, October 5. Crystal Magick: Blue Lace Agate (healing + calm) and Chevron Amethyst (peace of mind + dream/meditation enhancement).

Weekend Vibes:
Something gives. The creep of release is offered. Things look a little brighter. Mercury sextiles Mars and Venus this weekend: it’s time to make a decision (or bust a move).

Saturday, April 18th
Mercury sextile Venus: Ease, harmony, flow. The more you claim your inner worth, the more abundant your external world will be. It’s a good day for a good day. 

Sunday, April 19th
Sun enters Taurus: Happy Birthday Taurus! Tap into your loyal, dependable, luxury-loving Taurean vibes through May 20th. Mental agility, quick reflexes, and the ability to think on your feet is an added bonus with Mercury’s sextile to Mars today.


The Week Ahead: April 20 – 26
Look up in the night Skies! The Lyrid meteor shower peaks April 21 – 22. Heads up: things are feeling pretty dense towards the end of the week. A light spot is the Taurus New Moon. Your time zone will determine if the Moon is new/full for you a day later/earlier.

Monday, April 20th
Moon enters Aries: Focus on right action. What’s right for you? Stay hydrated, do something to feel alive, and think before you speak. Crystal Magick: Carnelian (emotional intelligence)  and Pyrite (empowered stability + clarity).

Tuesday, April 21st
The Lyrid meteor shower is peaking tonight and tomorrow night: look up, make a wish! Sun squares Saturn: Any setbacks this week are blessings in disguise. Be ready for anything life throws your way: welcome challenges with eyes wide open, make your health a priority, and expect added responsibilities. 

Wednesday, April 22nd
The Lyrid meteor shower is peaking again tonight, and it’s a numerology power code day: look up, make a wish! The Moon enters stabilizing Taurus: Cook your favorite meal, practice grounding techniques, and work on building something that is made to last. Crystal Magick: Red Jasper (stability + trust) and Rose Quartz (comfort + nurture). 

Thursday, April 23rd
New Moon in 3-Taurus: Planting seeds. Make wishes around money, food, perseverance, feeling grounded, and letting go of stubbornness. This phase signifies new beginnings and is a great time to set intentions. Read the April lunations forecast for the full scoop on intentions, ceremonies, lore, and more (link coming soon).

Intention: I feel safe, and trust that life is happening for me, not to me. 

Friday, April 24th
Watch out for power struggles. Mass karma of the collective consciousness is up for review. That’s a big one.  Set yourself up for a positive Pluto retrograde experience by removing blocks to living your highest expression. How? Peel away layers that aren’t you anymore, until you find your truest identity. What we do now, changes the history of the world. 

Weekend Vibes:
Lay low – This is NOT an ideal weekend for travel, important communications, nor decisions. Take nothing personally, let time pass, and hold on for a wild ride. Become the observer of the play, instead of the actor feeling the scene. Venus semisquares Saturn this weekend; Be aware of bereavement, penny pinching to the extreme, and icy emotions. This is NOT a good time to schedule beauty appointments, meetings regarding money, or important conversations about love.

Saturday, April 25th
Mercury squares a now Retrograde-Pluto: Caution lights come on: Be aware of misrepresentation and deception. If things look too good to be true, they probably are. Consider the shadow side of Pluto traits that are affecting us through October 2nd: dependency, blindly following the masses, capitalizing on misfortunes, and finger-pointing. We can expect to see media stories about sex, death, gangs, disease, taxes. Take the high road, even if it’s under construction.

Sunday, April 26th
Mercury square Jupiter: Skepticism, insecurity, and disbelief. This is NOT an ideal time for important transactions, conversations, meetings, or decisions. Kick the tires a little more – let time pass. Take an opportunity to pause, pivot, and realign the details with the big picture. This energy comes up for review in September. 

Sun conjunct Uranus: Aha moments! Even though this is a positive transit, you may experience a power surge, or an overload of energy – this is NOT a good time for travel or working with mechanical/technical issues. Stay grounded and let the ideas flow.

The Week Ahead:  April 27th – May 1st
“Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.” -President T. Roosevelt. Expect tests and challenges early in the week. Then Mercury conjuncts Uranus and it’s high voltage. This is an auspicious time to receive, write, and exchange ideas. Schedule time with your book club, writing group, or find a new source of information to explore. Ask for the truth – let it do its thing.

Monday, April 27th
Mercury enters Taurus: Practical, down-to-Earth, conservative, traditional thinking is your secret weapon (April 27th – May 11th).

Tuesday, April 28th
Mercury square Saturn: A test of endurance completes today. Take inventory. What’s working? What needs to change? What happened? What are you afraid of?  Plan it out thoroughly before you get into action. Review the details. Don’t make big decisions or vows right now. Give yourself the advantage of perspective.

Wednesday, April 29th
Moods lift, and Skies adjust for work and play. Take it easy when Luna is Void of Course. Check out our digital calendar! It contains Moon VOC files you can download to any device, in any timezone.

Thursday, April 30th
First Quarter Moon in 10-Leo: Walk your talk. This yang phase signifies decision making, determination, and commitment to action. What soapbox (in a good way) are you on? It’s time to stick a flag in the ground with pride about a cause close to your heart. Volunteer, find your passions, and stand up for someone. Crystal Magick: Yellow Citrine (empowerment) and Fuchsite (heart-centered joy + inspiration).


How to Play with the April Astrology & Numerology

– Do your level-best, then take rest
– Adopt the attitude of “easy come, easy go”
– Organize to get grounded
– Explore your internal justice system – How do I know what is right and wrong? Who is actually doing the judging? Can I practice not placing value on if something is right/wrong to me?
– Acknowledge your value – gratitude towards Self

April Journal Prompts:

Explore your internal justice system: What’s right for you? What is true for you?

– What tricks and tools do you have for moments when you realize you’re giving your power away, or feeling ‘less than’?
– How do you pause, notice, and pivot your mood?
– What makes you feel worthy?
– Where do I feel excited to take some risks this month and put myself out there?
– Does inconsistency (in others and in me) bother me? Where can I become more flexible in my attitude?
– Do I acknowledge my value?
– What does healthy self-worth look and feel like?
– What is the difference in my power versus my empowerment?

Wise Skies Housekeeping:

– 2020 Digital Calendar is on sale starting April 1st: $20! [Shop]
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– New Freebie in the house! [Freebie page]
– April 10th – Tarot 101 Webinar! [Register here]

Note: Moon Void of Course times are displayed in our 2020 Digital Calendar in your time zone. The Moon goes Void of Course before changing signs. This window can be very short or can last for full days. We often feel foggy, sleepy, and less sharp when the Moon is Void of Course. We have not included it in the workbook, because our customer base lives all over the world. We encourage you to look at your ephemeris or purchase our digital calendar so you can know the exact timing. If you’re noticing sluggish energy and can’t figure out why – maybe Luna is about to change signs. 

During a Moon Void of Course: 

  • Do not start new projects or schedule important conversations/meetings.
  • Do: meditate, pray, sing, nap, tune into music, daydream, let someone off the hook.


Forecast by Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT, Wise Skies

Tiffany publishes books and podcasts from Austin, TX. She founded Wise Skies Advice & Spellbound Publishers. Her background is in health psychology and yogic philosophy. Tiff offers astrology-based counseling sessions and teaches yoga. Schedule a session with her + find her work at www.TiffanyHarelik.com.

Tiffany Harelik