April 2024

April 2024

by Tiffany Harelik

April Intention & Numerology

“I am inspired by creativity, clarity, and connection. I feel a renewed sense of charisma and purpose throughout the month, and easily stay focused on the tasks that are most important to my highest calling.”

April is a 3-month in an 8-year: Connection. Creativity, communication and charisma. Write. Draw. Tap into a state of childlike wonder and playfulness to find your unique inner vision. Be careful to not overcommit or overdo it under this extroverted energy.”


April 1st-7th

April meets us in the middle of Aries season, a time of excitement and discovery! The transits this week reflect that.

April 1st | Mercury retrograde in Aries

Communication, travel, and electronics have a way of going haywire during Mercury retrograde – stay patient as times change. Revising, reviewing, redoing. Mercury retrograde in Aries helps you find a part of yourself you lost touch with. will go direct April 25th, and exit its post-retrograde-shadow period May 13th.

April 3rd | Venus conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Venus and Neptune inspire us to fall in love with this precious human life. Can you feel it? Getting lost in something spiritually significant, escaping to a romantic island getaway, and finding time to steal away with a lover are all themes of this transit. This is also a highly creative transit for artists and dreamers of all types. What is your love language? Where can you fill your cup? The time is ripe to invest in your dreams. Do you want to? #DateNight Venus finds luxury in life. Neptune dissolves. Pisces dreams.

The week concludes with a positive look forward on the fourth,

April 4th | Sun conjunct North Node / Opposite South Node

The future is bright! When the Sun and Nodes kiss in the Skies, you can be certain an element of destiny and fate are playing out. What are you observing in your world? Can you thank your past self for getting you to this point? What does your future self need you to put into place today? What gives you a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, peace, or a healthy feeling of surprise?

And then on the 5th, Venus enters Aries

The power of love. Where do you find inspiration, and romance? How do you really love yourself? The goddess Venus inspires us to get clear, direct, and honest about love and money while in hotel Aries April 5th through April 29th. How do you want to feel? How’s it going to happen? Do you want to practice acting your way into right-feeling this season? Knowing and loving ourselves is a powerful way to heal ourselves, family systems, and the collective consciousness. The Human Design system and natal astrology readings are great ways to understand and love yourself and your path more deeply.

April 6th | Venus sextile Pluto

Heat rising. Remember the power in the pause. Do you want to take a breath, communicate with honesty, and let everyone have space to flow through their emotions as well as time to find their truth? Pro tip: this is an ideal time for a money makeover too. What actions would benefit you and your family regarding investments, banking, and estate planning? What needs to evolve? Do you want to sit with these questions and host a ‘high council’ meeting for the fam? This powerful energy can be felt a day in advance and occurs April 6th and October 17th. Apr 6 2024


April 8th – 14th

Cazimi’s are a time where we are within the heart of the sun, it is a time of clarity and enlightenment- 

Cazimi’s bring a magical moment – do you want to read more about them hereThis week holds two: 

April 8th |  Chiron CAZIMI

The Buddha said, “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” Embracing healing and spiritual awakening is available always, but especially potent now. Yoga, meditation, and breath work helps us become the witness of our experience. Do you want to witness something holy unfolding in your life?

Also on the 8th, Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces

“Learning about how to ride a horse ‘on paper’ can equip you with theories and ideas, but you’ll never know how to ride until you get on and try. Discipline, perseverance, and endurance are required now. Mars shows us where to take action, Saturn shows us where to commit. Pisces reminds us there’s a spiritual purpose to our actions. Keep trying. There’s power in the efforts made now. You never know what you’re training for – keep going. It’s a practice, not a perfect.

April 12th | Mercury CAZIMI in Aries

When retrograde Mercury is cazimi (conjunct the Sun), it is an auspicious time for communicating and writing from the Soul. Information wizardry. Listen for downloads, bright ideas, and good news. There may be old ideas coming back into focus (about yourself – as it’s in the sign of Aries). What do you see? Do you want to meditate to activate the part of your brain that communes with your higher self? This transit can be felt a day in advance and occurs February 28th, April 12th, June 14th, August 19th, and September 30th, and December 6th. 


April 15th – 21st

This week, we slow down and deal in the subtle and nuance. It begins on the 15th:

April 15th | Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries

Quiet observer. Transformative thoughts. “There’s a difference between knowing about God, and knowing God. There’s a big difference.” Wayne Dyer. Mercury transits illuminate our minds, while Chiron provides information about our spiritual healing experiences. How do you make conscious contact with your Higher Power? Do you ask for Spiritual guidance throughout the day? Do you want to? Do you notice a need to unplug, and pull your energy inward? There’s great value in meditating, journaling, and getting thoughts out of your head and onto paper right now. Do you want to? This can be felt a day in advance and occurs three times: March 20th, April 15th, and May 7th.

April 17th | Venus conjunct North Node / opposite South Node

“Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.” This is a transit of hope, belief, and love. Until you have made conscious contact with hope, belief, and love – you’ll never know it. Do you want to look for it? Venus and the North Node are cheering you forward with signs and symbols of momentum. This life is a treasure – do you want to experience it that way?

This slow down matches the end of the week energy as we enter into Taurus season,

April 19th |  Mercury conjunct Venus in Aries

Some like it hot. This flirty connection in the Skies stimulates passion, and a deep inner knowing. It has been said that when a knowing confronts a belief, the knowing will always triumph. Kahunas and spiritual healers are taught to have no doubt – to have a knowing. What do you want to ‘know’ for your life? Do you want to experiment with the alignment of your mind (retrograde Mercury) and heart (Venus)? This can be felt a few days early and occurs on April 19th, June 17th, and August 8th. It is a positive transit of optimism, flow, and good conversation.

Sun enters Taurus

Taurus season! Loyal, dependable, luxury-loving Taurean vibes are here to shine April 19th – May 20th. Do you want to use the strength of the Skies to stabilize any area that feels uncertain or shaky? Happy Birthday Taurus! We value you.

Mars sextile Jupiter

A positive spin! Mars and Jupiter work together to provide enthusiasm, high energy, growth, and confidence. There are a few wild cards in the Skies this week – it’s a great time to take on a positive attitude and be open to positive changes. Mars provides swiftness, Jupiter governs foreign languages, horses, legal issues, publishing, college professors, and so much more. Do you want to learn a new language? Set up some travel plans? Learn to ride a horse? Mars leads the win. Jupiter brings more goodness. How much goodness are you willing to receive?

April 20th | Mars sextile Uranus

Plot twist! Spontaneity and impulsivity. Do you want to go where the wind takes you instead of following a plan? Mars and Uranus inspire firecracker energy to break through perceived blocks. Your future self thanks you for the action you’re taking now to change things (shatter things). This transit can be felt up to a week in advance and occurs April 20th and October 25th. Apr 20 2024

April 21st holds most of the energy for this week, breaking up the intense Aries energy into focus and clarity:

April 21st | Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Taurus

Zone of genius. A new twelve year cycle begins wherever this impacts your natal chart. Your higher self knows, loves, and appreciates you getting out of your comfort zone and trying a new way of living. Jupiter provides growth opportunities, unpredictable Uranus provides exciting outlets, futuristic solutions, and innovative thinking. This can be felt up to a month in advance, and peaks today. This unique transit happens once every 12-14 years. Previous occurrences were January 4, 2011, September 18, 2020, June 8, 2010, February 15, 1997.

Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries

Matters of the heart. True love is patient, kind, selfless, and unconditional. Invitation: put your oxygen mask on first today. Fill your cup with what is most loving to you. Visualize white liquid light coming into your body from the Heavens. Look for the helpers, and notice who you didn’t put in that category. This energy can be felt one day in advance. 

Sun square Pluto

Breakdowns and breakthroughs. Pack your patience and avoid the temptation to force issues and opinions. If the field is irritable, restless, and discontent – don’t stop before the miracle happens. Life is happening for you, and from you—not to you. This beneficial energy can be felt a few days in advance and occurs April 21st and October 22nd this year (almost the same days as last year which were April 20 and October 21, 2023). Heads up: We are in the final few days of Mercury retrograde, and the upcoming Scorpio Full Moon can magnify and intensify feelings through April 24th. Remember to be sweet to your inner child – they are watching and listening to every move you make. Do you want to take good care of that part of yourself?


April 22nd – 30th

The end of April holds a few but powerful transits: 

April 25th | Mercury direct in Aries

What needs to be renegotiated and revised? Communication breakdowns are clues to what still needs some fine tuning. What is stabilizing for you? Mercury will be out of shadow January 20th, and will retrograde in Aries April 1st.

April 29th |  Mars conjunct Neptune in Pisces 

Spiritual Warrior. The desire to chase your dreams, escape into fantasy, or be inspired by big faith is prominent. On the positive side, this transit can bring in romance and sensual connections. If in a challenging position to your natal chart there could be some powerful delusions within a spiritual context coming up for healing. Examples: getting out of cults, learning of a respected teacher’s bad habits, and getting through the let down phase and into the truth and the light. Mars ignites, Neptune dissolves. Mars energizes. Neptune blesses. Pisces embraces. Trust that there are no mistakes, and believe that all will be well in your kingdom. Do you believe?

Venus enters Taurus

Romance and Reliability. Decadence. Fanning with grape leaves. Enjoy slow sensuality and doing something special for your physique (lifting weights to tone muscles, buying a new nightie, enjoying something lavish, etc.). The Skies support consistency and conservative behavior with finances, and a steady, mature presence at work. Do you want to experiment with a slower approach this season? Venus is in Taurus April 29th through May 23rd, 2024. Compare notes with last year’s Venus in Taurus season which was March 16th -April 10th, 2023.

April 30th | Mars enters Aries

There is power in being decisive, direct, and clear with ourselves and with others. Mars rules Aries, and is quite at home here highlighting the divine masculine traits of leadership, power, and strength. You may notice there is low tolerance for passive, wishy-washy language this season. Do you want to experiment with editing your texts/conversations by removing words like: probably, maybe, and might? Do you want to be mindful of coming across overly selfish by removing words like: I, me, my? Heads up: Mars in Aries tends to create antsy and inflammatory energy. Some folks are jumping the gun and it’s easy to get ahead of ourselves. Others are noticing inflammation and may want to try more cooling foods in their diet. This same energy creates fun vibes to be spontaneous – do you want to hop in the car and go for a joy ride? Try a new workout? Get up a little earlier? If you’re accident-prone (or carry a prominent 3rd line in your Human Design), be mindful of your energy during this time. Mars thrives with a little pushback and healthy competition. What is pushing against you, that is actually encouraging you forward? Mars is in Aries, it’s domicile – April 30th – June 9th.

Tiffany Harelik