April 2020 Lunations Forecast

April 2020 Lunations Forecast

Welcome to the April lunations forecast! The full April forecast can be found here.

This month’s Libra Full Moon can give us an increased sense of urgency as it pertains to partnerships and commitments. What do you need to say no to? Which of your behaviors towards your partner needs to stop? Are you putting yourself in unhealthy situations?  I’ve included a sample ceremony for the Libra Full Moon to help align your chakras in my recent newsletter. Do you want more Wise Skies in your inbox? Here’s where to join us.  

When the New Moon arrives in Taurus later in the month, think about starting slow. This Moon has a different pace to it. Slow and steady wins the race.

April 7th: Full Moon in 18-Libra

Forecast: The Full Moon will sesquisquare Venus and square both Jupiter and Pluto. Beware of buyer’s remorse and obsessing. This is not an ideal time to be making surprise moves. A lot of folks are feeling pressure under this Moon. Bad behavior can spill out when we are hungry, angry, lonely, and tired. 


Sometimes the mist hides big things like mountains. Other times, it reveals small things like spider webs. Luna’s quincunx to Neptune can have us feeling emotionally foggy and lethargic. If it feels like you’ve lost control, that may be a good thing. Get curious about what’s next. Dwell in the possibility. Take a nap :).

Libra is the seventh sign in the zodiac and is represented by the Scales. It is an Air sign, ruled by Venus. This is the Moon of the true partner, and the interior decorator. It’s time to bang the drum of friendship and look at the world with a perspective of fairness. 

Word to the Wise: Make sure you’ve had enough sleep, nutrition, exercise, and meditation before approaching the day and it’s challenges. Don’t let indecision weigh you down.

Look back: This Moon phase signifies completion, endings, and closure. We are completing a cycle that was initiated under the Aries New Moon from March. It’s time to seek justice, and promote fair play. Are there patterns in partnerships you’re ready to mulch? What needs to end? Could it be time to stop looking for love outside yourself?

Intention: I easily let go of people-pleasing and indecisive behaviors, allowing a greater sense of balance, well-being, and love to fill my internal justice system.  

Numerology: 3: Artistic Self-Expression  7: Soul-Searching 18: Paying it forward

Positive (High) Vibes of the Libra Full Moon:
(Set intentions for closure or completion in these areas)
Finding a sense of completion through fair justice
Recognizing areas that have been unbalanced
Finding closure with any unhealthy partnerships
Seeking all perspectives to find a win-win
Allowing forgiveness
Putting an end to any dishonest or inauthentic behaviors

Challenging (Low) Vibes of the Libra Full Moon:
(What you might intend to remove)
Unhealthy compromise

In Health, Libra Governs
(Areas of the body where you might wish for healing)
Belly button
Heart Chakra (Anahata Chakra)

Sample Wishes for the Full Moon in Libra
-I am decisive and take action without hesitation or procrastination.
-Discernment happens naturally.
-I am honest in my communication with myself and others.
-I naturally express my thoughts, feelings, and needs in the present moment with authenticity and clarity.
-I easily recognize emotional imbalance and process my feelings in healthy ways.

Working with Corresponding Elements for Libra Full Moon Magick
We suggest using one or more items of your choice from each element when designing your ceremony. Use as many or as few as you like. 

LIBRA Fire items: Candles + Smoke 

  • Purple, pastel, and pink candles – divinity
  • Floral scented candles, herbal bundles, or incense:
    • Rose – love
    • Lavender – illumination 

LIBRA Earth items: Crystals + Stones

  • Apatite – decisiveness
  • Fluorite – mental acuity
  • Chevron Amethyst – wisdom

LIBRA Air items: Intentions + Mantras

  • Any personal wishes you want to make in the areas Libra governs + the High Vibe Aspects of Libra
  • Libra Full Moon Intention
  • Libra Full Moon Healing Invocation

LIBRA Water items: Essential Oils + Flower Essences

  • Rose – love
  • Lavender  – calm
  • Geranium -compassion
  • Ylang Ylang – harmonizing


Thursday, April 23rd: New Moon in 3-Taurus: 

Sometimes it’s hard to say yes to something new because you feel like you’re betraying something old.  When the New Moon falls in the Earth sign of Taurus, it’s time to acknowledge where you’ve been a stick in the mud vs. where you’ve been a lotus blooming. 

Use this Moon to set intentions around stability, predictability, and any area where you are seeking a sense of rootedness. This is the Moon of promises, creature comforts, and values. It’s time to bang the drum of self-worth and recommit to something or someone, maybe yourself…

This New Moon is square Mars and sextile Neptune. This can prompt the fast and the furious to say things they don’t mean. If you’re triggered, take a pause before responding. A pause is not a reload, it’s a redirect. Pausing gives you a second to remember that you don’t have to take anything personally. Let there be peace, let it begin with you, let it look different than you think.

Numerology: 9: Taking the high road  4: Perseverance 3: Communication

Intention: I feel safe, and trust that life is happening for me, not to me. 

Positive (High) Vibes of the Taurus New Moon:
(Make wishes in these areas)
Consistency and patience
Nurturing through food
Core values and manners
Money and wealth-building
Sensuality and pleasure
Security and stability through slow and steady growth
Combining the old and the new: think vintage charm
Perseverance and contentment

Challenging (Low) Vibes of the Taurus New Moon:
(What you might wish to remove)
Slow to change or make decisions
Overly protective or territorial

In Health, Taurus Governs
(Areas of the body where you might wish for healing)
Throat and neck
Speech and vocal cords
Throat Chakra (Vishudha Chakra)
Root Chakra (Muladhara Chakra)

Sample Wishes for the New Moon in Taurus
– I easily find myself taking right action towards homeownership.
– I embrace an attitude of patience and perseverance.
– I am led to the right team that can help with a complete and total healing of throat and thyroid.  

Working with Corresponding Elements
We suggest using one or more items of your choice from each element when designing your ceremony. Check out The Book of Ceremonies for more ideas.

TAURUS Fire items: Candles + Smoke 

  • Green, brown, and tan candles – nature + nurture
  • Woodsy scented candles, herbal bundles, or incense:
    • Sage – clearing
    • Cedar  – grounding
    • Rosemary – passion

TAURUS Earth items: Crystals + Stones

  • Tiger’s Eye – empowerment
  • Rose Quartz -compassion
  • Red Jasper – trust
  • Malachite – energetic clearing
  • Sodalite – authentic communication
  • Rutilated Quartz – spiritual development

TAURUS Air items: Intentions + Mantras

  • Any personal wishes you want to make in the areas Taurus governs + the High Vibe Aspects of Taurus
  • Taurus New Moon Intention
  • Taurus New Moon Healing Invocation

TAURUS Water items: Essential Oils + Flower Essences 

  • Vetiver – spiritual grounding
  • Clary Sage – protection
  • Rose – love 
  • Bergamot – eliminating fear

Best Wishes!
The New Moon in Taurus hits my 5th or 6th house depending on the degree of the New Moon. So, sometimes I add elements relating to love-given (5th house) or health issues (6th house). Here are a few wishes I have used on previous Taurus New Moons:  

  • I gain clarity in thinking regarding budgeting, spending, and saving money, leading to my ability to handle resources wisely as a good steward of finances.
  • Money flows to and through me in a happy way that provides joy, stability, and security. 
  • I easily find myself taking steps that lead to owning my own homestead with breathtaking views, in a like-minded community, at a price I can afford.
  • I find myself joyfully, consistently, and consciously counting my blessings and appreciating nature with childlike wonder.
  • I experience satisfaction in all areas of my life at the end of each day. 
  • Above all, help me set aside what I think I know, and what I think I want, so that the Divine can flow through me. May I be of service to God and my fellows.

Tiffany Harelik