A comprehensive guide to Jupiter entering Scorpio: what does it mean for you?

A comprehensive guide to Jupiter entering Scorpio: what does it mean for you?

Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet I refer to as my Jewish aunt who ‘knows a guy’ that can help me, is there to serve me too much food and expands my horizons. Jupiter magnifies, enlargens and grows. It brings optimism, big eyes, and faith. Astrologer Stephen Arroyo refers to the positive Jupiter traits at progress, prosperity, and potential. On the negative side, Jupiter can be lazy, fat, and lost in the clouds. When it moves into Scorpio on October 10th, we will see Scorpio tones highlighted at the global level: detective work, intuitiveness, mystery, sexuality, transformation, strong wills, passion, intensity, etc.

Jupiter and Scorpio both have a magical mojo vibe to them sot first glance it feels like the big magic 8 balls in the sky say yes! But we will also see the darker side of Scorpio magnified. Obsessions, jealousy, and vindictive behaviors may rear their heads (for healing). The shadow side of Jupiter in Scorpio involves things like greedy power plays below the surface, the secret service, and even world domination. There can be more competition, suspicion, betrayal, and temper tantrums. These are all tones we might be seeing more of in the news or in people around us. As we embrace Jupiter moving into Scorpio, now more than ever should we attempt to cultivate the perspective of the observer instead of the feeler? Let’s try to look on the bright side, and let gratefulness expand our collective consciousness. These are powerful tools.

But how does all of this affect you personally? Let’s take a walk through the houses to find out. First, you’ll need a copy of your birth chart. Second, find where Scorpio is in the chart – which house (or houses)? Using my personal chart as an example you can see Jupiter will be entering Scorpio in my 11th house and moving through to my 12th. In the example, the inner ring is my natal birth chart, and the outer ring represents where all the planets are in the Skies today (transits). Note: we are not concerned with where your natal Jupiter is (for me it’s in Libra in my 10th). We want to know where Jupiter in today’s Skies hits your chart.

Jupiter in Scorpio through the houses.

1st house: We also call the first house the Ascendant, or Rising sign. So if you know you have Scorpio rising, you’re in the right spot. When Jupiter crosses over from your 12th into your 1st house you have been undergoing a period of inner reflection and you’re ready to come out and shine. This transit can give you energy for ‘self’: self-improvement, becoming the star of the show, personal expression, etc. You may move, travel abroad, or do something really big for the first time. In his book Exploring the Astrological Key to Jupiter, Stephen Arroyo says that Jupiter crossed John Lennon’s first house when he came “to the USA for the first time to appear on national TV on the “Ed Sullivan Show”. This experience opened new international horizons for the Beatles and vastly amplified their fame.”

What to work on when Jupiter is in your 1st house: Your identity. Take proper measures to secure your identity, and be aware of how you want to show up in the world. You are your own lucky star. Be aware that weight gain is a common characteristic of Jupiter in the 1st as well.

2nd house: Money, honey. Get ready for a financial blessing or a big investment. On the positive side, Jupiter in the 2nd is indicative of a windfall. The boss doubles your salary, you receive a big influx of cash, or something of large value is gifted to you. Abundance. On the negative side, remember that Jupiter expands what is. If you’re in financial troubles at the moment, it could be time to move through a bankruptcy or experience a big financial loss. The antidote here is to remain positive and keep your eye on the prize. Jupiter likes long-term goals. Scorpio won’t let you give up.

What to work on when Jupiter is in your 2nd house: Material security. Get a financial advisor, protect your possessions with written legal documents, write long-term financial goals.

3rd house: Communications, learning, and writing. This is the house of intellect. It represents what you are vocal about. Many famous writers, singers, artists and media stars were born with Jupiter in the 3rd house: Ernest Hemingway, Johnny Carson, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Cat Stevens to name a few.

What to work on when Jupiter is in your 3rd house: Communications. What you say, think, and write are all magnified. Start a detective blog, write secrets in your journal, and consider mass-com as a major. What you write may show up in big media, win a Pulitzer prize, or get sold to be a Netflix original series.

4th house:  Embrace your inner home-body. The fourth house rules the home, deep-seated family patterns, and where you find comfort. You may be interested in remodeling your home or moving to a bigger house with more land. You might be considering expanding or blending your family. You may just need some comfort food and more nights ‘in’. Woody Allen is given as an example of Jupiter in the 4th in Arroyo’s previously mentioned book: “Throughout his many films, he has made light of (Jupiter) old fears and anxieties (fourth house). He has emphasized privacy and the ned of a full life over mere fame, as, for example, when he sent word that he could not be at the Academy Awards ceremony when he won the Oscar for Annie Hall because that was his regular night to play clarinet in a local band.”

What to work on when Jupiter is in your 4th house: Family ties. Healing family secrets, working on expanding your home so you feel comforted, and making a new family are all great things to work on this year.

5th house:  Saddle up for the rodeo, you’re about to embark on a big adventure. Helen Keller had Jupiter in the 5th. Her quote “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing,” is a good reflection that marks this period in your life. The 5th house is the house of ‘love given’. It represents workshops, play, and where you have fun. Spending the year abroad or taking a sabattical are excellent ways to utilize Jupiter in your 5th.

What to work on when Jupiter is in your 5th house: Where can you have more fun this year? It’s that simple. I’m prescribing a year of fun for you. Keep asking yourself: Is this fun to me? How can I have more fun with life?

6th house:  The 6th house is the house of service and vocation. In his book The Twelve Houses, Howard Sasportas says that “Those with Jupiter in this (6th) house seek (or should seek) to experience meaning in life through work and service to others. Self-purification and the refinement of their skills and abilities afford them a greater sense of well-being and satisfaction.” Maybe it’s time to let your heart for service shine. Big growth and abundance are available for all when you do. In addition to service, the Virgo connection with this house brings in other elements that will be magnified: routines, details, manners, and health. Jupiter is about excess – but it’s up to you how this plays out. For example, you may have excessive eating, but you may also have excessive fasting. Be kind to your temple (body) this year with everything you put into it.

What to work on when Jupiter is in your 6th house: Volunteerism and health. See where you can help – it heals. Maybe you want to take a collegiate course (Jupiter) in herbalism, natural healing, or health (6th house).

7th house:  Partners in crime, profitable partnerships, and relationships that expand each other. Jupiter in Scorpio in the 7th house is indicative of characters like Bonnie and Clyde that are willing to go down together. Maybe there are some big secrets or mysteries in your partnerships this year. Often you may find that you are your partner’s good luck charm and they begin to rise through the ranks. You help them show up to the biggest occasion of their life. You help them with their life’s work.

What to work on when Jupiter is in your 7th house: Being a good partner: share, walk the path together, play nice.

8th house: Power behind the scenes: Jupiter in Scorpio in the 8th house is favorable for directors, publishers, and agents. The 8th house also rules sex, death, and taxes. It is naturally ruled by Scorpio so this can be a very powerful year for you where you really feel like you’re in your element. On the darker side, you may witness an abundance of corruption with those in power over you, there may be sex crimes or big punishments around you. Keep the mojo more magical by enhancing your bedroom with beautiful decoration, helping cultivate better leadership in your area of work, and taking on the personality of the Cheshire cat.

What to work on when Jupiter is in your 8th house: Get your estate planning in order, clean up your taxes, practice safe/healing sex.

9th house: This is Jupiter’s ‘home’ house. It naturally rules the 9th house and is very comfortable there. All things Jupiter and Scorpio flow easier for you: ambitions, lofty goals, and advantages are all possible. There is an undercurrent on the subconscious level that is working with you on the metaphysical plane and you seem to have pretty good luck. It’s a good time to increase your business with foreigners or do big business in foreign countries. Jupiter likes doing things overseas in far off places. Franklin D Roosevelt had Jupiter in the 9th. Fearlessness of the future characterized his career when he was President during a major world war as well as the Great Depression.

What to work on when Jupiter is in your 9th house: Clean up any legal issues and focus on higher education, metaphysical work, and publishing. It’s a great time to start (or finish) law or medical school. Pin Roosevelt’s quote up in your bathroom: “The only thing we have to fear – is fear itself.”

10th house:  This can be a year of fame and fortune or a year of total career transformation. When Jupiter expands your tenth house of career, what’s going well will expand and what’s going bad will die. Completely. Roll with it. Status, prominence, and organization within a big business mark this year. Jupiter in the 10th makes things feel ‘larger than life’. You can tap into your inner Christopher Reeve (Superman), Orson Wells, Roy Rogers, or Augustus Caesar – they all had Jupiter in their tenth.

What to work on when Jupiter is in your 10th house: Rise up in your career. Be the star of the show. Pin Muhammed Ali’s quote up at your desk “I am the greatest” – he had Jupiter in the 10th.

11th house: Power to the people: the 11th house is characterized by friend groups, networks, and those that can help. When Jupiter crosses your 11th, you may be the face of a social media page that takes off, start publishing material to larger groups of people and connect with groups that promote social change/justice. You can become lucky to your friends this year. I have a dear friend with Jupiter in her natal 11th and she is all kinds of good luck for her friends. She’s a natural connector. This can be your year of making big connections. Be aware of any tendencies to overthink things that cause you anxiety or depression. There is an inner voice that says: come this way. Refuse to entertain group drama.

What to work on when Jupiter is in your 11th house: Social is your keyword this year: start something social, be part of a social group, make a new social media page.

12th house: This is the house of the hidden. It rules subconscious patterns, fantasies, and seekers.Psychology, karmic laws, and deep faith are all hot topics for you this year. On the shadow side of Jupiter and Scorpio patterns of laziness, self-destructiveness and darker thinking can occur. Susan Atkins, devoted follower of Charles Manson, is an example of how people with Jupiter in their 12th can idealize false gurus. The antidote here is to take care of your Spiritual body. Get some tools to protect yourself from Spiritual harm or attacks. Thomas Merton, Margaret Mead, and Emily Dickinson all had Jupiter in their 12th.

What to work on when Jupiter is in your 12th house: Pick up a meditation practice that can expand your mind, protect your Spiritual self, go to yoga teacher training.

I would adore hearing from each of you in the comments. Please tell me which house Jupiter is hitting your chart and any plans you have for the transition.


Tiffany Harelik