40 Days of Spirit

The pursuit of developing psychic gifts is a highly personal journey, influenced by individual beliefs, goals, and experiences. Starting from the basics, this program helps build your confidence around your psychic gifts, increase your faith in the unseen world, and enhance your connection with God.
A 40-day journey symbolizes a period of trial, transformation, and preparation. My intention with this program is to challenge you to find your spiritual truths, help you rebuild your confidence with a personal connection to your Higher Power, and remind you: you were born wise. Your latent gifts are an untapped reservoir of meaning, connection, significance, and fulfillment to enhance your life, and the lives of others. 
If you’re interested in discovering your spiritual gifts, this product is your ‘start here’ button. In my classes, you’ll often hear me say: being psychic is a lifestyle. In this 40-day journey, you will receive one email a day that contains a micro lesson on discovering, developing, and using your spiritual gifts with exercises and techniques.
You are here to serve and know Spirit your way. This is for you if you are ready to know the mechanics of your gifts, and how to use your gifts more deeply. Don’t hire a psychic – become one. I’m here to help you develop your unique God-given-gift to the best of your ability. This daily email sequence is structured to build your gifts up over time. Do you want to join me?


Week 1: Foundation and Preparation: Anatomy of Intuition

Day 0 – Welcome email and what to expect.

Day 1:  Identify who/what it is you’re connecting with. You’ll get a special message about my spiritual testimony and near-death experiences. You’ll also learn why and how to surrender to Spirit. Included is a script to open and close sacred space in your forty-day journey and the proper use of spiritual gifts. 

Day 2: Meditation and breathwork techniques. 

Day 3: Increase the potency of your intentions with special practices in sound vibration, frequency, light, and gratitude.

Day 4: The physical body is a barometer for spiritual information. Introduction to Anatomy of your intuition: how the mind works with the body, soul, aura, and chakras. 

Day 5: Build your symbols library + numerology basics. 

Day 6:  Synchronicities 

Day 7:  Spiritual deserts and times of inventory: learn what can block your spiritual growth.


Week Two: Mechanics of the supernatural senses

Day 8:  Mechanics of the supernatural senses and how to make a spiritual Connection. 

Day 9: Spiritual feeling & separating emotions

Day 10: Spiritual sight

Day 11: Spiritual hearing – and how to listen to God

Day 12: Spiritual knowing

Day 13: Spiritual tasting/smelling

Day 14 –Dream Interpretation 


Week Three: Vibration

Day 15: The care of your soul, dancing with wolves/goblins, and cleaning your vibration.

Day 16: The art and science of raising and lowering your vibration, and what Yogananda has to say about igniting the Cosmic Christ Consciousness within. My water exercise. Note how individual vibration contributes to collective consciousness.

Day 17: Voice vibration

Day 18: Color: visualization therapy and reading auras

Day 19: Sacred geometry and Tibetan Monks

Day 20: Addressing the oddities and unknown: energy vortexes, haunted houses, ley lines, crop circles, negativity, bigfoot, UFOs, and portals. 

Day 21: The Medicine Wheel


Week Four: Practicing Spiritual Readings 

Day 22:  Ethical considerations, responsibility, karma, and your liability forms + Tools of the trade – discovering your beliefs around different tools and how (not) to use them.

Day 23: Forced Connections 

Day 24: Working with a reading template: Criteria and structure of a psychic reading 

Day 25 – How to Deliver messages using your spiritual gifts

Day 26: Break down your spiritual gifts and understanding how you work

Day 27: Difficult subjects (suicide, gender, politics, religion, race, when will I die) and overcoming things that trip you up: turning no’s into wows, dealing with skepticism and your inner critic, 

Day 28: Fine tuning your techniques and beliefs


Week Five: Healing

Day 29: Self-Healing, Kirtan Kriya, Dementia, Psychedelics and Healing a Lost Mind 

Day 30: Religion & Faith Healing, Sightings of Mary, high energy  

Day 31: Love as Healer. Entraining to the coherence of love. Knowing yourself, is loving yourself: Astrology and Human Design.

Day 32: Remote Viewing / Remote Healing 

Day 33: The role of ceremony, ritual, and traditions

Day 34: Earth medicine and plant-based healing, plant walks and meditations

Day 35: Master Healer


Week Six: Your Impact

Day 36: Mediumship, spirit guides, and the medium’s brain 

Day 37: Blending with Spirit and Intuitive Writing

Day 38: Incorporating psychic practices into daily life 

Day 39: Your Impact: The Law of the Harvest –

Day 40: The global impact of your spiritual development:  (responsibility to yourself and your community)