After a near-death experience put me on the lifelong search for meaning, I have been fascinated with astrology for twenty years. I consider my astrology a farmers-almanac-style approach to stargazing for day to day planning. I want to help you live in sync with the skies. "If we are indeed living in a matrix, the movement of the planets are the program," -D.C. Mastelotto. I write a weekly forecast at Wise Skies (including cosmically inspired recipes), a monthly column at Ranch & Reserve and offer personalized monthly reports to help you understand the celestial program and your unique place in it.

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I write a weekly forecast that explains the energy available in the skies for all of us each month here. You can take that forecast one step further and learn what it all means for you and how it affects your birth chart by ordering your personalized monthly report for only $35....


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Wise Skies Astrology is different than the horoscope columns you’re probably used to seeing. We’re not breaking it down sign by sign. Instead, we look at the positions of the planets and relationships between them each week and translate that energy into practical advice to help you map your schedule for optimal living. Think of it as a tool to help you plan your day-to-day.

Our mission is to provide relatable, practical, and actionable...