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Tiffany Harelik (rhymes with garlic) is an author and astrologer with over a dozen books in her boutique collection.


Mesa Verde Medicine (fiction: medical crime series)

Wise Skies Astrology (podcast + youtube)

Zen Tea (herbal tea line)


Tiffany has lectured on food culture all over the globe including Europe, the Caribbean and the United States. She has signed books at world-famous Powell's, Book People, The Book Loft, and Barnes and Nobles. Her portfolio includes seven books in The Trailer Food Diaries series, The Big Bend Cookbook, The Terlingua Chili Cookbook and The Big Country Cookbook. She co-wrote The Live Pain-Free Cookbook and The Columbus Food Truck Cookbook as well. She is the food editor of Ranch and Reserve magazine and offers book coaching and publishing services.


Born in Austin, raised in Buffalo Gap, Tiffany is a former rattlesnake roundup queen who is Texas to the bone. Before she began a career in publishing, Tiffany spent 16+ years in event production for corporate clients such as Google, Austin City Limits music fest, Lollapalooza, Viva Big Bend Music Festival, Green Fern Events, Trailer Food Tuesdays, Side Project Sundays and more.


Tiffany's search for meaning began with a near-death experience and continued to her graduate studies when she obtained a Master's Degree in Health Psychology. Through astrology, she learned how to read birth charts and interpret planetary patterns to navigate the ups and downs of daily life with the magic of good timing. She puts the PLAN in planet to help you strategize your month, make tough decisions, and understand the cosmic calendar with practical advice. "You're more than your Sun Sign, and there's more to it than meets the Skies." She writes the monthly forecast, hosts the podcast, and answers burning questions at Wise Skies Astrology.


When she is not thumbing through cookbooks, she is sipping sherpa chai on her yoga mat or biking to the nearest hot spring. She advocates for health, dog rescue and the conservation of wild places. Follow her on the magical mystery tour as she travels through the universe looking for good ghost stories and recipes just itching to be passed down.


Contact Tiffany for speaking engagements, book coaching: spellboundpublishers@gmail.com

Contact Tiffany for astrology consultation: tiffany@wiseskiesastrology.com

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Hi! I'm Tiffany - From recipes to astrology and now medical crime - I write books for people who want a little more magic in their lives. I'm the head honcho at Spellbound Publishers, and forecaster-podcaster-master at Wise Skies Astrology.

My first foray into writing began in 2007 to preserve family histories and heirloom recipes. Twelve books and five publishers later, I had developed a niche market in regional travel-oriented cookbooks that focused on recipes from food trucks, restaurants, and families. The idea was to feature the food culture of an area and pass down their special recipes while making the reader feel like they are on a road trip. Since those first dozen cookbooks, I have expanded my genres to astrology, fiction, and other things that make you enjoy life's mysteries.

With Spellbound Publishers, my goal is to give other authors an easy and fun pathway to indie publishing. If you'd like to submit your book idea, please email spellboundpublishers@gmail.com Bonus: here is an article to help you determine if indie publishing is best for you. For a "behind the scenes" read about the art of cookbook writing, check out my ebook. It gives you the tools you need to write your first cookbook in 3 months or less and shares a lot of my journey with you so you don't have to make rookie mistakes. I love to connect with you on social media - please reach out and say hello.

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