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Tiffany Harelik (rhymes with garlic) is an author and entrepreneur. She offers publishing services, workshops, and personal astrology sessions to help you map a meaningful life.


Mesa Verde Medicine - fiction - medical crime set in a pharmacy in the four corners.

In Essence - a coffee table book featuring iconic photography of musicians by White Light Exposure

Fork and Moon - a vegetarian cookbook for those wanting to eat by the Moon's influences.


Tiffany has lectured on food culture all over the globe including Europe, the Caribbean and the United States. She has signed her cookbooks at world-famous Powell's in Portland, Book People in Austin, The Book Loft in Columbus, and various Barnes and Nobles. Her portfolio includes seven books in The Trailer Food Diaries series, as well as The Big Bend Cookbook, The Terlingua Chili Cookbook and The Big Country Cookbook. She co-wrote The Live Pain-Free Cookbook and The Columbus Food Truck Cookbook. She loves passing down recipes, gardening by the Moon and eating a vegetarian diet.


Tiffany's search for meaning began with a near-death experience and continued to her graduate studies when she obtained a Master's Degree in Health Psychology. Through studying under a master astrologer in 2000, she learned how to read birth charts and interpret planetary patterns. She writes the monthly forecast, co-hosts the podcast, and answers burning questions at Wise Skies Advice.


Born in Austin, raised in Buffalo Gap, Tiffany Harelik writes books for people who want to know more. She has written over a dozen cookbooks and is currently writing in the thriller and metaphysical genres. Before her career in publishing, Tiffany worked in music event production. When she is not thumbing through cookbooks and star charts, she is sipping sherpa chai on her yoga mat. Follow Tiffany on the magical mystery tour.


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Tiffany's books have been featured on: Thrillist, Examiner, Tasty Touring, The Austin Post, The Westlake Picayune and more. Below are some reviews on the inside scoop of hundreds of crave-worthy recipes and how Tiff carved her entrepreneurial pathway in the literary world.

Austin Chronicle, Austin Woman Magazine, Austin Woman Magazine, Austin Man Magazine, Culture Map, Randall Metting, Homemade Austin

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