Zodiac Gift Guide

Zodiac Gift Guide

Gift giving is an art and a love language. To find that special gift for someone, that gift that feels like you really know who they are at the core of their being requires relationship. Knowing their zodiac sign can help you gain an advantage when it comes to gifting.
Part of the homework in my astrology courses includes creating a gift guide by Venus sign. These were written by budding astrologers for Venus signs, however the gifts work for Sun signs, Moon signs, or Venus signs. Do you agree? What would you add?
Also: gifting your loved ones a copy of the digital astrology calendar, or 40 days of Spirit make great eco-friendly gifts that can be enjoyed during any season. 

Fire Signs


– tickets to a baseball game
– tickets to whatever is the latest show/exhibition/experience in the city
– escape room
– a pair of roller skates
– skydiving lessons
– tickets to a baseball game 
– a trip to travel and tour space
– sportswear (bold and dramatic)
– an in-depth astrology reading
– tickets to a sporting event
– a trip to a private race car track where they can enjoy the thrill of speed
– A gift certificate to Bikram hot yoga


– hot air balloon ride 
– flowers delivered to their work; jewelry
– Queen/King for a day experience
– a feather boa
– hair products, a Gucci bag AND a Porsche
– concert tickets
– spa-pamper-shopping excursion
– something from the jewelers (make them feel celebrated)
– day that focuses totally on them – go to their favorite shop(s), get a mani-pedi, then off to her favorite restaurant 
– selfie stick and ring light
– expensive well-tailored piece of clothing
– a huge surprise party


– plane tickets to Bali
– stargazing experience
– cabin in the mountains
– invite to a TED talk
– bike riding trip in Italy exploring town to town
– a hike in the mountains 
– a new camper van
– travel bags (adventurous and outdoorsy love to expand their horizons)
– a tandem skydive jump
– book on philosophy 
– book a train trip through the Canadian Rockies
– a surprise weekend getaway

Earth Signs


– Netflix and chill time by a fire with some ice cream
– hike in the woods 
– cash
– chocolates and a massage
-basket of cookies
– new Egyptian cotton bed sheets
– a trip to a spa day or massage and facial or something from their wish list
– new home furnishings
– day at the spa (appeal to their impeccable taste)
– a hand-knit chunky blanket
– flowers and a candlelit dinner at home for two


– an Apple Watch
– tickets for a yoga /meditation retreat
– maid service for a year
– gift certificate for a yoga class
– museum membership
– maid service, vacuum, endless honey-do list completed
– a journal or astrology calendar
– gift of a professional organizer
– journal (appeal to their practical needs)
– gift basket with fresh herbs/flowers to plant, book about the herbs/flowers, gardening gloves, – gardening tools, and signs to mark the plants oncethey have been planted
– a planner
– a one-day cleaning service
– a special home cooked meal


– a bank CD
– skincare products
– cash, lots of it
– sensible but pretty shoes
– solid leather briefcase for work with security lock
– a large gift certificate 
– investment lessons
– office supplies or coffee maker (driven and ambitious)
– an expensive journal
– iPad with awesome organizing apps on it
– a massage
– the home remodel they have been saving for

Air Signs


– an Audible subscription
– stationery
– tickets to a lecture on their favorite subject or hobby
– a puzzle
– Barnes & Noble gift card
– Audible subscription or a stand up comedy show
– a day out on a planned scavenger hunt
– art class or cooking class (abundance of interests due to insatiable curiosity)
– a family or friend game night-they get to pick the games
– poetry book
– a pair of unique bookends
– an art gallery opening


– art museum trip and fine dining
– clothes, makeup or perfume
– Club Med vacay
– heart shaped diamond necklace or shopping spree day
– museum and fine dining or jewelry
– the proposal they have been waiting for 
– artistic wall hanging (enjoy aesthetically pleasing things)
– a day or membership at the local art museum
– surprise party with their friends at a hip lounge
– movie night


– an astrology reading
– crystals
– planetarium visit
– a chance to serve at a soup kitchen
– latest version of iphone or Nintendo Switch
– healing retreat with a revered shaman
– camera (appreciate anything unexpected)
– a Van Gogh Immersive experience tickets with a group of friends
– video games
– large party in a unique venue
– a trip to the French Riviera

Water Signs


– a home cooked meal (with candlelight and fire at home)
– homeware
– professional family portrait
– fuzzy blanket
– an engagement/commitment ring
– something for their house 
– a family vacation
– heartfelt handwritten note or card (they appreciate gifts from the heart)
– a photo book comprised of family and/or friend photos from the past year
– a collage of photos of the two of you
– a second honeymoon


– a bottle of wine (gift responsibly)
– lingerie
– underground/outsider art experience
– tarot deck
– tickets to a NOLA Ghost Tour
– pheromone perfume
– customized private Napa wine tour (gift responsibly)
– perfume that will turn heads (they think deeply about purpose of gift)
– massage, reiki, and/or energy healing
– escape room outing
– satin sheets and chocolates
– a weekend exploring Santa Fe


– a CD with songs that remind you of them
– spa day
– yoga retreat
– a Krishna das CD
– glitter and a Unicorn Lovie (stuffed animal)
– a personal playlist of how much you love them 
– self made ceramic mug / or a couples trip to the painting ceramic place
– lessons with a professional herbalist
– book by favorite author ( deeply caring and grateful)
– a copy of “Take Back the Magic” by Perdita Finn
– stargazing event and professing undying love – under the open sky under the stars – especially near a body of water
– a romantic deck of Tarot cards
– a romantic sunset sail

Special thank you to my students, colleagues, and friends who participated in this article. Cheers to community! And good gifts!