Twelve common obstacles and tips to overcome them

Several factors hinder spiritual growth. Identifying and addressing these barriers is crucial for progressing on your spiritual and psychic journey. 
By addressing these blocks and adopting supportive practices, you can enhance your spiritual growth and psychic development.
Below are twelve common obstacles and tips to overcome them. You may wish to conduct a personal discovery inventory as well. 

Spiritual Block Assessment

1. Fear and Doubt

Fear of the Unknown: Fear of what you might encounter or discover can prevent you from fully engaging in spiritual or psychic practices. Self-Doubt: Lack of confidence in your abilities can hinder your progress. Believing you are not “psychic enough” or spiritually advanced can be a significant barrier.

Address Fears and Doubts: Confront and work through fears and doubts. Journaling, therapy, and support groups can help.

2. Negative Beliefs and Conditioning

Limiting Beliefs: Holding onto beliefs that psychic abilities or spiritual growth are not possible for you can create self-imposed limitations. Societal Conditioning: Cultural or societal skepticism about spirituality and psychic phenomena can discourage you from pursuing your interests.

Solution: Challenge Negative Beliefs:
Replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones through affirmations and positive thinking. What is the truth?


3. Emotional Blocks

Unresolved Trauma: Past emotional trauma can create energetic blockages that impede spiritual and psychic development. Negative Emotions: Persistent feelings of anger, jealousy, resentment, or fear can lower your vibrational frequency and block progress.

Heal Emotional Wounds: Engage in 12-step practices, attend spiritual services/churches, go to counseling, get therapy, energy healing to heal past trauma and emotional blocks.


4. Lack of Grounding

Disconnection from Reality: Being too focused on the spiritual realm without staying grounded in the physical world can create imbalances. Lack of Practical Application: Not integrating spiritual insights into your daily life can make growth feel disconnected and unsustainable.


Solution: Ground Yourself: Practice grounding techniques such as walking in nature, yoga, or grounding meditations. There are grounding mats and products to experiment with. Put your bare feet in the dirt for 20 minutes. 


5. Inconsistent Practice

Irregular Practice: Inconsistent meditation, mindfulness, or other spiritual practices can slow progress. Consistency is key to development. Lack of Discipline: Spiritual and psychic development requires dedication and effort. Without discipline, growth can stagnate.


Solution: Stay Consistent: Develop a regular spiritual practice routine, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no. Have integrity with your word – no wishy/washy behavior.


6. Energy Imbalances

Chakra Blockages: Imbalances or blockages in the chakra system can impede the flow of spiritual energy. Energetic Stagnation: Lack of movement or energy flow in your life can create stagnation, both physically and spiritually.


Solution: Balance Your Energy: Practice chakra balancing, bounce on the trampoline to move lymph, get acupuncture or other energy healing modalities to ensure your energy flows freely.


7. Environmental Factors

Negative Environments: Surrounding yourself with negative or unsupportive people can drain your energy and impede progress. Lack of Sacred Space: Not having a dedicated, peaceful space for spiritual practice can make it harder to focus and connect.


Solution: Create a Sacred Space: Dedicate a space in your home for spiritual practice, free from distractions.


8. Poor Physical Health

Physical Health Issues: Neglecting your physical health can affect your energy levels and mental clarity, both of which are important for spiritual and psychic practices. Unhealthy Lifestyle: Poor diet, lack of exercise, and insufficient sleep can all contribute to energetic blockages. 


Solution: Take Care of Your Body: Maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, exercise, and sufficient rest. Get healthy with me here.


9. Over-Reliance on External Validation

Seeking Approval: Constantly seeking validation or approval from others can distract you from your inner guidance and intuition. Comparing to Others: Comparing your journey to others’ can create feelings of inadequacy and hinder your progress.


Solution: Seek Internal Validation: Focus on your inner experiences and insights rather than seeking external validation. What is your personal experience, strength, and hope? What is your spiritual testimony? What do the small wins, the little progresses look like?


10. Ego Interference

Ego Attachment: Being overly attached to your ego or personal identity can block deeper spiritual insights and intuitive abilities. Arrogance: Believing you have nothing more to learn can close you off from further growth and new experiences.


Solution: Manage the Ego: Your ego is not your amigo. Practice humility and remain open to learning and growth.


11. Lack of Support

No Mentorship: Lack of guidance from a teacher or mentor can make the path more difficult to navigate. Isolation: Not having a community or support network can make you feel alone and hinder your motivation.


Solution: Find Support: Connect with mentors, join spiritual communities, and seek guidance when needed. The twelve step programs offer free mentorship.


12. Resistance to Change

Comfort Zone: Staying within your comfort zone and resisting change can prevent growth. Fear of Transformation: Spiritual and psychic development often require personal transformation, which can be intimidating.


Solution: Embrace Change: Be open to change and transformation as part of your spiritual and psychic journey.

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