Divination Tools are things we can use to access psychic information. Tarot, pendulums, and crystals are some of our favorites. 


Tarot cards have been used to access psychic information since the 1400s. Standard decks are 78 cards and are divided into Major Arcana, and Minor Arcana.
“Everyone needs an oracle of some kind, at sometime or another.
Often all we need is a new perspective. Sometimes our unconscious knows the answer but we can’t access it easily. Tarot cards are a way of accessing our personal intuition and can often provide objective, visual and tangible advice.” – Deborah Carter Mastelotto
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How do you always know?!

“Omg, Tiff! I swear it’s like you have my place bugged and can hear my conversations. Your Tarot Fridays are always spot on!  How do you always know?!?!?!? Omg! You’re amazing!” -Kay
“You are a most wonderful teacher. I looked for someone like you 40 years ago when l wanted to learn!!!”  -Maiia, retired tarot reader of 30 years


A pendulum is used for yes/no questions. You can use a necklace, a stone on a string, or a beautiful crystal pendulum.


After a grounding meditation, hold the pendulum still, and say “Show me a yes.”  The pendulum will begin to move in a circle or side to side. However it moves, this is your ‘yes’. Repeat the same exercise to understand what a ‘no’ looks like. Then, ask a question you know the answer to—to strengthen the yes/no communication. Ex: My name is Tiffany (yes). I am 37 (no). 




The crystal kingdom supports you. 

If your path brought you here, you’re like a crystal lover like us! We work with crystals, and crystal grids in healing work, and in psychic development to cleanse, ground, and balance energy. You’ll also see them mentioned in the digital astrology calendar and forecast. There are many ways to work with crystals, and many crystals to pick from—here are a few of our favorites:



Rose Quartz

Moss Agate 


Lapis Lazuli


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