READY to publish your book?

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Spellbound offers publishing services for busy people who want help turning their manuscript into a book. While we are seeking mind-body-health and natural living titles, we also love working with authors of all genres to set up their own imprint so that they can maintain full rights and 100% of royalties. We take you all the way through the publishing process, and give you all of the control along the way. This means no one will be able to stop you from writing, designing, and selling the book of your heart, nor take advantage of you.

Here's how it works

First - let's talk!

Please read our article on decoding publishing. Once you have a complete manuscript, schedule a publishing call with Tiffany so we know where to start the conversation. Please come prepared to the call with a 150-word author bio, professional author photo, and 150-word back cover text for you book. You'll also need to select a book size: 5.5 x 8.5, 6x9, 5x7, or 8x8.



In most projects, editing is required to improve accuracy, readability, and to ensure that your book is free of error. We will assign the editor on our team who is the best fit and personality for your book. Once their edit is complete, you will receive the edited version with tracked changes. You will have the opportunity to review any comments or questions from the editor and make changes as needed before we send your manuscript on to production for layout.

Pricing depends on length and state of manuscript (Budget $500-$3500). Yep! You may omit this if you have a squeaky clean copy and are publishing under your own imprint.



Interior: Your final edited manuscript is now ready for the interior layout phase. You should have completed all major content, grammatical, and punctuation changes at this stage. We will use your final edited manuscript to create a stunning first draft layout that best suits your genre and is cohesive with your cover. You will review the first draft layout, noting any design requests, and minor edits. At this stage, it is imperative for the author to also do a complete read-through of the book so that all remaining changes are requested at this time. We will make all of your requested changes and provide you with a second draft layout for review. Changes requested at this stage will be made for $65/hour. After your review of the second draft, we will create a final interior file for publishing. You will review this one last time and officially sign off on the final file.

Cover: We will create three beautiful front cover concepts based on your direction. You will choose the concept you like the best and submit your wishes for fine tuning. Once you have approved the front cover design, we will create a full cover with your bio, back cover text, author picture, and ISBN + barcode. You will review the final cover and note any last-minute changes before signing off on the final file. Please note: we must have the final interior file for page count in order to produce the spine of the cover as well as determine final pricing.

We will file the copyright in your name, purchase the ISBN on your behalf, and register your work with the Library of Congress so that your book is eligible for purchase in the Library system.

Once final pricing is confirmed, we will update your book files and prepare your files for printing. We will upload your paperback, hardback, and ebook files at this time.

Pricing for interior + cover production depends on the length and style of the manuscript (Budget $2,000-$5,000).



At this point, you will have a beautiful book that is ready for printing and distribution. Now that we have a final page count and price, we can discuss your printing options, royalties, profit margins, and return on investment.

It's an exciting time! Your book and ebook will soon be accessible on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and available for purchase in all major book stores. You can also order your book for personal sales with no minimum order.

The cost of books (to you) is determined by book size, page count, color options, and various other factors. You can order and sell your own books through your website and receive maximum profit - while also selling directly to book stores for royalties without incurring the upfront cost to print. We will discuss all of this on a production call.



Need help getting heard without the hassle? Be sure to check out our marketing services. Consider setting yourself up for success as early as 3-6 months before you release your title. Here are some things to consider as you approach your launch:

Establish the connection. Set up social media counts, create a monthly newsletter, collect emails from readers on your website, and set your website up to process book orders. Begin to actively engage with book stores, colleagues, local media, fans, and potential readers. Get active in at least one social media account where you think most of your readers are hanging out [facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, youtube, linkedin, etc.].

Set up events. Create a spreadsheet that has all of the local book stores, libraries, conventions, and locations that can sell your book. After your book has been uploaded to the Ingram system and is available for printing, begin to secure speaking engagements and book signings. Before your event, create a facebook event and make the venue the co-host. Actively invite friends and promote, always tagging the host venue in each social media platform. During your event, be prepared with bookmarks, email sign up lists, and a way to process credit cards if needed.

Alert the press and influencers. Include a tab for local media. Create a one-sheet for your book, and submit a press release to the media regarding your book signings in bullet points. Include links to facebook events and your site. Send a newsletter to your warm market to rally the troops.

Print marketing materials. You may want to print postcards or bookmarks with all of the signing events and send a stack to each of the locations hosting you to assist with marketing.

Dive into Podcasts. Whether you want to host your own podcast, or you want to be a guest on podcasts, this growing platform is a great way to reach readers.

Create buzz. Collaborate with your network to co-promote similar authors and products. Consider a blog tour, blog blitz, or work with me to establish yourself as an Amazon bestseller.


  • Project Management (publishing process oversight)

  • Layout & Design of your files (2-3 passes until we have print-ready files)

  • Book Cover Design (3-5 samples based on your vision)

  • Copy Editing (at the macro and micro levels)

  • Print Book & Ebook Files

  • Amazon publication with Prime eligibility

  • Your title listed in Ingram for distribution

  • Advanced Reader Copies (watermarked PDF for reviewers)

  • ISBN Registration

  • Library of Congress Registration

  • Copyright Registered in Your name

  • Marketing Support (1 hour strategy call)

  • Professional 3D Book Image

  • Personalized Publishing Coaching & Break-even analysis coaching

  • Portfolio Package

  • One complimentary printed copy of your book upon completion.

  • All inclusive packages range from $3500-$5500

  • Does not include: printing books + marketing packages + promo materials