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SPELLBOUND is a boutique publishing company specializing in culinary travel, mysticism, lore, history, recipes, and interesting books you can't put down. We offer services to help new authors turn their book from idea to bookstore. After writing over a dozen books an managing over one hundred book projects, author Tiffany Harelik launched Spellbound Publishers. Do you want to write a book, but you're not sure how to make it happen? Email SpellboundPublishers@gmail.com for questions, rates and author guidance.

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The Best of Trailer Food Diaries by Renee Casteel Cook

From the Southwest, to the Northwest to the Midwest, this book features all the best stories and recipes from food trucks across the U.S.A. Join culinary travel author Renee Casteel Cook, alongside Tiffany Harelik and Steven Shomler as they take you through an unprecedented literary food truck tour in Austin, Portland, and Columbus with a few pit stops in Dallas and Houston. You'll get to read the history behind some of the world's most interesting food cart personalities while learning to make dishes that will soon become your family's favorite thing to eat. From Beef Bacon Cheddar Stuffed Meatballs and Hawaiian Style Ahi Limu Poke to Cardamom Chai Chicken and Marinated Beets with Black Walnuts as well as Tomato Jam, Fried Green Tomatoes and Grilled Asparagus with Strawberry Kalonji Dressing & Cumin Fried Hazelnuts this cookbook has something for everyone, at every table. ISBN: 978099773942

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The Tarot Primer, by Deborah Carter Mastelotto

Everyone needs an oracle of some kind, at sometime or another. Often all we need is a new perspective. Sometimes our unconscious knows the answer but we can't access it easily. Tarot cards are a way of accessing our personal intuition and can often provide objective, visual and tangible advice. The pictures on the cards speak to every human, no matter their country or language. The cards have no agenda. They are free of any attachments or previous prejudices. They are innocuous and clean, ready for you to use in whatever way works for you as long as you stay mindful and handle them with love in your heart. Learn how to work with the Tarot in this easy to read instructional book for all levels. ISBN 9780997734928

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The Terlingua Chili Cookbook, by Tiffany Harelik

After writing a dozen cookbooks, Tiffany Harelik launched Spellbound Publishers with The Terlingua Chili Cookbook. This book captures recipes alongside 50 years of history and stories from the most iconic chili cookoff of all times held in far West Texas. ISBN 9780997734904

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The Zebra Just Couldn't Decide, by Duncan Jones

Have you ever wondered why the zebra is striped? We have too! And it looks like we found the answer! All the animals in the kingdom are set to choose their colors, but the zebra just cannot decide. Perfect for readers of all ages and full of encouragement, this vibrantly illustrated rhyming poem delivers a message that everyone will love and that young minds cannot possibly hear enough. ISBN 9780997734935