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Numerology for your Home, by Amanda Rieger Green, MPh

The overall idea of using numerology in your home is simple: Change your numbers, change your life. Not only can your space be lighter, easier, and more in-the-flow, you might also learn how to stand in alignment with your desires and life purpose. No small thing, right? It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Literally. It all starts with changing the energy of your home with these quick numerology strategies. Find Amanda at www.SoulPathology.com. ISBN: 9780997734973

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The Tarot Primer, by Deborah Carter Mastelotto

Everyone needs an oracle of some kind, at sometime or another. Often all we need is a new perspective. Sometimes our unconscious knows the answer but we can't access it easily. Tarot cards are a way of accessing our personal intuition and can often provide objective, visual and tangible advice. The pictures on the cards speak to every human, no matter their country or language. The cards have no agenda. They are free of any attachments or previous prejudices. They are innocuous and clean, ready for you to use in whatever way works for you as long as you stay mindful and handle them with love in your heart. Learn how to work with the Tarot in this easy to read instructional book for all levels. Find Deborah at www.Pinkchronicity.com.ISBN : 9780997734928