Be an Author

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Publishing can be daunting, but I've made it easier for you to decode the publishing process in this article. Here's how the Spellbound process works:

Step 1: Submit your manuscript to - these are reviewed monthly, thank you for your patience. We only accept metaphysical self-development books at this time.

Step 2: Once your manuscript has been accepted, you're ready to start your publishing journey. We will provide a quote for your project, which includes these services:

· 1 hour strategy session with Tiffany: this is a vision & planning call to create your production schedule

· 1/2 hour creative design call: to discuss the aesthetics of your book

· 1 hour marketing & distribution call: to discuss leads and contacts for stores

· Author services: ISBN registration, editing, page layout, cover design, distribution, registration with the library of congress, ebook conversion

· The opportunity to work with an inspiring team of publishing professionals to get your book launched in book stores.


We are a small, boutique indie publisher. Depending on the size, genre, and scope of your work, the production fee averages $3500. We require your completed manuscript, any images, and your full production balance to begin work, with monthly payment arrangements available upon request.

ORDERING BOOKS: We offer a print on demand model with no minimum order on books. The cost of books (to you) is determined by book size, page count, color options, and various other factors. You can then order and sell your own books through your website and receive maximum profit - while also selling directly to book stores for royalties without incurring the upfront cost to print.

ROYALTIES: There are two main ways you will make a profit on your book sales. One is when you buy copies of your own book and sell them on your own. The other is through royalties. Because we list your title at Ingram (the world's largest book distributor), any book store can order your book and carry it at their store. We pay royalties once a year.