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Hiring a Food Truck for Events & Catering

There is a common misconception that most food trucks would appreciate any catering opportunity. But rarely will you find a food truck who is looking for an opportunity to 'just' come sell food at an event. Why? They have established locations with regular clientele. To ask them to move their business with no guarantee of sales and an unsure amount of attendees is risky business. Below my food truck catering recommendations is a quick checklist for you to get your ducks in a row before reaching out for quotes for a food truck to come to your event.


· Are you charging the food truck to come to your event? If so, how much?

· How many other food trucks will be allowed at the event? and will you allow 2 trucks of the same genre of food to participate?

· How many eaters will the event attract?

· How many guaranteed sales will you promise the food truck vendor? (They need to prepare food and hire staff well in advance. Many will want a guaranteed sale of $1k per event to consider coming.)

· Are you paying the food truck to hand out 'free' samples at your event? If so, how many samples over how many hours?

· What are the hours, location with directions, and onsite contact person for your event?

· Does your event provide electricity, or does the food truck need to bring a generator?

· Can the food truck sell drinks?

· Do you require a specialized or reduced menu to facilitate quicker lines, or can the food truck sell their entire range of menu items?

· How will the food truck be compensated? Is wireless internet available for credit card sales?

· How will the event be marketed?


I have worked with these trucks for a number of years on various events. From small intimate occasions to large festivals and private events, here is my go to list for who I trust to give you a fair quote, show up on time, provide stellar cuisine and give your event a great food truck experience.

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Wholly Kabob

Born in Iran, Nanaz Ahmadi opened her Middle Eastern-Persian food trailer in Austin. Using local, organic, or all-natural ingredients, her menu features minced-meat kebabs served in wraps or as bowls; several sides and a vegetarian option add to her healthy and flavorful cuisine.

CONTACT: (512) 983-3859

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Chi'Lantro BBQ

Home of the original kimchi fries, Chi'Lantro is one of Austin's favorite iconic food trucks who has also opened multiple restaurant locations. “Great food brings people together. Chi’Lantro is a bridge between cultures and our food is intended to be shared with friends and family." They offer catering with or without the truck and kindly ask that your catering orders must be finalized and processed 24 hours in advance.

CONTACT: 512-800-9098, catering@chilantrobbq.com

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Hey! You Gonna Eat or What?!

Chef Eric Regan serves iconic sandwiches with a Texas twist. They offer excellent catering drops, but do not bring the truck to events.

CONTACT: (512) 296-3547

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The Peached Tortilla

The Peached Tortilla started as a food truck and expanded to brick and mortar. They cater all types of Austin events with or without their amazing food truck, including weddings, festivals, birthdays and private get togethers. Their catering events last two hours (although they can last longer upon request). Prices vary per person depending on the menu items chosen. Their catering menu features their well known “street food” items in addition to more traditional entree style options. Their clients have included H&M, Cricket Wireless, Nike, Google, Whole Foods, and many others. #GetPeached

CONTACT: 512.222.8781, catering@thepeachedtortilla.com

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The Flying Carpet

The Flying Carpet turns Moroccan cuisine on it's head with a revolutionary vision to make ancient Moroccan culinary techniques relevant and modern "We prepare your food the way it would be in our home when we entertain dear friends. At the heart of our venture is a true desire to introduce Morocco’s culture, aesthetic and people through its food. When we cook for you it is a meditation, an opus to Morocco, and to our love. When we a prepare the meal for your personal event it will be as if we are preparing for our own." Cooks Abdu & Maria. Here is more information about their catering.

CONTACT: theflyingcarpetaustin@gmail.com

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