SPELLBOUND is a boutique publishing company specializing in metaphysical titles. We offer services to help new authors turn their manuscripts into bookstore books, as well as set up signing events and tours. After writing over a dozen books and shepherding hundreds of book projects, Tiffany Harelik launched Spellbound Publishers in 2016, and Wise Kitchen Press in 2019.


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Everyone needs an oracle of some kind, at sometime or another. Often all we need is a new perspective. Sometimes our unconscious knows the answer but we can't access it easily. Tarot cards are a way of accessing our personal intuition and can often provide objective, visual and tangible advice. The pictures on the cards speak to every human, no matter their country or language. The cards have no agenda. They are free of any attachments or previous prejudices. They are innocuous and clean, ready for you to use in whatever way works for you as long as you stay mindful and handle them with love in your heart. Learn how to work with the Tarot in this easy to read instructional book for all levels. Find Deborah atwww.Pinkchronicity.com.ISBN : 9780997734928

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The overall idea of using numerology in your home is simple: Change your numbers, change your life. Not only can your space be lighter, easier, and more in-the-flow, you might also learn how to stand in alignment with your desires and life purpose. No small thing, right? It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Literally. It all starts with changing the energy of your home with these quick numerology strategies. Find Amanda at www.SoulPathology.com. ISBN: 9780997734973


How it Works

Publishing can be daunting, but I've made it easier for you to decode the publishing process in this article. Here's how the Spellbound process works:

Step 1: Submit your manuscript to spellboundpublishers@gmail.com - these are reviewed monthly, thank you for your patience. We only accept metaphysical self-development books at this time.

Step 2: Once your manuscript has been accepted, you're ready to start your publishing journey. We will provide a quote and timeline for your project. We are a small, independent full service publisher. Depending on the size, genre, and scope of your work, the production fee averages $3500. We require your completed manuscript, any images, and half of your production balance to begin work.

ORDERING BOOKS + ROYALTIES: We offer a print on demand model with no minimum order on books. The cost of books (to you) is determined by book size, page count, color options, and various other factors. You can order and sell your own books through your website and receive maximum profit - while also selling directly to book stores for royalties without incurring the upfront cost to print. That's what we like to call mailbox money. Because we list your title at Ingram (the world's largest book distributor), any book store can order your book and carry it at their store. We pay royalties once a year.