Brahmaputra Emergency Floods [Summer 2019]


On a special trip to India last year, I made a friend with our guide who lives locally in Assam. I spoke with him the morning of July 15th, 2019 regarding the unprecedented floods in his area and asked how we could help. Many of you answered the call and we raised $1200.00 USD. Here is an update on the impact we made together:

UPDATE: The team on the ground pictured above delivered mosquito nets to people in afflicted areas, milk to orphaned and injured rhinos, nutrition drinks to new mothers, and even made a special trip through treacherous territory to deliver supplies to the newborn born on a boat during the floods (Krishna).

THE SITUATION - It rained for over one month straight (they normally see 10 consecutive days, so this is extensive). Swaleh said, "We have never seen this type of rain."

THE PEOPLE - The tributaries flooded the main river, which ruined homes and rice fields (their main source of food and income). As such, people have tried to move to the forests, but the government will not allow them in the National Parks. They then move to homeless shelters and find demeaning jobs in the already over-populated cities. This results in crime and corruption. Several have resorted to poaching for fast cash to be able to provide food and shelter for their families. When the waters recede, mosquitos and related diseases will skyrocket. Additionally, students have lost their books in the floods and 3-4 children are sharing books for the remaining 6 months.

THE WILDLIFE - In addition to being poached, the wildlife have nowhere to go. Monkeys, deer, and multiple species are victims of starvation and roadkill. Truck drivers are afraid to drive through the National Park (the only main road still open) because elephants will charge the trucks looking for rice and potatoes (they have no food either).

HOW WE HELPED - People were able to rely on help from their friends across the globe to get through this very trying month by supplying basic needs. Our trusted friend on the ground used money raised from this fundraiser to purchase and distribute the following items to the communities in greatest need:

  • infant food ($5) + diapers ($10)
  • sanitary pads for women ($5)
  • mosquito nets ($5)
  • water filters ($35)
  • tarps to provide temporary shelter ($10)
  • wire to hold the tarps up ($15 goes a very long way)
  • books for students ($5)

Your donations are went to my personal paypal account, and I paid our trusted contact on the ground in India directly. 100% of funds raised went to the relief efforts. We chose this route as Facebook India does not currently allow donations for relief.