May 2024

May 2024

by Tiffany Harelik

May Intention & Numerology

It feels good to experience clarity and consistency on a regular basis. I trust the process that is unfolding through me. I believe in progress, not perfection.

May is a 4-month in an 8-year: Rebuilding a foundation that was made to last. Minimize. What can you declutter? Get things in order on the home front and with estate planning. Take note of anything that overcomplicates your life or triggers anxiety, and clean it up. This is a great month to assess priorities and make sure daily actions match up with your bigger vision. Are there more efficient processes? This is your month to fine-tune in a big way.

May 1st – 5th

The beginning of May starts out slow but with intensity. 

May 1 | Beltane – 🌗♒︎ Last Quarter Moon at 11° Aquarius 6:27am CST 

This is harvest time. Something that started 2.5 years ago, is now coming to fruition. What feels complete? This Moon marks wisdom, experience, and seasoned perspective. What awards, gratitude, or recognition can be provided for something that is wrapping up? Look at the house 11° Aquarius ignites in your personal chart for more information on this Moon phase family’s theme in your life. 


1.🌑♒︎ February 1, 2022, New Moon 12° Aquarius: Set intentions, a new 2.5-year cycle begins. Wait and see what unfolds. 

2.🌓♒︎ November 1, 2022, First Quarter Moon 8° Aquarius: Readiness to take action steps.

3.🌕♒︎ August 1, 2023, Full Moon 9° Aquarius: Observe what is being illuminated – pivot if needed, then commit. 

4.🌗♒︎ May 1, 2024, Last Quarter Moon 11° Aquarius: Closure and completion. A time to pay up or receive payments both financially and energetically.

May 3 | Pluto retrograde in Aquarius
Pluto retrograde will unearth some of the themes and characters from our collective consciousness that are up for review. Pluto will go direct in Capricorn on October 11th or 12th depending on your time zone. The spiritual law of obedience, surrender, and devotion are powerful motivators for change. Revisit, reconsider what you are in obedience to. 

May 3rd |  Mars sextile Pluto
Positive change at the snap of your fingers! Mars energizes, retrograde Pluto transforms. What you put into action now, will yield results. Mutation is in effect. 

May 6th – 12th

The second week’s transits are all about solidity and focus, keep it going!

May 6 | Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries
Quiet observer. Transformative thoughts.

 “There’s a difference between knowing about God, and knowing God. There’s a big difference.” Wayne Dyer. 

Mercury transits illuminate our minds, while Chiron provides information about our spiritual healing experiences. How do you make conscious contact with your Higher Power? Do you ask for Spiritual guidance throughout the day?

May 7 | Sun sextile Saturn
Your hard work is paying off – keep going. Personal development, chiropractic, and dental appointments are favorable now. Saturn rules teeth, bones, structures, and karma. The Sun governs our health, vitality, and ability to shine. Is it time to ask for a raise under tonight’s New Moon in Taurus? 

New Moon in Taurus, 10:21pm CST
New Moon Intention: I feel safe, secure, and trust my body to take me to and through correct experiences. Planting seeds around your body, money, food, fertility, perseverance, feeling grounded, stability, and letting go of stubbornness. This phase signifies subconscious influences and new beginnings. More will be shown over time. New Moon intentions are most potent during the first 8 hours of when the Moon is New. 

Look at the house 18° Taurus ignites in your personal chart for more information on this Moon phase family’s theme in your life. 


1.🌑♉︎ May 8, 2024, New Moon 18° Taurus: Set intentions, a new 2.5-year cycle begins. Wait and see what unfolds. 

2.🌓♉︎ February 5, 2025, First Quarter Moon 16° Taurus: Readiness to take action steps.

3.🌕♉︎ November 5, 2025, Full Moon 13° Taurus: Observe what is being illuminated – pivot if needed, then commit. 

4.🌗♉︎ August 6, 2026, Last Quarter Moon 13° Taurus: Closure and completion. A time to pay up or receive payments both financially and energetically.

May 13th – 19th

Energy ramps up, with more transits honing into the Taurean energy.

May 13 | Uranus CAZIMI in Taurus
Extra energy. Unpredictable change. Aha moments. This is NOT an ideal time for travel or working with mechanical/technical issues. Do you want to stay grounded and let the ideas flow? Uranus innovates. The Sun shines. Taurus roots. 

Learn more about Cazimi’s here.

Also: Mercury exits it’s post-retrograde-shadow period – while Venus sextiles Saturn today – yay! Forward momentum, building foundations in finance and romance.

May 15 | Mercury enters Taurus
Feeling solid about goals, dreams, and people in your life. Practical, down-to-Earth, conservative mindsets are valuable while Mercury is in dependable Taurus May 15th through June 3rd. Be mindful of bull-headed tendencies. Do you want to replace any stubborn, repetitive thoughts with this consideration: What thought do I need to think in order for things to feel solid? How can I shift my perspective and trust myself? What would it be like without the drama? Mercury rules the mind, thinking, communications, and learning.

Taurus helps us slow things down and enjoy the pleasures of learning and talking with others. This is a great season to find a long book or show with several seasons — and then discuss it with others over a good meal. The first quarter Moon today helps us see which pressures are working in our favor.

🌓♌︎ First Quarter Moon at 25° Leo, 6:47am CST
A turning point: an opportunity to walk your talk. This yang phase signifies it’s time to take action (not contemplate). Look back to events that were seeded by the New Moon in this sign (9 months ago) – for clues and themes. Look at the house 25° Leo ignites in your personal chart for more information on this Moon phase family’s theme in your life. 


1.🌑♌︎ August 16, 2023, New Moon 23° Leo: Set intentions, a new 2.5-year cycle begins. Wait and see what unfolds. 

2.🌓♌︎ May 15, 2024, First Quarter Moon 25° Leo: Readiness to take action steps.

3.🌕♌︎ February 12, 2025, Full Moon 24° Leo: Observe what is being illuminated – pivot if needed, then commit. 

4.🌗♌︎ November 12, 2025, Last Quarter Moon 20° Leo: Closure and completion. A time to pay up or receive payments both financially and energetically.

May 17 | Mercury square Pluto
Caution lights come on May 12-17: Be aware of misrepresentation, misunderstanding, and deception. If things look too good to be true, trust your gut. The vibes don’t lie. This is NOT an optimal time for travel, important communications, nor heavy decisions. Do you want to let a little time pass? Do you want to pause and meditate when agitated? Mars ignites. Retrograde Pluto spins.

May 18 | Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus
Exciting times! Attraction to the unusual, futuristic, and metaphysical. This could be a fun time to get a lover’s astrology or tarot reading, go on a blind date, or put up some wacky art that you’ve always wanted to display. Do you want to? What a long, strange trip we’re experiencing – isn’t it fascinating? Goddess Venus illuminates what we love. Uranus is the great inventor, always surprising us with new ideas. The sign of Taurus brings themes around food, finance, stability, and dependability. This is your dream life.

Also on the 18th, Jupiter CAZIMI in Taurus
When Jupiter, the great magnifying glass in the Skies is “cazimi” (conjunct the Sun), it is an auspicious time for conversations with the Heart of God. Sitting in meditative temples, going on magic carpet rides—even if imaginary— stimulates growth and expansion. Bring awareness to the thoughts flowing through your mind. Our thoughts magnify our reality (good and bad) even more so under this influence. What you focus on feeling will increase. The sign of Taurus influences food, finance, fertility, body work, strength, dependability, and stability. 

May 19 | Sun sextile Neptune, Mars conjunct North Node
Use your imagination – dreams come true. Reach for new opportunities, get creative, meditate, and help others. This mystical energy enhances intuition and can arrive a day in advance. New energy is pulling you forward – do you feel it? Let go with grace. Stillness brings answers for the next phase of life.

May 20th – 26th

The fourth week takes us out of Taurus season and into the multiplicity of Gemini energy- a multi-faceted transit week brings discovery.

May 20 | Sun enters Gemini
Curious, intelligent, friendly, multi-tasking Gemini vibes are here. The Sun is in Gemini May 21- June 21. Happy birthday Gemini babes!

May 22 | Sun trine Pluto
Become you. Changing life cycles. Renewal. Upgrade. Uplevel. Phoenix rising. Positive change. Know this: whatever isn’t evolving, is dissolving. Do you want to let it? Standing in both the light and darkness—do you want to? The Full Moon in Sagittarius tomorrow supports finding closure with one season of life.

May 23rd | Venus/Jupiter sextiles Neptune
Abundance. Falling in love. Creative Streak! Spiritual Connections. Increasing net worth, and self worth. Did you know Venus also rules honey? What a magical time to hear the Song of Increase from honey bees and flowers growing. Jupiter expands, Neptune dissolves. These are the planets of the dream weavers.

May 23 – June 17 | Venus enters flirty Gemini Sometimes we feel caught in the middle with this placement—there can be a push/pull dynamic in our relationships and finances during this time. When we’re unclear, or undecided -Venus in Gemini this month influences thoughtful, heartfelt, talkative solutions. Who can you talk things out with?

May 25 | Venus trine Pluto
Feeling the magnetism? There is new life in relationships, and a new pulse of connection. Hearts are open as wide as the world right now – access the magic up to a day in advance on May 25th and August 29th.

May 26 | Jupiter enters Gemini
Information exchange. Information overload. Discernment. Period of enlightenment. Student/Teacher symbolism. Jupiter, the Master Teacher is in the sign of Gemini, the curious student from May 25, 2024, to June 9, 2025. This inspires higher thinking. Locate Gemini in your chart – what house is it in? 

The house themes offer extra insight as to what will be expanding in your life for the next year. Note that Jupiter was last in Gemini from June 11, 2012, to June 25, 2013. There is a line from a prayer in The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous that stands out: our thinking will be on a much higher plane. Below is an excerpt/prayer. Do you want to experiment with it?

May 28th – 31st

May 28 | ☀️ Mercury sextile Saturn
Do you need some alone time to concentrate? This energy supports clear thinking, learning, mentorship, long term goals, and themes around wise elders. This is a great transit to work with when you need to come across as an authority, or step into the authority of your own life. It’s also optimal for studying family lineage. This can be felt a day in advance and occurs January 18 and May 28.

May 29 | ☂️☀️ Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries ♂︎⭐️♈︎
Whose heart is in the palm of your hand? Bravery and vulnerability. Mars inspires, and illuminates the divine masculine. Chiron heals, and represents the inner child. Aries forges a new path forward. Notice opportunities to bravely face or witness profound healing moments with those you hold dear. The underdog wins. This conjunction occurs in 22°Aries. In the tradition of Sabian symbols, 22°Aries represents “the gate to the garden of desire” and signals uncompromising faith in exploring personal meaning for countless frontiers ahead. With the Moon Void of Course, don’t overplan the day. Leave room for healing naps.

May 31 | Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus ☿♅♉︎
Bright ideas. Moments of brilliance. Creative third options. Do you want to try an experiment? This energy favors a meeting of the minds, alternative solutions, and out of the box thinking. Mercury stimulates communication. Uranus finds forward-thinking solutions. Taurus stabilizes the energy.

Tiffany is a professional astrologer, best selling author, and beekeeper. She holds a Master’s in Psychology and has been trained by some of the world’s best mediums

Tiffany Harelik