June 2024

June 2024

by Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT

Welcome to June everyone!, I’m Tiffany – if you’re new here, I’m an astrologer and beekeeper in Texas who is passionate about mental health. I’m 9 years sober, have a MA in health psychology, am YTT, and just love life and want you to experience life as a biochemically regulated person who understands the blueprint God laid out for you with your astrology chart and the astrology forecast. 

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The “light” is June 4-6 / and if you don’t see the light, you better bring it in June. We have to train. We have to go through trials. In order to build strength. You wouldn’t just hop into a marathon and successfully complete it without training. 

This month there are four planets in Gemini, which rules the mind. June is a training month for your mind. Becoming non-reactive, meditation, drinking your happy juice, balancing hormones so you’re regulated and neutral. 

June astrology highlights: 
June 3: Jupiter trine Pluto
June 3: Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus – Gemini stellium
June 6: New Moon at 16-Gemini
June 9: Mars enters Taurus
Red flags a week in advance – June 11: Mars square Pluto
June 17: Venus and Mercury enter Cancer
Red flags a week in advance – June 17:  Mercury square Neptune
June 20: Sun enters Cancer: SOLSTICE
June 29: Saturn retrograde in Pisces
June Intention
I experience adventure, freedom, and inner peace. This life is a treasure.

June Numerology
June is a 5-month is an 8-year: If you like extroverted energy, this is the best month to go full steam ahead. Take a chance on yourself. Look for breakthroughs and expect things to go well. Travel. Take a weekend trip or create little adventures in your day. 

What do you want to stay focused on this month? Be careful not to spread yourself too thin. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or overextended, ask yourself: what do I want to be free from? What do I want to be free for? Distractions and inconsistency can pull you in several directions if you let them. Unprocessed emotions may surface. We are learning to be okay in the highs, lows, stillness, and adventure – trusting that we are exactly where we are meant to be.

June 1-9: Best week of the month

However red lights come on June 7th as the Skies start to get messy.

June 3rd – Lots of Motion ☀️ Jupiter trine Pluto
Power and Influence. You can move mountains. Notice any opportunities for radical change and expansion in your life. Once in a Lifetime experiences. Bucket list. Large promotions. Leaps of Faith. Massive positive change. We last felt this transit October 11, 2015, March 16, 2016 ad June 26, 2016 —and it will occur again September 24, 2028. Note: Pluto is retrograde – reinforming us of powerful changes that are wanting to happen through us.
“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” -Wayne Dyer.
✨☿♊︎ Mercury enters home sign Gemini 
Good manners. Articulate. Gather information, take a new class, run an ad campaign, keep conversations rolling, get different angles to process ideas, get certified to teach. talking, writing, neighborhoods, siblings, elementary schools, and learning.
– sextile Neptune: Intuition enhanced. Creativity. Imagination.
– trine Pluto: Exposure. Getting things out of your head and onto paper is a powerful exercise 
– conjunct Jupiter: The power of positive thinking. Meeting of the Minds. Good news, good luck
-Astrology-Mythology lesson: Mercury was the child of Jupiter and Maia. Though Mercury was their only child of that union, he had many half-siblings via Jupiter. 

Jun 4 2024 ☀️Great date – best date of the month
-Sun and Venus  trine South Node / sextile North Node – Soul connections 
-Venus CAZIMI in Gemini ☉♀︎♊︎ auspicious time for self-love and affection. 
June 6, 2024: 7:37am CST: New Moon in 16° Gemini 
Set intentions around learning, connection, communication A new 2.5-year cycle begins. 
June 6, 2024: New Moon in 16° Gemini 
March 6, 2025: 16° Gemini – Readiness to take action steps. 
December 4, 2025: 13° Gemini – Observe what is being illuminated – pivot, then commit. 
September 4, 2026: 11° Gemini – Closure and completion. 
16°50 Gemini – *Rigel (Orion’s Foot): Technical and artistic ability, inventiveness, humour, honours, riches, happiness. Fortunate; Jupiter/ Mars 
Energy takes a dip “Treat everyone you meet like (they are) God in drag.” Ram Dass.
Jun 8 2024 ☂️ Venus square Saturn – remember the 5-
Beware of overcommitting right now with time, expenses, and people. If you’re feeling the heavy weight of responsibility, or that happiness is being denied, take this as an opportunity to adjust your attitude 
-Venus represents love, warm fuzzies, luxury, and money. 
-Saturn represents elders, karma, time, structures, and responsibility. 
-The square indicates a challenge. 
-This transit can be felt a day in advance and occurs on June 8th and October 28th. 
Jun 9 2024 ✨♂︎♉︎ Mars enters Taurus
Keep asking: what is a dependable course of action that also considers conserving my energy? Themes include: strong personalities, physical desires, and predictable outcomes. Mars is in Taurus from June 9th -July 20th.
-Feeling the square to Pluto which is exact next week

June 9-11 relationship band aids
“Nonresistance doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing. All it means is that any “doing” becomes non-reactive. Remember the deep wisdom underlying the practice of Eastern martial arts: Don’t resist the opponent’s force. Yield to overcome.” -Eckhart Tolle. 

Jun 9 2024 ☂️ Sun square Saturn +  Mercury trine South Node / sextile North Node
Remember this: Life is happening for you, not to you. Steady progress. Setbacks are blessings in disguise—they help us reset to divine right timing, instead of our own timing. Added responsibilities are likely to pile up. Teamwork makes the dream work. Many hands make light work. Stay focused on your vision, stay true to your path without distraction, pay attention to the helpers, and expect something wonderful is about to happen. Those who are present in your life right now are here resolving past and future karmas for the betterment of the tribe of humanity. 

June 10-16: No knee-jerk reactions

Jun 11 2024 ☂️☀️ Venus sextile Chiron
Open to Love. The Skies bring opportunities to heal relationship wounds at the core. Do you want to make room for positive collaborations coming your way? Do you want to have a new reaction, and shift into a new gear, new life? Your mantra: open hands, open heart. Your secret: This transit can be felt a day in advance and occurs March 1st, June 11th, and December 24th. Watch the astrology forecast for mixed signals in the Skies: www.WiseSkiesCollective.com

Jun 11 2024 ☂️ Mars square Pluto
Actions now, get results. Mars and retrograde Pluto bring explosive energy that won’t take no for an answer. Watch out for knee-jerk reactions, accidents, old fears, and going to war with yourself. This is a heavier and more intense vibe that may show up as much as a week in advance. Take all safety precautions. This last occurred October 8th, 2023.

Jun 12-14: Mental Stimulation  
-square Saturn
-sextile Chiron
-cazimi (in Gemini)
Mental Health: more suicides in May than any other month – my family has experienced this, my friends have experienced this. One year we lost 4 young men in the same week. 
Happy Juice I drink has scientifically proven all-natural drink that increases serotonin and dopamine levels in the gut, optimizing your mental wellness by increasing the production of your “feel-good” neurotransmitters. Here is the mango set, and here is the watermelon and pom lime set.
Back to Mercury
Would it be helpful to narrow down the options? 
What needs to be eliminated? 
Choose healing thoughts and doors will open. 
As you think, so shall you be. 
Communicating and writing from the Soul. 
Information wizardry. 
Listen for downloads, bright ideas, and good news. 

June 17 – 23: Cloudy, confusion, caution lights: leave room for delays and indecision TOUGH WEEK

Jun 17 2024 ✨♀︎♋︎ Venus and Mercury enter Cancer
-Conjunct / BOTH square Neptune and so does the Sun. Caution lights. Confusion, delusion, lies, overdoses, improper medications, and toxins.
– false hope, false securities, a tendency to see the potential instead of accepting what actually is. This is not a good time to make life altering decisions. 
-Family ties. Nesting, making home a place you run to (and not away from), and stocking up on creature comforts. 
-Recharge the batteries of your heart, talk with your family, get some new ideas around meal planning, and let someone off the hook.
-Do not take anything personally. Reading suggestion: The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.
-Mercury conjunct Venus (error in Calendar / says Aries, they are in Cancer)
-Down time is not wasted time. Lower energy calls you to give things a rest. If something feels unclear – it probably is best to wait a little longer. 
Jun 20 2024 ✨☉♋︎ Sun enters Cancer: SOLSTICE
Happy Solstice and Happy Birthday Cancer! June 20th through July 22nd. Home and family is key. Join my membership for one free month to get in on our Solstice Astrology Activation workshop! Use code ONEMONTH 
Friday, June 21⋅8:07pm: Full Moon at 1° Capricorn
Full Moon Intention: I feel fulfilled every day, in every way, and feel deeply at peace in my core.
Capricorn rules ambition, drive, business, magic, crystals, maturity, and long term vision. Take care of your future self. Look for signs and symbols from Spirit. 
Earth Magic-Illumination. Set intentions around ambitions, your public image, your contribution to society, any long-term goals that the sea-goat can help you conquer in real life ‘on land’ and subconsciously ‘at sea’—and wrapping something up. The Universe is giving you more information. Under the light of the Full Moon it’s time to face facts, make adjustments, and reflect on what is seen at this time.
Be aware of excess energy—tides are high, blood flow is higher, cycles are breaking, and karmic deadlines are approaching. This can be a good time to find things/people, get a new understanding of hard to treat diagnoses, and present your work to shine in public. 
This phase signifies the illumination of a larger 27-month cycle. Look at the house 1° Capricorn ignites in your personal chart for more information on this Moon phase family’s theme in your life. 
1.🌑♑︎ December 23, 2022, New Moon 1° Capricorn: Set intentions, a new 2.5-year cycle begins. Wait and see what unfolds.
2.🌓♑︎ September 22, 2023, First Quarter Moon 29° Sagittarius: Readiness to take action steps.
3.🌕♑︎ June 22, 2024, Full Moon 1° Capricorn: Observe what is being illuminated – pivot if needed, then commit. 
4.🌗♑︎ March 22, 2025, Last Quarter Moon 2° Capricorn: Closure and completion. A time to pay up or receive payments both financially and energetically.
Two Fixed Stars in 1-Cap:
-1°04 Capricorn – Spiculum: Eye trouble, blindness, depression, hopelessly doomed, morbid religious outlook, no concern for human life. Unfortunate; Mars/ Moon 
-1°16 Capricorn – Alnasl: Eye trouble, blindness (or bad eyesight). Unfortunate; Mars/ Moon

June 24 – 30: Plot twist! 

Jun 26 2024 ☂️☀️ Venus square the Nodes
Friction. A new course of action in relationships is inspired. Notice the special people and sacred contracts in your life. What messages, patterns, and lessons are you noticing? This energy illuminates important relationship dynamics February 6th, June 26th, and November 16th – it can be felt a day early.

Mercury trine Saturn, square Chiron
Working and Practicing. Study, organize, pay bills, sign deals, make commitments. Healing conversations. Embracing vulnerability, feeling inspired to clear the air, and talking with others who carry the same pain/medicine bag as you. Is it time to forgive and forget? 
Jun 29 2024 ☀️ Venus sextile Mars – potentially a good day!
Good chemistry. Love, romance, and flirty vibes are in the air. It’s also an optimal time for putting yourself out there, exploring, and getting creative. You’re a magnet for whatever you want to attract – go get ’em! Tap into your love magic up to a day in advance.

Jun 29 2024 ✨♄♓︎ Saturn retrograde in Pisces
Spiritual discipline. Let your conscience be your guide. Saturn retrogrades in Pisces June 29th through November 15th. Observe where you can loosen your grip, and where you need to tighten up. Saturn retrograde can act like a mini-Jupiter in the Skies bringing a little extra mojo to wherever the retrograde hits your chart. This can feel equally unnerving and freeing.
Jun 30 2024 ☀️ Mercury sextile Uranus
Plot twist! What is and isn’t working? What do you want to experiment with? Notice what is wanting to be rewired, redistributed, or reconsidered. This transit brings “road less traveled” energy and encourages detours, and walks on the wild side. 
Tiffany is a professional astrologer, best selling author, and beekeeper. She holds a Master’s in Psychology, is a certified Yoga teacher, and has been trained by some of the world’s best spiritualist and catholic mediums.

Tiffany Harelik