Human Design

The Human Design System (HD) reveals the individual, energetic mechanics of our bodies —the circuitry, and the roadmap for operating correctly in life. It feels very different at first, to consider operating our life from our ‘body mechanics’ instead of what we are taught—to think our way through life. HD is about freeing the mind, and operating from a different place. Do you want to experiment with this system?
HD unveils who we truly ARE, and what we are not. It allows us to SEE what is at the core of all we have experienced – in relationships, in work, in what our mind chatter says, in every decision. It gives us practical, applicable tools to operate correctly, as individuals. This is not a one-size-fits-all philosophy. HD is a profound process of alignment and attunement to one’s true nature. 

Human Design is a guide for no-fault living.

We are each here to love ourselves. Deeply. To see all of one’s gifts and limitations… and to experience the true acceptance of one’s true nature. Why? Through the process of accepting one’s limitations and operating correctly, each of us can experience the elimination of resistance in all forms: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. This knowledge allows us to gradually love our perceived limitations, leading to the possibility of transcending them, and living the life we are each here to live, instead of the life our minds think we should live. 
As the mind relaxes into watching, surrendering to what IS, operating from awareness, it becomes oriented to the correct things and correct relationships— it’s indescribable. There is a smoothness and flow in life experiences, and a feeling of calm correctness, a true relaxation of the body. And mind. 

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tzu

Human Design can only be validated by each individual for themselves through experimentation in their own life. It is not a belief system. We are trained in source-material Human Design and most importantly: experimenting with each of our individual design mechanics in our own lives. 
Do you want to learn more and begin your experiment? 

Meet Leisha!

Leisha Barnette is our resdient Human Design Analyst – She offers 1:1 Sessions and monthly HD support calls for our members.

Leisha has had a successful career in the business world, helping to optimize people satisfaction, communication, and collaboration in several conscious companies. She is a masterful facilitator of transformative workshops and a perpetual learner and student of Life.

Leisha holds multiple certifications, including an Evolutionary Psychology degree and certifications in Appreciative Inquiry, The Energy Project, Project Management, Learning Design, Reiki, and the Human Design System. She is also a lover of the earth, herbal remedies, observing the world, understanding others, life enjoyment, and all things mystic.

Leisha is an avid Human Design experimenter, and uses her experience with facilitation and the art of the question to support, share, and empower those who invite her unique guidance and expression.

Get HD Support in our Membership
The Wise Skies Membership is a treasure trove for people who want to live in alignment. Here are the perks!
Leisha offers a monthly support call for our members to help explore specific aspects of the HD bodygraph in a zoom setting. Our calls are every first Thursday at noon CST – the replay is posted in your member portal if you can’t make it live.
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