How to Surrender

by Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT

The definition of Surrender is to cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority. In Spiritual work, surrender refers to relaxing one’s own will in order to follow God’s will. If we are defensive against Spirit’s plan for our life, we will not be able to hear from the Divine higher mind. This is why Surrender is key in developing psychic and spiritual gifts.

Other ways to describe surrender:

  • Let go and let God 
  • Next right thing, not next thing right 
  • When you feel nervous – be of service
  • Your ego is not your amigo 


What are we surrendering to?

  • Spirit: Higher Mind, God, Universe – the one who knows all and is all, Source
  • We are also surrendering to becoming a channel / medium / message giver / healer / light bearer – in service to the greater tribe of humanity, plants, and animals.


Why surrender?

  • If we don’t surrender to Spirit – we are working from our personal agenda/ego. Surrender means we are setting aside our plans, ideas, and desires so that we can be of service to Spirit, and another human being


What stops us from surrendering?

  • If we don’t trust Spirit to guide and lead us, and if we don’t trust ourselves to convey a clear message – surrender is not possible. Half measures avail us nothing—we cannot half-trust Spirit. When we surrender, it is a conscious act of saying, “I trust you with the direction of my life.”


How to Surrender

  • Depending on where you are in your journey, surrender can be one of the scariest parts. That’s why building a relationship with God, over time, is important. In programs of recovery, the first step is admitting we are powerless over our lives, which have become unmanageable. The second step is that we came to believe a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. The third step describes surrender: we made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him. 

    Set an intention that you are surrendering to Spirit.

  • Examples: 
    • I intend to give the power and care of my life over to the care of God as I understand Him now. 
    • I trust Spirit to guide me at all times and am setting the intention to surrender to a life led by Spirit. 
    • It is my intention to surrender to Spirit and build a lasting relationship of love, friendship, and guidance. 


Extra support: 

  • Physically relax and slow your breath down while writing and speaking your intentions to surrender.  
  • Keep your intention present with you for the next forty days – write it on a post-it note and put it in your bathroom window or car dashboard. 
  • Be willing to trust Spirit is there with you now.  
  • Be patient with yourself and your inner child. It is necessary to work through emotional blocks to trusting yourself, and trusting Spirit, and we will do that together through this course, over time.