How to support Honey Bees

How to support Honey Bees

Honey bees are non-native to the United States, but they have adapted well over the last 400 years. While feral/wild bees have a reputation of being more ‘spicy’ than bees with cultivated genetics, I still prefer to keep wild bees. They are stronger and healthier because their genetics are adapted to our area. There are two main ways to find wild bees: 

1. Catch a swarm through swarm traps. 
2. Remove bees from unwanted areas. 

This second option is what I have been doing oat our apiary since 2000. I manage 5-7 colonies at a time using langstroth and top bar hive equipment as naturally as possible. I have not needed to treat with chemicals, and have only fed sugar-water minimally in emergency situations (times of dearth and starvation for the bees). I harvest hive products responsibly and only create small in small batches. 

When someone calls me for a removal, it’s bittersweet. I’m glad to rehome the colony to a safer location, but I know there will be a lot of destruction to the overall health of the hive. Brood and comb will be destroyed, and the bees will have to reorient their foraging sources overnight. However, it’s better than the alternative of the homeowner killing the bees. 

To support the honey bees in our rescue apiary, I created an adopt-a-hive program. When you support the rescue apiary, you’ll receive some fun perks while also doing a good thing for the bees. I know not everyone has the time to dive head first into beekeeping like I did – and this rescue apiary is a way to build community and share the love of the bees.

Thank you for considering sponsoring an adopted hive. Here’s more about our apiary, and several reasons to join the fun below. Not ready to join? You can still support the bees by planting things that blossom all year long, keeping a consistent water source available, and avoiding pesticides/chemical toxins on your yard. 


Your support includes:

– monthly apiary update via newsletter 
– 100% off all online bee classes 
– a quarterly gift from the hive (examples: lip balm, honey, salve, jelly from fruits they pollinated, candles, crafts, and snacks)
– a “telling of the bees”  – please let me know anytime you have news with the bees (usually births, weddings, and deaths) and I will convey this to the bees. It’s an old folklore tradition that is a lot of fun and connects you to these little ‘messengers of the Gods’.

You’ll also get first access to items from the apiary. When there is a surplus in a season of plenty, I’m able to generate more products to sell outside of the membership – but you always get first dibs!

Your membership also supports:

– rehoming bees in problem areas that would otherwise be poisoned
– hive equipment for volunteers rehoming the rescue colonies
– beekeeping education and mentorship to new and eager beekeepers
– rewilding farmlands and foodways
– pollination of crops and medicinal plants
– climate resilience
– sustainable agriculture
– support of other wildlife that is relying on pollination
– plant biodiversity – helps our food adapt to changing environments and disease

Thank you for supporting the bees!

Tiffany Harelik