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We are so glad you’re here! 

Your purpose, career, relationships, and spiritual gifts evolve over time. Wise Skies is a place to find answers to your deepest questions, learn about your unique gifts.  
Our Mission is to make the metaphysical world accessible in a way that is fun, practical, and solution-oriented.

Are you a Seeker, a Metaphysical Student—or both?


Book some 1:1 time with our staff if: 
  • You are looking for guidance through a significant change
  • You need support facing a decision
  • You want answers for hot topics like love, money, and career 
  • You want practical answers to deeply personal mysteries
  • You want to understand your birth chart in astrology 
  • You want to understand your bodygraph in Human Design
  • You want to know what the next several months will hold
  • You want to bring aura mechanic techniques to your parenting, relationships, and/or current line of work


Our Students receive world class training:

  • Do you want to develop your psychic gifts?
  • Are you ready to dip your toes into learning astrology for yourself, or to incorporate into your business ?
  • Are you curious about enhancing your life with HD?
  • Do you want to serve the greater good with your abilities?
  • Do you want to learn how to work with tarot cards?
  • Do you want training in forensics, and missing persons?
  • Do you want to conduct paranormal investigations?

How to jump in: 

1. Get to know us through our social media, newsletter, blog, and YouTube channel – all full of current astrology, human design, and psychic development techniques. We have a free learning group on Facebook, a Facebook page, Instagram, and Pinterest.
2. Start your healing. Our 1:1 sessions and meditations shine light in your blind spots. They answer your deepest questions and support alignment with your spiritual side. You’ll leave your sessions feeling seen by the unseen world and full of “ahas” you never knew existed, and will be able to use your strengths consciously in relationships, parenting, and career choices. 
3. Take classes. Our game changing courses teach you specific techniques and help you polish your spiritual gifts and metaphysical knowledge. You’ll be able to incorporate what you learn into your own practice, career, or side hustle. Is it time to move into a place of service?
4. Receive ongoing support at the best possible rate through our membership community. Members receive monthly astrology, human design, and psychic development workshops as well as a guided meditation.  They get a group reading for each astrological sign, and access to Tarot Friday. Members get 25% off all readings (no limits), and 50% off the digital astrology calendar. 
5. Level up and receive a premium experience with quarterly astrology readings to get a personalized glimpse of your future. 

6. Inquire about a 6-month apprenticeship with Tiffany Harelik
7. Share your story, elevate your business. Submit your book, podcast, show, or other creative project for publishing under our sister company, Spellbound Publishers.  
8. Join us for special alignment retreats to fine tune your understanding of yourself and the synchronicities of your life that have brought you to this moment. 

You're in the Right Place

You’re in the right place if your hair is on fire, you’ve gone through hell and back, and you’re looking for lasting spiritual solutions. We believe in progress, not perfection. We believe there are many paths to your happiness, success, and peace. 

You’re in the right place if you’re feeling a higher calling to learn metaphysical studies like  astrology, human design, and psychic development – and you love crystals!

You’re in the right place if you deeply desire to be of service to the spiritual world by sharing your gifts and talents in your family, relationships, and career. We love helping people decondition from programming and start to live life by design. 

Our Code of Ethics

  1. You were born wise. You have all the answers waiting to be unlocked inside of you. 
  2. Spiritual development is a lifestyle. We are devoted to practices and exercises that support individual health and development to enhance global consciousness. 
  3. We believe in doing no harm. May all be uplifted by our work. 
  4. We believe in telling the truth with kindness. This is the path to honesty and clarity. 
  5. We believe in a higher consciousness-and that humanity is a reflection of the unique fractals of one consciousness exploring itself through the lens of the witness. 
  6. We believe in the power of polarity and the importance of savoring all of life’s glories and challenges. We are here for a good time, not a long time. We are here for a beautiful life, not a bitter one.
  7. We believe in cultivating free spirits. There is not one path, or one right way for what is wanting to happen through you. There is a higher way channeling through each willing and humble participant. We don’t have to know the way. The way knows the way.
  8. We believe the pivot towards spiritual progress can happen at any moment and is available to everyone. There are no mistakes. There is nothing to get wrong. Free will and decisions, are ours to choose on this no-fault adventure of life. 
  9. We believe in cause and effect. What goes around, comes around in another form. The frequencies we see play out in your life – started in us. Let there be peace, let it begin in me. 
  10. We believe in love. Everyone deserves more unconditional love, not less. May all beings feel safe, loved, and free. 
  11. We believe in life everlasting. There is comfort found in evidence of life after death. Our loved ones in Spirit are honored when we choose to love them by fully experiencing this life.
  12. We believe in being good stewards and guardians of the Earth, and all that is provided under our care. 
Tiffany Harelik