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๐ŸŒ™โ™‹๏ธŽ Moon enters Cancer

May 22, 2023 @ 5:28 am

Vibes: Home, family, feelings, intuition, cooking, nesting, inner child work, nurturing, interior design, moonchildren, mothering, bonding, emotional healing, homebody, Queen/King of Hearts.
โ€” Personal check-in: Do I need to recharge through alone time, or time with family?
โ€” Crystals: Moonstone (intuition) & Rhodonite (emotional balance).
โ€” Herbs & Spices: Sage, Aloe, Lemon Balm, Bay, Parsley.
โ€” Diet: The Moon influences chefs, home cooks, cooking, farmers and food growers, eating, digestion, and watery foods (like watermelon, pumpkin, cucumber, and tomatoes). What are some things you enjoy cooking at home? What are some meals your family used to makeโ€”or that you have positive memories of? What foods feel like home? Play with water magicโ€”place a crystal in your water glass or write a mantra and tape it on your water pitcher, put herbs and flowers in a salt water bath, create a water blessing. Notice how water and oil donโ€™t mix.
โ€” In the garden: Plant seeds for leafy plants like cabbages, spinach, kale, and lettuces. Harvesting under a water-sign Moon is not advised in biodynamics. Use Water Moons for deep watering of shrubs and trees.
โ€” Astrology lesson: Cancer is a water-sign ruled by the Moon.
โ€” Mantra: I choose myself. I love all of me.


May 22, 2023
5:28 am
Tiffany Harelik