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🌕 ♎︎ Full Moon at 16° Libra

April 6, 2023 @ 6:34 am

Full Moon Intention: I feel balanced, inside and out.
Libra rules partnerships, integrity, and fairness. It’s time to balance the scales in your own heart. Reminder: this is an inside job of forgiveness and grace.
Relationship-Illumination. Set intentions around internal justice, recognizing areas that have been unbalanced, finding closure with any unhealthy partnerships—and wrapping up anything that no longer serves you, removing any blocks to new beginnings, and removing anything that hinders your confidence and clarity. Under the light of the Full Moon it’s time to face facts, make adjustments, and reflect on what is seen at this time. Do you want to make a bold declaration for yourself?
Be aware of excess energy—tides are high, blood flow is higher, cycles are breaking, and karmic deadlines are approaching. This can be a good time to find things/people, get a new understanding of hard to treat diagnoses, and present your work to shine in public.
This phase signifies the illumination of a larger 27-month cycle. Get extra insight on what is culminating wherever 13-16-Libra is in your chart. Celebrate your Progress.

Libra Moon Family Story: Something that started 18 months ago, was triggered into action 9 months ago—and is now in full bloom with this Full Moon. Look for completion in 9 months:
1. October 6, 2021 New Moon 13-Libra: A new cycle
2. July 7, 2022 First Quarter Moon 14-Libra: Poised for action
3. **April 6, 2023 Full Moon 16-Libra: Pivot: more is revealed
4. January 4, 2024 Last Quarter Moon 13-Libra: Mission Complete

Garden Tip: Plant flowering bulbs, biennial and perennial flowers, and root crops during the waning of the Moon—from the day after the Full Moon to the day before the New Moon. Plants are encouraged to grow roots, tubers, and bulbs as the moonlight decreases.


April 6, 2023
6:34 am
Tiffany Harelik