Ethical Guidelines

The practice of using spiritual gifts is vastly diverse in its application, which covers personal use, therapeutic use with other people, and collective use. Its practitioners are equally diverse, integrating their unique educational and cultural backgrounds into spiritual readings. Spiritual readers need foundational and ongoing education to meet acceptable standards of practice.

Ethical Guidelines

It is the responsibility of the spiritual reader who is  practicing their gifts to maintain the integrity of their profession in every way possible. Here are some guidelines:

Responsibility To Client


Be respectful and kind to all involved.

Be respectful of your gift, as it’s a gift from God, and should not be used as a party trick. Be respectful of the client, and the gifts of other readers. Be in integrity with all that you say, and only use your gifts for the highest good of others.


Never bring harm to a client. This is a primary directive. Always act in the best interest of the client (with the exception of circumstances of self-defense).


Confidentiality of client communication and data is to be maintained. 


Dignity: The client must feel respected, heard, and unconditionally loved. 


Boundaries: Clients or practitioners may not be exploited in any way, including sexually, romantically, or financially. It is the responsibility of the reader to maintain such boundaries. 


Integrity of Services: The terms of client consultation need to be stated and understood prior to the appointed time. This includes fee, duration, style and what the client has a right to expect. Every client needs to be treated in a thoughtful manner. The reader must not follow up with the client to ‘ensure’ their personal accuracy or ego-needs of approval. The reader shall not let ego get in the way. Should a connection not be made, the reading should be closed within ten minutes and refunded.


Fatalistic Statements:  No system of spiritual information interpretation can promise 100% accuracy. Readers shall take full responsibility for the information they impart and acknowledge the autonomy and authority the client has over their life decisions.The reader cannot make statements that are rigidly deterministic, especially in the matters of health, love, and business. 


Reading Others: If a client wants to discuss their relationship to another person not present at the reading, the reader must refrain. It is unethical to read for someone who has not given their permission. 

Gratitude: The reader shall remember to always thank Spirit and the client for the honor and privilege to serve the Holy Spirit.

Responsibility To The General Public


Integrity & Competence: All spiritual service work is expected to be performed with the highest standard of integrity and personal competence.


Good Citizenship: Readers are expected to practice good citizenship, and not use their skills to take advantage of others or work against the common good.


Objectivity: Readers should remain as objective as possible when using spiritual gifts. It is not professionally sound to use spiritual gifts to promote personal political preferences or ideologies.


Truth in Advertising: Any advertisement about the professional practice must be truthful and factual. This means there must be honesty in stating proficiency and scholastic degrees and the reader must deliver what is advertised. 


Scope of Practice: Readers are expected to practice only in areas of their competence and qualifications and avoid making unfounded claims or assessments. This includes but is not limited to medical, psychological, financial or legal advice.


Integrity with Public Figures’ Charts: Regarding astrology, observations about the public figure’s chart should be made in a way that is educational and refrain from gossip and unfounded assumptions.


Public Image: Readers are expected to maintain a personal image of competence and social respect when representing spiritual gifts.This includes cleanliness and refraining from sexually suggestive mannerisms and attire when presenting content. Readers are expected to act professionally in all written and verbal communications: in articles, on websites, and in social media. This includes refraining from slurs, verbal bullying, name-calling, or unfounded accusations.

Responsibility To Other Spiritual Readers And The Profession


Ongoing Education: Readers are expected to make a conscious effort to continue their professional growth and education. This can be done by taking courses, reading literature, attending conferences and seminars, conducting research, and other professional learning activities.


Acceptance of Spiritual Philosophies: Spirituality is a vast and multi-layered system. Readers must remain tolerant to personal, professional differences, and the variety of technical approaches where there is no breach of ethics.


Supporting Community: Readers are encouraged to support other astrologers and readers and foster cooperation, so that everyone benefits from our collective knowledge, experience, and insights.


Intellectual Property and Copyright Laws: Copyright rules and ethics must be honored.