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The Terlingua Chili Cookbook: Chili's Last Frontier

The Terlingua Chili Cookbook features the sparse desert community of Terlingua, known for their infamous annual chili cook-off. Complete with recipes so good they could charm a snake, this non-traditional cookbook takes you on the road trip of a lifetime culminating in the Woodstock of all chili-fests: The Terlingua chili cook-off. Starting in Study Butte and Big Bend Park, you’ll travel through River Road, stumble across sacred hot springs, and trace motorcycle rides as you read a modern history of the area that is peppered with pro tips and how to’s on chili making at its most rustic. You’ll hear from the sons and daughters of the founding fathers of the Terlingua chili cook-off, as well as restaurant owners, chili connoisseurs and home cooks with bragging rights on how to make winning competition chili, chuck wagon chili for camping, and chili for brisk fall nights at home. In addition to the recipes are the stories from the last 50 years of the iconic cook-off.

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Listen to Tiffany's interview on Marfa Public Radio

The 50th annual Terlingua International Chili Cookoff kicked off yesterday (11/2/16). A new book that came out last month takes us there. It’s called The Terlingua Chili Cookbook, and it’s full of origin stories, bragging rights, chili-cooking pro-tips, and plenty of recipes.

Joining us today (11/3/16) on West Texas Talk is the book’s author, Tiffany Harelik. We talk about the three main chili religions, divisive chili ingredients, and lessons learned from a year of immersive chili research. Listen to the interview here.

Press Reviews

"Tiffany Harelik has distinguished herself in the Austin food community with her tireless and influential support of the mobile food trailer trend. Her latest work further proves what I have known for some time: she is a great writer and an unrequited foodie. That's what make this book such a fun and compelling read. She is drawing on first hand experience, not the anecdotal approach one so often sees. I highly recommend her latest work and look forward to having a go at some of the recipes." -Rob Balon KLBJ Restaurant Critic, Dining Out with Rob Balon.com

"Starting in Terlingua and spreading across the southwest, we Texans pretended chili was important for so long that it eventually came true - it is. Tiffany Harelik perfectly captures the histories, the yarns, the recipes, and the fun. Whether or not you ever plan to cook a pot of chili, you'd be a damn fool not to read this gem!" -Harold Cook Progressive Political Analyst, Capital Tonight Show, Letters from Texas

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Customer Reviews

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