Finding Your Writing Process

My house has never been cleaner than when I sit down to write. How many of you can relate to this? You've got a GREAT idea, maybe even an outline in your mind about your next writing project. But when you sit down to pen your masterpiece, something comes up. You remember to put the laundry on, a call comes in, you remember you need to pay a bill, and the list goes on.

Let me let you in on a secret: All of the great writers did not have a one-size-fits-all approach to accomplish the first drafts of their novels. There is an author behind each book on your bookshelf, and each author has their own approach to writing. Some people like to get into a routine and set writing hours and only write during those hours. Others like to write only when inspired. Still others write with writing partners or within writing groups. The good news is that there is no wrong way to get your first draft done.

Here are some ideas to help you establish your writing process:

- Notice what time of day best suits you to be able to write.

- Notice if you're better off with consistency and goal-setting, or if you're better off doing an all-or-nothing approach, cramming thousands of words in your manuscript each day.

- Notice how you enjoy writing: alone, with music, with a candle, with a writing partner?

- Notice what your goals are: personal, professional?

- Notice your deadlines: are they self-imposed or given to you by your publisher? What is the best way to meet your goals?