6 Things Your Body Needs for Spiritual Development

by Tiffany Harelik, MA, RYT

Your body is an instrument you can fine tune to receive spiritual information – when your intention in using your gifts is to have a stronger connection with the whispers of the Holy Spirit, and to be of service to humanity. 
  1. Sleep. The brain requires 7-9 hours of sleep per night to relax, reset, and detox chemicals, cortisol, and hormones. We will build on this in the dream module later this week. You may want to experiment with using amber glasses in the morning and red glasses in the evening to help you get into a natural circadian rhythm.


  1. Hydration. The brain is 20-30% water. When you feel you need water, the brain is already dehydrated. Water is a conduit of energy. Drinking filtered water, with trace minerals, and a message of your intention taped to it or spoken into it is a powerful support tool.


  1. Oxygenation. You have to exercise and move the body to flush oxygen to the brain. High intensity workouts, interval training, cardio, resistance weights, and a quality yoga class are the best for brain health as well as combating oxidative stress and overall vitality.


  1. Nutrition. Whatever you take into your body is part of your brain. Your brain is 20% protein. It needs protein to function. This is why you’re hungry when you’re studying, doing readings, and using your brain. Working with supplements to regulate your biochemistry is absolutely critical to optimal brain health. Gut instinct stems from the limbic system in the brain into our gut


  1. Stress reduction. Meditation, prayer, yoga, and breath work is very good for your brain, and so is journaling. Writing about emotions has two main benefits. First, you’re moving stress out of your system. Second, you are accessing a part of your brain that is needed for intuition. For those wanting to quit drinking alcohol or quit using drugs/love/work as a way of escape, please check out free recovery meetings in your area. 


  1. Energy clearing. Self-healing requires your time, focused effort, and loving intention. Work with the sound and light techniques to clear stagnant energy and heal yourself from the inside out. Ensure you are earthing and grounding by having your bare feet in the dirt, and/or using earthing mats. Smudge sticks over your body, salt scrubs in the shower, or salt water baths also support a clear auric field.