Be An Author

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Hey new author! Is it your first rodeo?

There's nothing quite like getting that first copy of your book out of the mailbox and into your hands. Here is a short presentation that will take you step by step through the Spellbound publishing process. After you check that out, be sure to download free goodies in the writers toolkit. We also invite you to like Spellbound on facebook, follow @SpellboundATX on twitter & meet our team.

When you're ready, submit your concept. We will respond within 2-3 weeks. If accepted, we will give you a quote for author services & discuss a production timeline to edit and layout your book at no extra fee. You will then sign a contract and make a deposit. We will work with you every step of the way and ultimately deliver a finished book or file.

As the author, you have the opportunity to:

· Just use Spellbound to produce your book files only. You can keep your rights, print your book anywhere you like on your own label, and sell your books as you wish. In this model, you are responsible for all of your own sales. You can also:

· Be on the Spellbound label and give us the exclusive right to print your book at our preferred printers as well as distribute your book to stores on your behalf. In this model we front the money to print your book, we put your book into stores, co-create launch signing events/media, and we pay you a royalty. You are able to purchase copies of your book for your personal sales as well.


Here is what you'll get as a Spellbound author:

· 1 hour Vision & Planning call to create your production schedule

· 1 hour Creative Design call

· 1 hour Marketing & Distribution call

· Complete Author’s Toolkit

· Any of our author services we define in your contract (ISBN registration, editing, page layout, cover design, marketing/distribution, etc.)

· Admission to our private author’s facebook group

· The opportunity to work with an inspiring team of publishing professionals to get your book launched

Stay looped in!